A Rather Special Night


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Scene Title A Rather Special Night
Synopsis Griffin goes to Nadira's for a nice date, but they receive an unwanted visitor. Griffin's past is brought up, and Reynold has found things that not even he has found; finally, a bridge is burned.
Date November 01, 2010

Nadira's Apartment

Nadira's cooking. Last time she'd cooked for someone at her place, particular for a romantic interest, her brother showed up unexpectedly and made things awkward. She's giving things another shot, however, currently checking on the seafood paella she's been cooking before moving to set the table. She keeps an ear out for the door, however.

Griffin arrives, well dressed as always, in his pinstripe dress pants, button-up charcoal gray shirt, and a vest that matches his pants. He's even got the fedora and cane going on. At least he has a good fashion sense, despite being a homeless escapee from a federal prison for dangerous Evolved who has recently recruited his girl into a terrorist organization.

In his free hand, he carries a bouquet, a dozen white roses. Ever the gentleman, he has to make good on his promise to bring her flowers, even if he was horribly drunk when he made that promise. The cane is lifted, its polished silver handle used to knock upon the door.

The ominous sound of the elevator's *DING* echoes out from behind Griffin. The doors slowly start to open, and the faint scent of cigarette smoke starts to waft out into the hallway. Wearing a long black coat, Reynold steps out from the elevator with a cigarette that's only been lit for a mere moment in his mouth, seeming uncaring about the laws and ordinances against things like that. He glances towards Nadira's door, his eyes narrowing as he notices Griffin. "Oh good. You're here. Makes my life a whole lot easier."

Ah-ha! There it is. Nadira moves to the door and opens it up, beaming as she notices Griffin. "Come on in, I just pulled the food off the stove." She says, accepting the roses. It seems, however, she's entirely unaware of Reynold's presence further down the hallway.

Griffin is smiling at Nadira as the door opens, offering the flowers out to her. "Good evening, my beautiful Egyptian Princess." However, Reynold draws his attention moments later, the man turning to peer at him with raised eyebrows. "O— Oh, Reynold." He doesn't sound thrilled to see the man. He's never had such an awful hangover. "Pleasure to see you here." He doesn't sound like he means it.

"Good." One single word can be taken in so many ways, making one quite unsure as to what Reynold truly means with it. He does however glance towards the door, motioning towards it. "Well, shall we both go in? Tonight is going to be a rather… special night."

Nadira's gaze shifts as she hears Reynold's voice, a surprised look on her features. "Ah, I didn't expect to be entertaining two gentlemen tonight," she comments, stepping aside to let them both in. "Thankfully I made plenty of food."

Griffin arches a brow toward Reynold, slipping into Nadira's home. As he passes the woman, he quietly reaches up, gently squeezing the woman's shoulder, before slipping further in to allow Reynold entrance, as well. "A special night, you say?" He arches his brows. "I'll be delighted to find out what you mean, I'm sure." There's that sarcasm again.

"I've already eaten." Reynold glances towards Nadira as he steps into the apartment, shutting the door behind him. He glances around the room, only to spot very few items within it. He does however reach into his right coat pocket, pulling out a small device that one would usually use to check for items that transmit any sort of signal. His left hand does reach into his jacket, pulling out a rather large folder that reads 'MIHANGLE, G.'. He makes his way around the room, before setting down the folder on the coffee table. He seems to be satisfied with his findings, only to remove his jacket, revealing a service revolver in a holster on his chest. "Cellphones." With the one word, he holds his left hand out towards Nadira and Griffin both.

The Egyptian woman was about to head to put the flowers away when she notes Reynold's actions. "Gidd, what's this about?" Nadira reaches into her pocket and pulls her cellphone from it, reaching forward and putting the phone into his hand. "This doesn't seem quite like a polite social visit."

The man's brows raise as the folder is pulled out, tilting his head to one side. A large folder with his name on it. That is quite fascinating. The revelation of the gun prompts the man's brows to arch even higher. Griffin has no technology. The cell phone he did have was destroyed, and he hasn't trusted technology since he found that Rebel may be working with one Rupert Carmichael. As thus, Griffin raises his hands quietly, eying Reynold with an appraising look.

For a moment, the look on his face is somewhat akin to a particularly large, toothy dog, with a habit of biting. And said dog is appraising Reynold, evaluating his threat level. "Yes, what is this about?"

Reynold takes Nadira's cellphone, and promptly opens it up to remove the battery. He also removes the SIM card from within it, and makes his way towards her bedroom, setting both of the items down on her bed. He returns a few moments later, only to shut the door behind him. "We'll get to that, however, Griffin, phone. Have to make sure that things don't leave this room." The look in his eyes says it all. 'You're going to be playing by my rules tonight.'

Nadira glances from Reynold to Griffin and back, posture a little tense. "Gidd, you're starting to scare me." That, it seems, is a hard admission for her to make, but she trusts both the men in the room which is why it's even voiced.

Griffin spreads his arms. "Search me. I don't tend to trust technology enough to keep it on my person, sir." This is said matter-of-factually. "I know of far too many technopaths who can tap into cell phones." This is the truth. He's still regarding Reynold quietly, a mildly dangerous look on his features. He'll let Reynold think he's in control, for now.

"Look better go, or a nice lead slug is going to play patty-cake with your left leg." Reynold stares at Griffin, only to move towards to table and pick up the folder. "Nadira, go ahead and serve you and Griffin up some food. There's no reason you two shouldn't enjoy something to eat while we start going over the contents of this pretty folder." The fact that Reynold didn't use his nickname for Nadira should send up warning flags as high as the Empire State Building. "Then again, if you want the Department of Evolved Affairs to pay your sister and son a visit in Apartment 202, I'd really suggest things get played my way. As I said, its going to be a special evening."

He flops down onto the couch and opens the folder to reveal the first page, which he starts to read aloud from. "Griffin Owain Mihangle. Born April 14th, 1975. That was true. So far you've got one up on most others, and told me the complete truth to everything I asked. You even glossed over the things that one would expect you to gloss over. Yet I'm going to go out on a limb, and say there’s a good deal of things you've left out. That the /both/ of you left out, and the both of you are going to explain /everything/ to me tonight."

Now there's an odd look on Nadira's face, one that's likely unfamiliar to either of the two men. It's sharp, almost piercing, and her voice is cold. "If you're suggesting I would lie to you, Gidd, then apparently you don't know me as well as you might think." The flowers stay in hand, and she shoots Griffin a look, nodding towards the couch. She retreats, momentarily, to the kitchen as the roses find their way into a vase, and she goes about scooping paella into bowls.

The threat to shoot him in the leg does little to intimidate the lanky man. However, Griffin's face hardens at the mention of his sister and son and their location, his jaw setting. However, he manages to keep his face in a fairly neutral mask, as per Reynold's request. He's completely silent as the man reads aloud, his jaw setting. After a moment of tension in which he seriously ponders ripping the man's head off. Or perhaps shooting him with his own gun. That's an easy way to get on the telekinetic's bad side, threatening his family. His son.

Then, he speaks, his voice tight. "What would you like for us to explain?" His eyes drift to that thick folder once more. Curious. Quite content to keep distance between himself and Reynold, Griffin settles down at the table, watching Reynold like a hawk.

"Let's start first with your wife, Cindy. You confessed to killing her, yet, there's no record of a conviction. Then there’s the fact there was no follow-up with a placement for your son after you admitted to murdering your wife. A good deal of things are off with these accounts. Some that make me question just what is really going on. Then again, Evolved generally have them surrounding their every day lives.. Or Company operatives."

Nadira makes short order of scooping the paella into bowls, sticking a fork into each one before she moves towards Griffin, setting a bowl in front of him before setting her own next to him. She squeezes his arm gently before she returns to the kitchen, fetching a pair of glasses with water in them, placing one in front of Griffin and the other by her bowl as she sits down next to him. She's silent, moving to take a forkful of the food, eyes fixating on Reynold.

Griffin pales slightly at mention of Cindy. "I killed her, yes. My ability manifested at a horrible time. I would do anything to take it back." This is said in a somber, quiet tone, the man still staring at Reynold. "I can honestly tell you that I don't remember much after I was arrested. I was in prison. I got in a fight with an inmate, and received a concussion. I don't remember much of anything but brief flashes between 2000 and 2009."

He blinks a few times at mention of the Company, his brows arching. "…The Company? What do they have to do with anything?" Confusion flits over his features as he absently picks up a fork full of food, though he doesn't eat it, far too distracted by this conversation.

"Oh, just that each person who helped get me all of this nice information I have seem to come to the same conclusion. You stink of The Company's affairs. I can't quite prove that one yet, as I'm still working on that information with some sources, but I will be able to eventually. There's also the matter of Moab, which once again I don't have confirmation fully of that, but I do have eye-witness accounts placing you there." Reynold leans forward, resting his elbows upon his legs, staring directly at Griffin. "So, start where ever you want. We have /all/ night."

The Company isn't ever something Nadira's had to worry about. It was out of her scope of things, never really on her radar, so the mention of it doesn't give her any sort of real reaction. She takes a forkful of paella into her mouth, chewing it quietly as she studies Reynold. He was being careful, sure. That part she understood. The fact that he snooped into Griffin's background even more was disturbing, but even more so was his tone and lack of use of her nickname.

A glance is cast toward Nadira, Griffin frowning for a moment. Then, the man turns back toward Reynold. "Fine. I can tell you everything that I remember, happily." He dips his head, frowning. "My wife, Cindy and I, had a fight. I was working twelve hour days for her and my son, and all I wanted was to lay down. She wouldn't let me." He falls quiet for a moment, and when he speaks again, his tone is quieter. "We fought, while my son was crying in his room. She told me that she wanted a divorce. I snapped— my ability came out for the first time. Telekinesis. The only way I can describe it is telekinetic hands. They ripped her apart, literally."

He halts again, taking a sip of his water. He's still not eating the Paella. "When the police came, I was holding Owain. I wouldn't talk to anyone. I— I killed her. And I told them as much. I let them take my son from me, and I let them take me in." He clears his throat. "I remember men coming, saying they were with the government. Then— it's a hazy blur. I can tell you about my time in a glass cage. Not talking to anyone. Then, it's all just— a blur."

"And now you can see why I think that The Company is involved. Then again, I'll know for sure after I check out a couple of sources. That of course is a very worrisome thing for me. You're a very big threat to me, Griffin, and I don't like threats. I generally make them go away, with whatever means I have to use. Someone who quite possibly is involved with The Company is a dangerous person to have interacting with you, or those you have to watch over.."

Nadira puts down her fork, reaching a hand over to rest on Griffin's arm, gaze flickering to him for only a moment. She glances back to Reynold. "Even if The Company is involved, he does not know about it. Are you just going to sit here and interrogate him about something extremely personal and painful or do you have a point to all of this?"

"I assure you, I have nothing to do with the Company." Suddenly, Griffin's voice is tight. Like he's trying very hard to restrain himself. However, the threatening is getting to be a bit too much for the man to handle. His knuckles are white around the fork that holds the now-cold fork full of paella. He feels Nadira's touch, though it does little to soothe him.

Suddenly, the look on the man's face is dark, at best. Like the dog is coiling its muscles. Suddenly, his eyes spark to life, a bluish white glow blossoming in place of green. And just like that, six telekinetic hands are doing their various part in an attempt to restrain Reynold. One goes to the gun, attempting to quickly liberate it of its holster; four more make their way toward each of the man's limbs, pinning them against the couch he is seated on, while the sixth vector presses up against Reynold's throat. There's pressure, a warning that there can be more if necessary. Sadly, all of this is invisible, done at the speed of thought.

Then, Griffin is standing, the fork clattering against the table as he stalks forward, toward Reynold, his glowing eyes narrowed.

"You infringe on my first nice evening with Nadira in far too long, and what may be the last chance for pleasantries I have in the upcoming weeks, to accuse me of being a part of that wicked Company?!" He's moving toward the coffee table, to pick up the file, while his vectors attempt to do their designated job.

"And here you are proving my point. You ever hear of the term 'sleeper agent'?" Reynold remains eerily calm throughout this, as if he's allowing Griffin to restrain him on purpose. "Think about this. Whatever little activities you get yourself into, could be the grand scheme of someone else, trying to make things to move towards his grand plan. Years of blurs, which you don't even remember? Its not unheard of. Especially when The Company is involved. You're using an ability, that I'm not able to properly defend myself against, in order to try and coax things into a favorable position for yourself." His eyes narrow and his voice drops further in tone. "You're also going after someone who I have made an oath to protect. Think carefully about what group does that Griffin, and think even more carefully about just what that group really does."

Nadira follows Griffin towards the couch, placing a hand on his arm. "Griffin, please." Her eyes snap back to Reynold, frowning heavily. "I appreciate your protection, Gidd, but there are ways to confirm that he's not part of The Company." After all, they were all going to get their heads checked just to make sure Rupert hadn't done anything. "You don't have to come in and threaten anyone to get things done."

The grip on Reynold's throat tightens, Griffin leaning down to lift the folder. The hand that liberated the gun is now setting about searching the man for weapons, with little respect for boundaries. Each weapon is set upon the ground by Griffin's feet, until five guns rest at his feet. Well, he has a nice new armory, now. Reynold forfeit them the moment he approached.

As Nadira touches his arm, the grip loosens again. The man instead glares quietly at Reynold. "Going after? I'm not going after Nadira. I care for her." The guns are slowly being stowed away onto his own person, as he is also kind enough to take the holsters. These will come in handy, he hopes.

"Do you think you can just come in here and threaten me, threaten my family, and walk out scott free?" He holds up the folder. "You've seen my file enough to know that I am dangerous. However, that all depends on who you are, and more so, how you treat me." He narrows his eyes, the grip tightening ever-so-slightly. "Now, 'Gidd', make your choice. I can be your very resourceful ally…or you can continue on this train and make an enemy of me. I really would rather that the latter not happen, as I'm sure Nadira would not appreciate that." He leans ever-so-closer. "Because I can tell you, I'm not so easily made to disappear as most people you've probably worked with in the past." Another brief squeeze.

"Not when it comes to The Company. What you don't understand is this. Before Evolved were public knowledge, there was a nice little group who took advantage of this fact, and conditioned them to perform certain acts for them. Like assassinations, infiltrating certain Government offices to help pass laws to better benefit The Company. They were true Sleeper Agents, as most of them rarely ever realized they were being used. Their brains were messed with so badly, that no one can ever really tell just what they've really done, or what was done to them." Reynold stares directly at Nadira as he says this, only to return his gaze to Griffin. "And Griffin here knows all of that, especially with how he's reacting. He's a person who has seen first hand the hell The Company is capable of releasing."

As his throat is squeezed more, he grins slightly. "Do you really think that I wouldn't be even more prepared Griffin? Things will be going /my/ way tonight. You can release me, or you can wonder just what will come of your son. What sort of family he may end up with, because, while you think you're incapable of being dealt with, no one is. Its what we really do in the end. We make people go away, so no one is ever able to find them again."

"I think my choices are a lot more favorable to you. I've already made Nadira vanish. You want to let me go now Griffin, and sit the fuck down. Especially when there's more going on then you realize."

Things are getting serious. A little too serious for Nadira's liking, and she keeps her hand on Griffin's arm. "Gidd, I understand the kind of thing people can do to minds. Would it make you feel better if someone checked out what was going on in his head to see if someone had been in there?" Well, he needed to see Kaylee anyways. "And if you want cooperation, Gidd, don't threaten the man's child. So both of you, no threats, and we will figure this out, alright?"

Oh, Griffin lets go, alright. The hand slips away from Reynold's throat, though the hands upon the man's wrists and ankles remain, their grip tightening. His face suddenly drains of emotion, replaced with a cold look. The look of a man who doesn't have anything but his family to lose. Nadira's words fall on deaf ears. Suddenly, Reynold's left arm is yanked upward, gripped at the elbow and the wrist by two of the hands. Then, he can feel a third touch, exerting pressure on the man's arm, just enough to make the bone flex. It likely hurts, being so close to having your arm snapped.

"I certainly hope that you are bluffing." His voice is cold, dangerous. "If you are not, I'm afraid you will not see much more than a few hours of life." Eerily calm, Griff is glaring at Reynold with those eerily glowing eyes glinting in the room. "You have another chance. Stop this, or I cannot guarantee that I will be able to restrain myself when you anger me further."

"I will happily speak to you without the threats, and be quite compliant if you simply change your attitude."

There isn't even a flinch from Reynold as his arm is held and the pressure is added. "If you're going to break it, move about five inches higher. That part hasn't been broken yet. Where you're pressing, about fifteen years ago a group of Soldiers thought it would be fun to start grabbing anyone they could to start demonstrating the proper tactics of how to break bones." He starts moving his arm however, adding extra pressure to it as he starts to try and stand. "You're a very real danger Griffin. You and I both know that if you've been property of the Company, there may never be confirmation of this unless either someone who is currently still involved with them, or was involved with them, confirms it directly. Whatever you do from now on, you're going to have that little nagging feeling in the back of your head about this. As I said, I have no real way to defend myself directly against you. So the balls in your court. Let go."

Nadira's usually good at keeping her cool. She's quite calm in tense situations, but this is too close to home and heart. She hasn't even noticed the fact that the two glasses of water on the table are now empty and that water drips from her fingertips into a puddle on the floor.


She says nothing more.

Reynold's advice is taken, and Griffin moves his vector up to the indicated area. Griffin doesn't allow Reynold to stand, however. The two extra vectors release the man's arm, pushing him back down against the couch by the chest. "No, I've answered your questions to the best of my ability. Your time for questions and dominance over the conversation is over." He sneers.

Then, he glances toward Nadira, his brows raising. After a moment of silent debate, Griffin's vectors withdraw. He's still keeping Reynold's guns and the folder, and he's still got his vectors summoned, judging by his glowing eyes, the only visible aspect of his ability.

"You've got an ability. I don't. You also forgot something very important. Did you check to see if my guns were loaded, or even real? What about that folder? Is it the only copy I have?" Reynold grins slightly at Griffin, only to point at the folder he's holding. "Read it. You'll see I'm right, and justified in everything I've said. You were most likely Company property." He stands up fully, and walks towards Griffin. "You're a threat, and all I'm doing is trying to ensure that any threat doesn't hinder me. By any means necessary. After what you just did, you know just how serious it is." He glances to his right arm, then towards the folder. "Right now, regardless of anything, I'm your best chance of knowing the truth. Just like I'm also the best chance to ensure that if it comes down to it, your son will remain safe through anything that may come."


"He is a person, Gidd. A living, breathing person. Regardless of the validity of your claims, you are being an ass. You and I both know I understand your capabilities and the capacity and reach of who you can contact and what you can find out. Get off of your high horse and stop acting as if you are somehow better than him. Do not treat him like a child, and do not forget, Gidd, that Griffin is as much of a person as I am." Nadira says, not moving from where she stands. "If you want to help, then help, or at least be honest in your intentions. I do not want deception of any sort in my house."

A drop of water beads and rolls from her index finger to the floor.

Griffin narrows his eyes. "For future reference, threats toward my family will only get you killed. You threaten my sister or my son again, I won't be so hesitant to break every bone in your body. Do not fuck with my family, or those I care about." He gestures toward Nadira. "I care about Nadira, and I will protect her at any cost, just as you wish to. Just as I will protect my family to my dying breath. Are we understood?"

Then, he relaxes, those there's still that feeling in the air, that there is something hovering around Griffin. "It is as Nadira says. If you wish to help me, then offer your help, as opposed to threatening me and my family. I will not object to answers, nor will I object to any other form of assistance you can offer."

"That's still not convincing me you're not a threat to me directly." Reynold narrows his eyes, as he moves towards his jacket. "You can break every bone in my body, and it'd still not be enough. Here's how this is going to go. You will be at my bar at 10 AM tomorrow morning. Ayil will not be there, as she will not be returning to my bar for quite some time. Neither one of you understand just how serious of a matter this truly is, and you will understand after tomorrow Griffin. From there, you will understand my position, and just exactly how big of a deal you really are to what I do, and see just why I have to make the choices I do." He moves to put his jacket on, and stares directly at Griffin. "You already understand, but after tomorrow, you will know exactly just what you need to. Especially in regards to her." He glances towards Nadira, a rather chilly expression on his face. "Don't come back until I tell you to. Consider yourself fired for now. You're hiding things from me, knowing full well that those things can cause a lot more trouble. I'd have expected that you'd be more willing to be upfront with me, as I've been completely upfront with you."

On one hand, he's using her nickname again. In spite of that, it's Nadira's turn to be upset. "I thought you did not have an ability, Reynold, though you must have one as you clearly seem to know my mind and are able to determine exactly what I am able to understand." She's never called him anything but Gidd until now.

"You do not have the right to treat me as if I am your child. I am not yours and I have listened to you up until this point out of respect and out of trust. If I have given you filial affections, it is because you have earned the trust I would give to someone who would be like a father to me. You scold me like I am a child, like I have no comprehension of the world. You act as if you will always be better or know more or be more than I and it is an overwhelming burden to continually fear that I can never be good enough for you nor the man who is my father. You do not dictate who I love, you do not dictate who I am, and if I had known I would have to be a slave under your rule here, I would have left well enough alone and met my death in Egypt."

Her gaze narrows. "If I have withheld any information, it is because I have not had the chance to relay such things to you. You are a fool if you are going to make a judgment on me without even speaking to me first, without even asking me what the situation is or how I felt about it. I am beginning to wonder if you even understand what feelings are, for you certainly do not respect mine, nor do you seem to respect me."

There's a pool of water beneath her, and it looks like most of the floor around them is growing wet.

Griffin narrows his eyes. He's not quite fond of being told what to do; however, Reynold does have his points. Griffin silently glares at Reynold, nodding slowly. Then, it's Nadira's turn to be upset, indeed. Griffin falls silent, only reaching out to gently touch the woman's low back. A silent apology, and a sign of concern for the woman.

"And I made sure to inform you of things the moment I was capable of doing so." Reynold's eyes are cold, as he starts to move towards the door. "Trust is what I have shown. Caring is something else. I am incapable of caring, as unlike the either of you, I have seen the darkest things that mankind has to offer. You have violated trust, by hiding things, especially after finding out just what I do. Griffin, has not. He's going to be given a chance, as you were. Either he can hide things, which so far he has been better at not doing, or he can be honest, and present things exactly as they are. I did ask you if there were things you wanted to tell me, and your response was 'No, there isn't.'" He does however stop once he reaches the door. "You have broken my trust. You hid things from me when I asked you, and chose to move in secrecy against me in your own fashion. For now, you're fired."

"I have never lied to you!" Nadira howls, her fists clenching as her composure breaks the floodgates. "When you asked me if there was something I wanted to tell you, there was nothing. There was nothing. I have never broken your trust or acted against you or harbored secrets. I suppose, at least, it is good to know what you are like, after all these years. You helped a girl who looked up to you make something of her life because it was convenient. If you have cared nothing all this time, then it is you who has broken my trust. Though I suppose, now, telling you how deeply you have wounded me now is futile, since you're heartless and uncaring. Get out of my house. Now."

Griffin now takes the act of stony guard dog, standing just behind Nadira and staring at Reynold with glowing hawk-eyes, as if he's waiting for a command to attack. A small nod indicates that he will be there, if only for the answers that the man provides. He will also have those nice guns he stole from the man on his person, as well.

As of now, however, he keeps his hand on Nadira's back, if only to let her know that he's still here.

"So nothing I discovered about Griffin were things you knew?" Reynold turns and stares directly at Nadira, his hands fishing a pack of cigarettes out from his right jacket pocket. He pulls out a lone cigarette to place it between his lips as he opens the door to the apartment. "Will you stand there, and tell me to my face that you knew nothing about Griffin's past? Especially when you sat there without even batting an eye at the things I said?"

"I will stand here and tell you that what I knew about Griffin was exactly what he told you. I have kept no secrets." Nadira's eyes narrow. "You knew more than me, certainly. I did not know his birthday, though now I will remember it. I did not know what you meant about The Company. So if you think I was holding out on you about something, you are wrong. Now get out. You have burned this bridge to the ground."

Griffin's eyes narrow, and Reynold can suddenly feel a pair of hands laid heavily on his shoulder. "Everything you found out, Nadira already knew, because I already told her. Why would I lie to her? She is the one who has helped me get past some of the obstacles." He suddenly steps behind Nadira, sliding his arms around her waist in a protective gesture, assuming she doesn't pull away from him. "And it is nobody's business what I have done in the past, unless I choose to tell them. What you see here is my attempt to take a second chance that I was given long ago."

He sneers, then, those hands pushing at Reynold, while one snatches the cigarette from the man's lips and rolls it into a ball in mid-air. No smoking! "Now, I believe that the Lady requested that you leave. I will come to you, as you have requested, but only for the answers you offer." He doesn't give Reynold much of a chance to respond; after a few seconds, the invisible force is suddenly violently shoving Reynold out the door and slamming the door behind him.

"On second thought.. Don't bother showing up." As Reynold is being shoved out the door, he glances at Nadira. "Good-bye Ayil." There's a note of finality to his voice as the door is slammed shut behind him. He does however reach into his pocket once more, and pull out a cellphone. A few key presses are made, and he places it against his ear. "I'm done." He then hangs up the phone, and makes his way to the elevator, pressing the button on it.

When Griffin's arms move around her waist, Nadira leans back against him. Reynold's words illicit a wince from Nadira in spite of her best efforts. When the door finally shuts, she shuts her eyes tightly. "Please don't let go." She murmurs.

As requested, Griffin doesn't let go, squeezing her tight and resting his chin on her shoulder. "I won't. I'm here." This is whispered into the woman's shoulder. "I'm sorry things had to happen like this." The vectors shrink back out of existence, his eyes fading back to their normal green.

Her eyes stay shut, and Nadira breathes deeply, trying to calm herself fully. "I'm sorry too. Sometimes… things just happen. No matter the circumstances, the outcome is the same. I just wish it hurt less." She opens her eyes, shaking her head just slightly. "I suppose I'll get used to it."

Griffin lifts one hand, running it gently through Nadira's hair, and planting a few kisses on her forehead. Then, he hooks his finger under her chin, leaning down to plant a small kiss upon her lips, before running his fingers over her cheeks in an undeniably sweet gesture. "I'm here, Nadira. I stand by you, just as you stand by me." He squeezes her again.

"Here, let's get some of that…paelli? And we can try to find the silver lining in this storm cloud…sound like a plan?" He offers her a faint smile.

"Yeah, sounds like a plan," Nadira replies with a tiny smile. "The food can always be reheated, after all."

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