A Round Of Hurt


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Scene Title A Round Of Hurt
Synopsis Abigail catches up with Liz post pinning on of medals.
Date October 11, 2010

Coffee Shop in New York

It was a closed ceremony, not open to the public, the medal ceremony in which the frontline soldiers received their accolades to saving lives. The fear of Humanis First, Messiah, who knows what other crazed nutjobs might come out of the woodwork to try and take a shot at the heroes. Abigail isn't one of those crackpots, but she's not important enough nor a member of the press to get an invite and not about to have asked her husband to please get her in.

Somehow, she wasn't sure she'd be allowed in, given the nature of her ability.

SO she waited nearby, a message sent to Liz's phone, that she was in a coffee shop nearby, away from the building and with the hopes that when the hullabaloo died down, Liz might make it over. Just cause she couldn't see her friends get their shiny medals, didn't mean she didn't want to congratulate them. She'd tune the television to the news to watch it like everyone else.

Once she could get clear of press and the crush, Elisabeth checked her phone. The message from Abby was returned instantly, and she immediately made her way to the coffee shop in question. Dressed in the black-on-black "dress" uniform, no armor or anything, with her blonde hair French braided and pinned up, she looks… severe. But the smile on her face is absolutely open as she comes in the door and spots Abby. She winds through the tables and moves to hug the other woman. "Hey you!" she greets. "Lord, what a creepin' madhouse," she says, rolling her eyes as she plops down across from Abby. "I think my Dad was fit to burst," she confides with a grin.

"I'm sure. I bet Felix looked twenty times uncomfortable and ready to bolt if another flash went off in his face. But I bet he looks real spiffy in his uniform and medal" Abigail's arms wrap around the woman, squeezing her back with a press of cheek against cheek and the competing shades of blonde. "You'll have to have wear the medal for Cardinal" If you catch her drift.

"But I bet your Dah's crowing, I imagine he never though that he'd ever see a day like this" Abigail pulls away, letting her hands drop to Liz's and squeeze before easing herself back down into the booth and picking up her coffee cup. "Going to Disneyland next?" She teases.

Elisabeth snerks. "Tahiti!" she retorts on a laugh, winking at the wearing the medal comment Abby tosses out there. As her hands slip away from Abby's and she settles into her seat, her blue eyes are sparkling with amusement and … with pride. She can't help it; it's not every day one gets awarded like that, and on a lot of levels, it is a validation of all that she's done for the past couple of years. "I was expecting him to bolt any freakin' sec…." And she trails off, startled.

"Abigail Beauchamp…. did you get married??" Elisabeth demands, eyes caught on the glint of gold around the coffee cup.

"I did. A few weeks ago" There's a glance to the simple band of gold then back up to Liz. "No, I wasn't when you visited me" But it had been in the works. "Is Richard really going to take off enough time rearranging the future to go to Tahiti and make babies?"

There are several blinks, as if Liz's brain cannot comprehend both things at once. "Wait, wait…. weeks?" Elisabeth looks a little hurt, and she swallows it. "Wow… I … I don't know what to say, Abby. Congratulations, sweetie." Her wishes are very sincere, that much is obvious, though the hurt feelings aren't quite as well hidden as she'd like. "Uhm…. no. No, of course he's not," she says with a small, forced smile. "I don't think Richard wants kids… I don't think he thinks he deserves them."

"You've said everything you need to say. We went and quietly had it done. Right now, it's just.. not the right time to make a big todo. His job, my.. situation, the city and everything. My Dah gave his blessing and.. I'll get around to telling people, or they'll see my ring. Maybe we'll have a big to do, some day" Not like they can't afford to and she doesn't like the hurt in the woman's eyes but in the end, it was her own choice to do it.

"Well, then, Tahiti and come back with puppies and bring one back for Sarisa"

Elisabeth will get over it. She smiles just a bit. "If a quiet, private ceremony is all you wanted, Abby, then I'm thrilled you got to have it." Again, very sincerely. "The big to-do always seems more about other people than the bride and groom, really." Liz is also quite sincere in that opinion as well — she herself might have done the same darn thing. She's just surprised that Abby's mama didn't raise the roof over it. But anyway, she smirks faintly. "Nah, if I got a puppy, the poor thing would starve to death. Richard'll either say yes or no when it comes time, and I'll be fine with either answer he gives on the matter. I figure next year — assuming we live til then — is soon enough to worry about the matter." A lot of things are changing next year.

"A lot of things change in a year. Look at what happened between last year and this year. You would never have imagined when they rolled FRONTLINE out that you'd be in it, or that we would have gone to Russia" Someone comes by to offer Elisabeth coffee, the younger blonde remaining quiet until the woman ends up leaving with an order from liz or not.

"Or that you'd have Redbird, and I'd have the shop" A great many things alter in the course of a year. "Speaking of Sarisa"

Elisabeth does order a latte and then looks back at Abby. "Lord only knows what the next year will bring, lady. I can't plan that far ahead. What about her?" she asks mildly. "She's still got a crap-ton of teeth, that's for sure." A pensive expression passes over her face, quickly dismissed as Liz's attention returns to Abby's face.

"She tried to blackmail me. To get formula for Francois" Abigail doesn't look happy about that in the least. "I got it recorded, I wasn't sure what she wanted, and what with just having been through homesec and the department of evo affairs hands…" Abigail shakes her head. "I was to get her a vial of formula or she'd ensure that I was in ten times more trouble than I already am. If I did, she'd see that everything went away"

A glance to the coffee then back up, the wrinkle of her nose showing how much she didn't appreciate Sarisa threatening her. "I told her that I couldn't get it for her, but she pestered enough that I told her Tam. That if Tam saw Francois taking it, then Tamara would make sure it made it's way to Francois"

Elisabeth blinks. A frown creases her features, and she clams up as the waitress comes back to set her drink in front of her. Once she has the latte, a silence field wraps the table, and Liz's crystal blue eyes turn to her friend very seriously. "I'll see what I can do about that shit. To give her the benefit of the doubt, though…… Francois's undercover in one of the Institute's locations. I know that we were all a good bit concerned about it because if they tested him, they might have killed him on the spot." She doesn't know what, if anything, Abby knows. "He found Teo. The … other Teo. They left last night to attempt to break him out."

"I know liz about what's happening, and why she came to me. Francois showed up at my home inebriated and others have spoken to me. I know that without the formula, he was still covered. People still talk to me Liz, even if I have the GPS on my ankle and I can't visit every place that I did before. I'm very well aware of the severity of the situation"

Pulling back, Elisabeth narrows her eyes. "Do not bark at me. I told you because quite frankly I didn't have a CLUE what you knew — and to be quite blunt, you knew more than I did because I didn't know that he was covered no matter what. As I said, it was merely to give Sarisa a small benefit of doubt over the idea that maybe, just maybe, blood's a tiny bit thicker than water and that maybe she overstepped because she was as worried about Francois as the rest of us have been. Not sure I like your tone with me when all I was trying to do was make sure you knew what was going on, too." Considering the fact that Abby's already hurt her feelings in the first five minutes of sitting down, she's probably overreacting, but… yeah. It has an impact.

Liz is her elder, and Abigail's upbringing is one in which her parents rarely had to raise their voice to her. Most people don't have to raise their voice to her. The dressing down from Elisabeth may be over reaction, but Abigail's reaction is likely to be expected. And not. Her shoulder curls inwards, head down a fraction and her hands tighten around her cup as she looks down at the table.

"Blood is thicker than water, your right" Abigail reaches for her bag, digging out money to cover her coffee. "I have to be back at the shop, I was only going to be away for so long, I need to get back before Niklaus has to leave" She does, just not right this moment in truth. Money on the table, Abigail's sliding out of her side of the booth, swinging her bag over her shoulder. "Tell Richard I said hello, same to Felix"

And now Liz — who thinks she's rightfully perturbed at this moment for being barked at! — sighs heavily. "Yeah. Sure, Abby. I will." Then she blinks and asks, "Niklaus is already back? Where's everyone else?" There is now true fear in those blue eyes. If he's back to the bakery, what the hell happened to Francois and Richard and Niki, none of whom have called in yet!? "Abby…. what happened?"

"I meant Brenda" Polite excuse to leave failed. Niklaus had gone with Team Sicily. I have to go Liz, enjoy the rest of your day and the medal, you deserve it. GO out and have a few drinks with Felix and Tristan." She's met a few of them before. Keys dug out of her pocket, she's heading for the door at a quick pace.

Jesus. Her heartrate has to slow down now. Propping her chin morosely on her hand, Elisabeth murmurs after her friend, "How the heck is it that even when I didn't do anything, I'm in the wrong?" Not like she expects an answer. She didn't say it for Abby to hear or to respond; it's simply a rhetorical question to the universe as a whole. She sighs again.

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