A SCOUT in the Making


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Scene Title A SCOUT in the Making
Synopsis Liz approaches William to take him up on his offer.
Date December 5, 2008

William's Apartment

When she called him, it probably surprised him. Elisabeth isn't one to beat around the bush, though, and she tells him she really would like to talk about the position on the SCOUT squad he mentioned. She accepts his invitation to his place and makes her way to the apartment, and when he lets her in, she smiles slightly. "Hey," she greets easily. She's dressed in jeans, boots, a black fleece jacket again, and her arm is still in its sling though the cast is now gone. Her bruises seem to be healing up well too. "Thanks for taking the time."

William… has looked better. There are bags under his eyes and there is evidence that he very recently woke up. He wears a white shirt that is unbuttoned revealing the many different tattoos scattered across his torso. "Bonjour." He greets rather quietly. Backing up from the door so she may enter he turns his back to her.

She is secondly greeted by the peppy little beagle that quickly marches up to her and starts to sniff at her feet. Though he immediately leaves her once, "Panda, venir ici!" is spoken by his owner. The condo is obviously inhabited by a male, the mismatching colors, the dishes piled up. Though there is evidence of a female presence, different feminine objects laying about. "No problem." He speaks softly, motioning her to the couch. "Anything to drink?"

With a smile, Elisabeth replies, "No, thank you. I'm sorry to drag you out of bed." She tilts her head curiously. "Are you sick, Will? Or … is everything all right?"

"Laisse tomber" William says, waving a dismissive hand. She doesn't have to understand the language, he'll make it clear it's no problem. "Late nights. Lots of work." He informs her. Going to the cabinets, a bag of dog food is soon produced. Taking the bag over, he dumps a little into the silver bowl. The little beagle then dives in. Taking the bag back, he starts the conversation while taking care of the animal. "I assume this is not a social call."

Two cups of water are filled quickly. Her 'no' was obviously ignored. Bringing the glass over to her, he hands it off. Motioning again for her to take a seat with him, now plopping down on the couch. "What can I do for you?"

Elisabeth takes the glass with her free hand and moves to sit nearby, setting the glass on the table without drinking. "Were you serious about a job on the squad?" she asks in a straightforward manner.

Tipping some of the water back. "Yes." He says casually leaning back into the couch, watching her lazily over his glass. "Interested?" The Captain asks, tilting his head a little bit.

There's a slow nod as Elisabeth watches him. "Yeah," she says quietly. "I am. The bastards out there killed the kids that I saw every day for half a year. Not bad enough that they killed kids, they killed MY kids. I want to come back to work. This is getting out of hand. I want to help stop them."

"Mhmm." William hums. "It's hard work, Elisabeth." He says lightly. "I'm working myself to the bone, and I have nothing to show for it as of yet. The whole city is looking to us to protect them and.." He shows his palms as if nothing is in them. "Can you take that burden, that shame?" He drives in, setting his cup down on the table.

"That's a ridiculous question to ask a hostage negotiator, Will," Liz says quietly. "When it goes great, I'm the best cop out there. When it goes to hell, I get the limelight of failure. I couldn't care less what the press says."

"Very well.." William says softly. "I'll speak to Lau." He informs her, going to stand. "We'll give you a call soon. I'm sorry to be a terrible host. But I need to be getting back to work. So.." He gives a little sigh. "I'll be getting in touch with you soon."

Elisabeth nods to him and smiles slightly. "Thank you." She moves to stand, debating something. And then she chooses to remain silent on whatever crossed her mind. "I'll talk to you in a few days then. Good luck, Will."

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