A Ranger Can Beat A Marine Any Day Of The Week


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Scene Title A Ranger Can Beat A Marine Any Day Of The Week
Synopsis Minea drops everything she knows about Danko in Len's lap.
Date August 26, 2009

Fort Hero: Len Denton's Office

It's the middle of the week, but for Len Denton who doesn't have normal weeks, it's one of those days that he can tell is going to be one of those snowball days. Where things start out small but by the end of the day you're running down the hill with a gigantic snowball chasing you.

This morning, he's already noticing a glitch in the isotope system. There's an isotope out on the grid that should not be there. He picks up the phone to dial tech to see about getting that fixed.

There it is again, the rap of knuckles on door, that unnanounced visitor that made it past the surly secretary who loves to smile. Actually, the surly secretary wasn't in it seemed. Hence Minea's rapping on the doorframe. "Christmas in August, what a wonderful thing. lets see if I can make, agent denton sing" Rhymed out as the phone is being plucked from it's cradle.

Holding up one finger towards Agent Dahl, as Len speaks into the phone. "Look, I'm telling you that isotope cannot be out there. It must be a glitch. Let's get it fixed." He hangs up the phone and grins at Minea. "You know I'm a damn good singer." The cowboy leans back at his desk and puts his feet up on top of it. "Let's hear whatcha got."

She can take the clue to hush. Ooh, random isotope…

But Minea remains silent until bidden to speak. Once that's done, from behind her back comes files.


plop plop plop plop.

"Make that 2 miracles"

Len eyes the files for a moment, then his feet move from atop the desk and hit the floor as he sits up and reaches for the files. "Give me the highlights, Dahl." he says as he pulls them closer to him on the desk. "You know I like to hear you sing too." he grins, though he's very curious now.

"Well. Government is talking very little about him. He's an embarrassment. Big embarrassment and they'd rather he's swept under the rug and they never hear from him again." The first file is plucked up. " From homeland Security. Emile Danko, aged 51. UNited states citizen born and bred in Alexandria Virginia in the year of 1958. His father, when he was about 13 years old was blacklisted and arrested for being a russian spy placed in a major bank in DC. His father was incarcerated. When he was 18, he joined the marines and got out in 1997 with an honorable discharge." Minea looks up. "But that's just the icing"

Minea takes up a seat. "From there he joined the FBI, worked with them until oh one before transferring into Homeland Security post 9/11. He stayed there till 2008. At which point, he was told to resign or else. He up and poofed, took his money and disappeared"

As she speaks, Len picks up the file and rifles through it. "So, he went from serving his country to.. evolved killer? Is that what we're assuming here? Or do we have any factual basis to think that he's involved with this Humanis First?" This has completely turned into something that Len was not expecting. It was a simple inquiry into the man at Harrison's request, but now..

Harrison's not even returning his phone calls.

"Anything else?" he asks as he sets the folder down. Anything that's not in here?" he taps the file.

"I said that was the icing, you can now have the cake. He's been doing it even while in Homelands Auspices. You know all those rumors about people dispapearing who are evo's, or the treatment of them at the hands of Homeland?" She points to that file. "Numerous accounts of excessive force and or psychological torture towards those who display evolved abilities. Unofficial complains of course. He even took a taser to an electrokinetic and it seems tried to goad his immediate co-workers into using it on himself to make it look like the electro attacked him. He got given a psych eval which he passed by the skin of his teeth. They haven't heard of him since he left and frankly, their first words out of thier mouth was "You have a serious problem if he's surfaced"

The other files are plucked up and handed over. "This, came from my non-official sources. I told them it was a personal invesitgation. He's called 'The Hunter' pretty regularly. This is all word of mouth as no one could officially hand me files, but they read them off. Since it could get them in trouble and god knows what would show up at my door. I managed to get some of the 'cleaned' data. He was first division Marines, head of his squad, ten then twenty men in his charge. He has no medals. Which in and of itself is odd since he got an honorable discharge. I got some of the names of his squadron that seemed to stick around continuously while other names came and went. A Kahlid Sadaka, Butch Godspeed, Karl Shulz, Hughie Hornpecker" she lists off a few other names.

There's a weary sigh that comes from the Cowboy. This Emile Danko is no joke. "Don't suppose you have an address? Phone number? Places he likes to drink beer?" There's a good natured smirk that comes from Len. He knows that's probably too much to ask, but what the hell. Doesn't hurt. He's going to have to put some people officially on this. The Company can no longer afford to ignore Humanis First.

"He's been seen at Old Lucy's, Washington Square park and a hankering for one Felix Ivanov as he said the man has struck up conversation with him a few times" Minea leans back, watching Len. "Len, this guy is has been Marine, FBI, Homeland and is rumored, rumored to have bagged and tagged a good chunk of the detainees that were out in Moab" She doesn't know if Len knows about Moab or not. "I haven't been able to get a hold of Laudani, he's not answering his phone, so i haven't been able to check those sources. WHich, he's likely pissed at how Columbia turned out"

"As well he should be. At least Tanner is rotting in jail at the moment and not out killing, so he should take some comfort in that." Len flips open the folder again and pulls out a photo. His head tilts to the side a little. "I.. I've seen this man before." He sets the photo down and his eyes drift across his desk as if he's trying to recall where he's seen him. He slaps his hand on the desk. "Danko was at the Suresh Center opening. I stood just a few feet away from him during the reception. We should probably send someone down there with a photo, because if he's there, he's scouting for more evolved victims."

"Or planning something. The kidnappers of Peyton Whitney said they wanted it closed down or they would kill her. If he was there… God, that's a buffet for him to just sit at and… sniper from afar and we'd never find him till it was too late"

Minea frowns, grinding her teeth. "He's bad news Len. Very bad news, and I don't think there's much else I can dig up. I'll follow a few leads that have popped up in Russia and one in Cuba, see what that gets me but.."

Len reaches for his PDA and glances at it. Nothing. Nothing. He's getting just a touch annoyed that Harrison isn't returning his call. "I think we have plenty on him now. Do you have any contacts at NYPD?"

Minea says, "Harrison. Uhh, there were two detectives that I dealt with in regards to the April Silver" Minea offers up. "Ivanov is stationed in the precinct as a liaison.""

"Peek around down there to see if anyone has seen Harrison. I need to get in touch with her, but she hasn't returned any of my calls." Len motions to the file that Minea brought him. "All of this was started on a tip from her, and I'd like to see if we can collaborate and put all the pieces together. She's a detective, but she may be undercover or something, which is why she hasn't gotten back in touch with me. I just need to know what's going on. Mind doing that for me?"

"Nope, I can check there. I can… see if someone else knows too" There's a tap to her blackberry as it's held up.
"Great." he picks up a business card he'd been fiddling with and sticks it into his pocket. "I'm going to see if I can find Mr. Danko myself and see if he's all this packet claims he is." Len is no slouch himself. "If you get anything on her, give me a call. Of course, if I don't report in regularly, you may consider coming to find me and bring the troops." he grins as he stands and reaches for his harness and leather jacket.

"I'll bring the 8th brigade and we'll nuke everything" Minea replies, popping up from the chair. "Get back to work Denton" A hand smacks down on his desk, playing the part of the taskmaster. "work work work, a productive worker is a happy busy shiney worker!" And with that, she snaps off a salute and turns on her heel to head out. "That's two miracles Denton. For my third! I shall make someone rise from the dead! Then, you can canonize me"

Len chuckles as he puts the jacket on to conceal his weapons and he shakes his head at her. "If you raise someone from the dead, we've been using you all wrong, Agent Dahl. Keep me posted." He knows his work is cut out for him, but in his mind a Texas Ranger can whip a Marine any day of the week. Perhaps that theory will be put to the test very soon.

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