A Room Of Her Own


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Scene Title A Room of Her Own
Synopsis She might not be able to give her everything, but maybe a room is a good start.
Date March 4, 2018

Cats Cradle

The room is large, a mid sized stage with tattered curtains hanging around it and two spotlights that face it. There were a number of mismatched theatre seats arranged in a half circle facing the stage, a long dark purple rug running through the middle of them. A chandelier that is sometimes on and only lights up halfway hangs in the center of the room. Even when music is not being performed people congregate around the stage, drinking or smoking. A 420 Friendly sign hangs near a mirror hung up behind the bar.

The bar area has a few mismatched chairs and boxes for chairs. A lone armchair is placed near the bar, the owner usually occupies it when she is in. The bar is a bunch of wood and steel welded together and repurposed as a bar, there is a black glass that is fitted around the middle of often smear from people’s knees and boot heels. A really old television set with a VHS player sits behind the bar propped up on a stand. The bar is as well stocked as you can get nowadays, there’s even an exotic alcohol or two rumored to be under the bar. A modest grill stands in the corner right next to the bar, nothing fancy just greasy food.

In the corner of the room near the stage and its green room door is another door that is usually locked.

It's a little before open hours. Eimi has come by a few times since meeting Eve, all briefly. She likes the seeress, after all.

This time though, is different. The teenager has with her her satchel, a worn out backpack, and a carefully tied bedroll of some sort, tattered blankets rolled up tightly around a spare set of clothing, and she shifts nervously from one foot to the other before entering.

They had hung out a few times and Eve found herself liking Hopper very much. She was smart, funny, had a kickass ability and she seemed trustworthy. She was young but that was what made being around her so exciting, Eimi’s potential was untapped, Eve could feel it. Not just ability wise but futurewise in general. She has started to feel a connection with Eimi and so as the young woman enters Cat’s Cradle, Eve is sitting at the bar with a plate of freshly baked cookies, the smoke still rising off them. “Perfect timing Hopper,” on Eimi’s part or Eve’s?

Her dark hair is braided loosely, it swings from side to side as she hurries over to give Eimi a hug before grabbing one of her bags to help. “Come come, I've been preparing.” This is an exciting day!

There's a flash of a grin as Eimi returns the hug, allows the older woman to take the bedroll — that's the easiest one to hand off of her few belongings.

"You knew," the teenager says quietly, even as she gets to the counter and grabs one of the cookies. Even knowing Eve's ability, the precognitive part still catches Eimi off guard. "I…" pause. "I think I'd like to stay for a bit." She looks past Eve, and adds, "but I don't want to get you in trouble."

“Sometimes I hear things,” she teases with a wink and that's when she goes to nab one of the cookies for herself and shoving it in her mouth. There's another wink and Eve grins at the young woman with a cookie in her mouth. She munches on it really fast, she has the munchies today. “Oh Hopper I’ll be getting you into trouble, silly.” She laughs as she takes the plate and the bedroll in her hand before beckoning for Eimi to follow her.

“Come come,” the older kook weaves through the furniture of the bar and does a twirl as the reach a staircase, “The door upstairs we keep it locked, unless we’re here and the bar is closed.” The maelstrom in the back of her head is shushed as she continues to deliver the lay of the land.

Padding up the stairs with bare feet she looks over her shoulder as they come to a landing with a dark blue painted door with stained glass set into the middle, the door is open prepared for Eimi and various smells waft out from the loft. Cookies mixed with cannabis and cinnamon, earthy too because as Eimi enters the space she would notice plants everywhere.

Hanging from the ceiling, hanging on the window sills and on the fire escape outside, large pots on the floor. A small sized aloe vera bush sits on a end table near the door. There's a large comfortable looking couch as well as multiple large pillows to lay on like her Oracle Room. Another hookah sits near a pile of those pillows as well as a bong on a end table. Fresh lilies sit in a vase on the big round dining room table which is where Eve places the plate of cookies in between two teacups and saucers.

The dishes are done today, Eve must be trying to impress her friend. “Help yourself to anything in the kitchen. Anytime.” There's a food shortage but Eve will be sharing with Eimi. Of course she will. “We are both survivors, I know you will fill it with your booty too!” Pirate’s booty!

She cracks a laugh at her joke as the tea kettle on the stove in the kitchen goes to whistle. “Perfect timing,” she rushes over to the kitchen area to pull the kettle off the burner and come over to pour the hot water into the cup, some sort of ginger tea smell adds to the assortment of scents in the room.

Eimi follows up the stairs, waiting until Eve has reached the top in order to teleport the short distance.

A grin and she says, "The world won't know what hit them."

The backpack and then her jacket (although not the sweatshirt) are set onto the couch, and the teenager looks around in awe, walking over to one plant and then the next until she makes her way to the kitchen, snagging a few more cookies on the way. When she speaks again, it's quieter, more serious. Worried. Almost the sort of flatness that Eimi's voice gets sometimes, but not quite the same.

"But really," she says. "I… I don't have papers. Or registration. Or anything. I'm not supposed to be in the safe zone according to the rules." Not that the rules are stopping her, and not that border patrols and fences mean anything to a teleporter, when it comes down to it.

Taking a seat at the table she gestures for Eimi to do the same. She reclines back waiting for her tea to cool before she sips at it, the seer regards Eimi with a curious look. “Do you want papers?” The question is simple but the situation is not. Though it wasn't mandated, it was heavily encouraged but people were still afraid of it.. the old system haunted their memories sometimes even Eve herself.

“I have a friend, Red at SESA. I could bring you in.” She says this gently, “Only if you want.” Eve's not worried about her status, she doesn't exactly always follow the law herself. And everyone has their own reasons as to why they register or not. It's a personal thing. “These gifts are personal, they can be wonky and loopy or just totally cool,” She waves a hand in the air as she speaks.

“But they are ours,” the artist is earnest in this, firm. “Sometimes the men in suits know things about our gifts that we don't.” She's not saying Eimi needs SESA to understand her ability more but, “Perhaps a mentor but I think.. it can be healthy.. to hear how others perceive our gifts.” It's fun. Eve has no qualms being registered now but, “Back in ‘09, I wasn't into having the papers. I was a terrorist on the run, having fun, popping shots at the police and government agents, biting faces and dancing through the shadows coming out the other side only partially scratched.” The woman loses herself for a moment to those memories. What a time.

Eimi cradles her cup of tea in her hands, and considers the question. "I'm not sure if I want it or not. It… might be a good idea."

There's a pause, and then Eimi continues. " Maybe I could meet with her somewhere… more open? Less… in." Another cookie is munched on in the meantime while the teenager thinks. "I don't know yet." There's a pause, and she adds, "I didn't steal all that food that's gone missing," though she knows that of all people Eve doesn't suspect her of doing so. "I heard them talking about a teleporter. But I need to see, where I'm going."

There's a tone there, something being omitted. Something for another time. "Thanks for letting me stay."

“I'll have Red come and meet us somewhere not in.” Eve winks at Eimi and nods her head, she doesn't want to frighten the girl. Look, Eve doesn’t mean to frighten anyone, it just happens sometimes. “Oh darling I know you didn't do it.” Whether that's because Eve knows who did is another question that she's not offering answers too, “If they accuse you, I’ll string em up.” She says then taking a sip of her tea.

“Oh oh, don't you mention it. The company is nice,” Eve doesn't always like being alone with her dreams. Sometimes it's necessary and other times it's too scary.

“You have a room, you know.” Eve grins widely and points at the hall. “You wanna come see?” Of course you do!

The teenager's mouth opens, and then shuts again when Eve mentions that she has a room. It's beyond even what she was expecting, beyond the occasional crashing on someone else's couch, naps caught here and there, and it's worlds beyond sleeping in the top floor of ruined buildings, or in the woods, or abandoned cars, the things that Eimi has done since she first struck out on her own.

So there are no words accompanying the nodding that Eve gets in response. Tea put down, Eimi gets to her feet, grabbing the bedroll and her backpack and jacket, to take with them as they go to her room.

There's a light crack of laughter and Eve is drinking more of her tea before putting it on the table and standing to lead Eimi to her room. “I've had a key made,” a sly grin thrown her way as the walk down the hall passing the bathroom and coming to a door in the middle of the hall. The door to the master bedroom at the end of the hall is opened a crack and the oracle nods towards her room, “Knock whenever you like,” nobody ever wants to just walk into Eve’s room unannounced you never know what you would find.

She opens the door to the spare room with a smile.

There aren't as many plants in this room but there are a few on the window sill. A comfy chair sits in the corner of the room. A large king sized bed is the centerpiece of the room, a chest of drawers faces opposite of it. A full body mirror hangs on the wall as well. The colors of the room a deep red and purple. “Here we are,” in a singsong voice. Eve turns to look at Eimi.

Open mouth. Close mouth. Whatever she says after that is in a whisper that doesn't make it to a fully voiced thought, because she's more in awe of it. The bedroll is set next to the bed, the backpack next to the chest of drawers, her jacket is set on the comfy chair and the teenager glances down at the rest of her clothes. She's filthy. They're filthy. It's what happens with years of living on the streets and in the wilds, and for the first time in a long while it's bothering her. She'll clean up in a bit after she's settled in.

But the expression that is on her face is nothing short of awe, and Eve gets a full-fledged smile. "The company's nice," she agrees. "So's the room. I love it."

Taking in Eimi’s reaction, Eve is happy to see this. Happy to make someone happy instead of just pull their hair out. Eve blinks back a tear or two as she slowly backs out of the room. She knows what’s it’s like to not have a home. Those first months after the bomb in ‘06 were erratic and Eve had been on the streets. Scavenging, wandering with no purpose. She met Cameron one day and that changed everything. In the ruins, much like she had met Eimi.

The oracle doesn’t believe she can change everything for the young woman. But maybe.

Maybe she can give her a room of her own.

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