A Really, Really Long Time


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Scene Title A Really, Really Long Time
Synopsis Veronica returns home to Brian after helping to "save the world."
Date January 19, 2010

Veronica and Brian's Apartment Dorchester Towers

Upon entry the first thing that will be most noticable is the suspended banner hanging from the ceiling. Hung onto little tiny nails that Brian will probably get in trouble for later, for now they hold up a sign reading WELCOME HOME LADY. The banner is colorful and drawn in what is obviously little children's handwriting. A product of the Lighthouse, presumably, though as to protect Veronica's identity, Lady is used instead of her name. Many hand prints and little hearts are strewn about the banner, with frilly streamers hanging off of it. The rest of the apartment is littered with a cross of a romantic receiving and a child's birthday.

Balloons are here and there, but so are rose petals. Seemingly, Brian couldn't decide which was a better idea, so did both. On the coffee table is a bucket full of ice holding a bottle of champagne. Next to the bucket is their largest bowl full to the brim with spaghetti. Steam still wafts off of it, so it was prepared recently, most likely.

Brian himself however, is not in the kitchen or the living room, it seems.

It's an awkward entrance, due to the fact that she's lugging a duffel bag over one shoulder and on crutches, but she manages it, throwing the duffel bag into the corner. She kicks the door closed with her injured leg, and raises a brow at the banner, then smells the air and gives a shake of her head.

"It's not even lunch time, and you made spaghetti?" she calls, peering into the kitchen, and then down the hall for Brian. She knows at least one of him is around. She maneuvers the crutches to make her way down the hallway, assuming he's in the bedroom. She's frankly looked better; today she wears a Naval peacoat over a Navy sweatshirt, some jeans someone procured for her, and her combat boots. Stylish! All of the clothing she brought to Argentina was more or less destroyed.


Maybe all that cooking made him tired, or maybe he suddenly came down with narcolepsy. Whatever the case may be, a few ruffling noises precede the sudden stamping and squeaking of bare feet on the floor. Soon enough however Brian comes barreling out of the bedroom into the hall in a run at the woman.

Wearing only a pair of black basketball shorts, the young man lowers his shoulders slightly as his hands swing out to enwrap themselves around her legs. Trying to scoop her up and carry her with him rather than driving her into the ground. Vaguely noticing she is injured, he decreases his speed and tries to be a little gentle.. but still.

Veronica's eyes fly open wide as he runs toward her, and then she yelps when he scoops her up. Gentle or not, his arms going underneath the back of her legs to lift her hurts her gunshot thigh. She laughs despite the pain that brings tears to her eyes, or perhaps it's not the pain — it's hard to tell — and throws her arms around his neck. The laugh becomes a chuckle that becomes a little bit of a whimper. "Ow ow ow put me down, Baby!" His hands may be able to feel a thick bandage around one thigh, beneath the sweat pants' material.

Going a few feet, before the cries of pain register he is quickly going to set her back down. Placing her down gingerly, his hands releases as his head dips to give a concerned look down at the leg. A moment of frustration and concern is all the leg gets as his eyes whip up and he completely forgets about her injury. Smile practically lighting up the room, his hand quickly goes to find hers and bring it swiftly to his lips. Not able to hide the joy and adoration he is experiencing the ex-agent leans in to rest his forehead against hers. "Hi."

"Hi," she breathes, her dark eyes still teary, but a smile on her face as she stares up at him. She then leans up, tilting her chin to kiss him, sighing softly into the kiss. Home. She couldn't really believe it, even when the skyline came into view, or when the cab pulled up at Dorchester Towers, or when she walked through the lobby. But now, she's home at last. "I missed you so much," she whispers, and the tears that glisten on her lashes slide free. "Gill's in the hospital still a couple of days," she says softly. "She'll be all right though." Physically, anyway. The emotional scars will take a while to heal.

"I'll go see her tonight." Brian murmurs, squeezing her hand softly. "Depending on how long we take." A light smile rides on his lips as he matches the kiss. Glancing over at the coffee table he shrugs, "You don't have to eat it, I just thought you'd appreciate it. I'll put it away for later." Squeezing her hand again he bends his head to plant a few more kisses around her lips. "I missed you too. I love you."

The agent gives a shake of her head and a laugh. "I love you, too," she says softly. "So how's Number Seven doing in the Ozarks?" she teases, picking a random numbered clone, assuming he sent one as she asked. "Come on. Run me a bubble bath… I have to wrap this leg in saran wrap or something so the bandage doesn't get wet and hang it out the side, but I'm taking a real bath. Navy ship showers suck." She nods to the bathroom, beginning to hobble that way on her crutches. "Anything happen here while I was gone?"

"Bubble bath?" Brian sounds slightly irritated as he gives a little tug on her hand. "Come here. You just got here. Come sit on the couch with me for a little bit. You can fall asleep or whatever, just let me hold you for a while." Another tug on her hand, his feet shuffling to take him towards the living room instead. Looking at her crutches, he motions with his arms as if offering to carry her. "I won't hurt you this time. Promise."

"I'm fine, really," she says when he offers to carry her, but she lets him lift her anyway. "Holding… sounds nice." She brings a hand up to his cheek, touching him as if to make sure he's real. "Everything is all right here? I had this irrational fear… I'd come back after trying to save the world and find something horrible happened at home. That Monroe would have found you out or something bad would have happened to the Lighthouse or I don't know what. You're really okay? All your kids, all your little … projects, nothing's wrong?"

"I've kinda given up on Monroe. The kids are fine. I've just been. Keeping to myself, and the kids." Lifting her, careful on how he holds her legs, he nudges the crutches to the side. Letting them fall in the hallway he carries her back to the couch before slowly settling down and easing her gingerly into his lap. "Nothing's wrong. You're back and everything's fine. You saved the world." A light smile that compliments the sparkling in his eyes as he looks up to her.

Veronica shakes her head, lying her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes. "I didn't do that much. Anyone could have done what I did. It was Francois and Cardinal who saved us, really. Everyone… God. To think I was ever … " she shakes her head, upset at herself for her fear of Evolved in the past. "It wouldn't have been possible, without people with abilities. Varlane — we'd be dead if it weren't for him and Gillian. The nuke would have gone off… it did go off, but Cardinal —" The tears come, for the man who might have been her friend had they known each other in different circumstances, but was at least someone she felt she could trust and rely on despite their differences.

"Cardinal's a good guy." Brian confirms quietly, letting one hand crawl up to the back of her head. Running his fingers through her hair he places his cheek against hers for a moment and closes his eyes. Taking in a short breath he leans back to press another kiss to her lips. "You don't have to tell me all about it right now. You can just… rest. If you want. Or you can talk.. whatever you wanna do baby." He smiles gently, letting his hand drift back down to rest on her waist. Meanwhile, out of his back slips a naked Brian, who stumbles over the arm of the couch on his way to the bathroom. Most likely to start that bath.

"Just hold me," the so-tough-Company-agent tells Brian, curling up in his lap, her head on his shoulder. "For a really, really long time." Veronica's arms wrap around Brian as her eyes close. Her face nuzzles his neck, taking in his scent and his warmth. "Sing to me, Van Morrison," she whispers, a smile bringing out the dimples in her cheeks.

Smiling gently, Brian nudges his chin against her forehead before resting the side of his head against her. As the water can be heard from the bathroom, Brian starts to sing. "All the leaves from the trees are all falling…" Quietly singing the song that has somehow made it their song Brian's grip around Veronica loosens, though he still holds her against him close. For a really, really long time.

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