A Simple Phone Call


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Scene Title A Simple Phone Call
Synopsis Sometimes a little more information just makes things more confusing.
Date March 27, 2011

On the Phone

It seems like it shouldn't be this pretty out here today. Cold, but clear and sunny. Megan's red hair is held back in a ponytail as she makes her way to a place far enough from the waterfront to make her call. The paper comes out of her pocket and she stops at a pay phone with a pocket full of change. Her fingers are shaking as she dials, her blue eyes glancing around the area warily.

Tania hasn't gotten up the courage to leave the house quite yet, feeling like the brick is a bit of a safety net from what lies over the rest of Eltingville. Too many soldiers for her comfort. So when the phone rings, the girl is quick to pick up.

After all, there's only one person who even has this number. And it's someone she's been worrying about since a missed lunch date.

"Miss Ebby?" The voice is soft. Delicate, even. And quite clearly, very Russian.

Megan bites her lip. "No, but she sent me to call you. My name is Megan, Tania…. Abby's… sick. Listen, she was worried about you. She said she had a dream, and she thought it was really important that you learn about it. You were in it."

There's a long pause after that. After all, there are several things in this short conversation that the girl needs a moment to process. "She is sick?" Worry over her friend trumps worrying over things like how did she know my name and even the odd dream she had. "Will she be alright? I have worried, she was not at our last lunch and I thought something was wrong."

But after a shaky breath is taken, Tania tackles the rest, voice quieter on the other end. "I had a dream, too. And she was in it. Is that how she knew to ask for Tania? Is she mad?"

On the far end, Megan blinks. Frowns. "Uhm… no, she was very worried about you. She said the dream was… very frightening. That someone who had the correct papers was getting their child taken away. Is this…. is this the same dream you had?" she asks. She leaves the other question alone for now.

There is a literal sigh of relief at Megan's first words. "Please tell her I will explain everything. But also tell her… ah. I am safe. I'm still with my brother, but we're on Staten Island." She tries not to sound nervous there, but it only marginally works.

"That is the dream. He papers and his wife was on… negoxan and his daughter was taken and he is a real person. How could she have the same dream?" It's a rhetorical question, asked more to the Universe itself than Megan.

"That part is … well, I guess there's a theory. But… for now…. you didn't get a sense of … how old you might have been, did you?" Megan asks. "I know that sounds like a bizarre question, and I'm sorry. But… last year, a bunch of people had something similar and it seemed to be a …. future thing."

"Oh. Ah," Tania pauses there, too. Perhaps thinking it over. "Maybe… twenty? I only saw myself in the mirror for a moment. But I think, about that age. I am only sixteen now." She'll have to take a little more than a few moments to take in the future possibility.

Megan blows out a breath. "Well…. that's good. It perhaps means there's a little time to help out these people," she says softly. "Tania…. I'll have her call you when she's feeling better, okay? And thank you. For the information." The redhead pauses a split second, uncertain what else to say, and then hangs up with a quiet click before anything else can be said.

"Tell her… tell her I will pray for her." Tania isn't really religious herself, but Abby is. "I hope she is better soon." Apparently, it's all a good enough farewell for Tania, because she also hangs up without ceremony. At least she knows what exactly she's worrying about now.

Looking back over her shoulder, Megan worries aloud, "God, what's coming at us next?" Her brows are pulled in a frown as she heads back to the island to fill in the people who Need To Know about dreams of the future.

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