A Small Favour


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Scene Title A Small Favour
Synopsis Before leaving for Pollepel Island, Melissa visits Quinn, and small favours are exchanged.
Date November 9, 2010

Village Renaissance: Quinn's Flat

It hadn't been too long since Quinn had droped Elaine back at Siann Hall like she had asked, before beginning her errands before the two make their way to Pollepel Island to check on their friends and see how things are. She had swung by Tartarus, hoping to find Melissa, but no luck, so message had been left for ehr to call or stop by if she got it within the next few hours. For now, it's time to check for any last packing measures, and to keep trying to keep in touch with people, before she's out of touch for Lord knows how long. It isn't until she hears a knock at the door that she drawn away form her phone, looking towards it curiously. "Hello?"

The message is received, and Melissa shows up at Quinn's door, looking absolutely run ragged and carrying a bundled up baby. "It's me, Quinn," she calls out, leaning against the door frame heavily while waiting for the door to be opened. And just after those words, Quinn hears said baby start crying.

Crying? What in the hell? The door is opened slowly, Quinn peering out it catiously, eyes widening when she lays eyes on the baby. "Whoa. Did- did I miss something big?" Quinn asays, gulping audibly as she opens the door the rest of the way. "Come on in. Sorry t' make you come by, it wasn't like I really had amazing news or anythin'."

"No, no…It's fine. I need a distraction," Melissa says wearily as she heads into the apartment and plops the baby down on the floor on her belly. "Oh god I need a distraction," she says, rubbing the heels of her hands against her eyes. "I hate to ask since I just got here, but you got something to drink? I'm staying at a cheapy motel right now and the kid takes up too much time so I'm sorta…Yeah."

"How on earth did you get a kid, Melissa?" This question, of course, not accounting for the fact that there were riots the day before and people died. "Come on in. come on in," she repeats, closing the door behind Melissa, watching as the baby is set down on the floor. "Oh, shit. I should figuer out where Schrodinger got to before she an' the baby make a mess of things…" Quickly, Quinn begins moving about the room, looking behind the TV and under things as she searches for the adopted cat. "Are you doing okay, Melissa? With the riots an' all?" She stops, looking at the woman dead on. "I'm glad t' see your okay, but you look horrible." For the moment, the search for the cat is abandoned, Quinn moving towards the kitchen. "Soda fine? Too early for anythin' hard."

"Well I got shot, went to Staten to get patched up, saw two of my friends executed, then five innocent Ferry members executed. Including the baby's mama," Melissa says, sitting down on the floor next to the baby, who is enjoying exploring and looking around at things. "Yeah, soda's fine. I just want something wet that isn't tap water. You doing alright? No one you know was killed were they?"

Quinn just sort od freezes in place for a moment, before suddenly turning back to Melissa. "You what?! Holy shit, Melissa, are you alright? I- christ!" She just stares for a moment before she resumes her way to the fridge, pulling out a Sprite in a bottle. "I can't even imagine, Jesus." A look is given down to the baby, a fron on Quinn's face as she offers over the baby. "Executed? Ferrymen? It's really that bad?"

Melissa waves a hand absently. "Don't worry about the gunshot. It's not the first, probably won't be the last. Hell, got two in my left shoulder. At least it was spaced out this time. Bad thing was, chick who shot me was the chick from my vision." She sighs and shakes her head, taking the soda and opening it to take a deep drink. "But yeah, executed. Some soldiers walked in, immediately shot two people in the head. Then they told five of us to line up against a wall, and bam, bam, bam. All dead. Was fucking horrible. Took the baby 'cause I didn't think she should stay with the soldiers who killed her mom."

Quinn just looks sort of dumbfounded, plopping down on the couch beside Melissa. "You're feckin' serious?" Never mind teh baby, it can't talk yet. Cursing is fine, right? "Jesus feckin' Christ, I'm supposed t' go regroup with the Ferry t'night. Do they- do they know yet? I… jesus." A hand reaches up, rubbing her face as she processes this new information. "God. An' they're calling us terrorists on TV, too…"

"I have no idea. There were a few Ferry people there who weren't killed. Not many, but some. Some of my people too, but I'm having a hard time getting a hold of most of them," Melissa admits, sounding concerned. "I'm hoping they just lost their phones or something. Or got the hell out of the city. I don't know."

"Here's hoping, then…" Quinn is quiet, slinking down in her seat a bit. "There's a few people I haven't been able tog et int' contact with either, but I know they're fine. They have t' be, they're not the types who would get caught up in this kind of madness." There's a bit of a laugh, Quinn rolling ehr shoulders. "But then, I got told the same thing after I joined the Ferry…" She trails off a bit, before sitting back up. "That's kinda what I wanted t' talk about. I mean, like I said, I'm- doin' what I said earlier. I wanted t' know if I could get some time off? Kind of… indefintiely. I dunno how long I'll be gone. An' if you could watch Schrodinger while I'm gone."

"Time off? Yeah, totally Quinn. Take as much time as you need. Just let me know when you're ready to get back to work," Melissa agrees easily. "Not sure on watching the cat though. I can't get to my place on Roosevelt, and wouldn't even if I could. I'm staying in a motel and with work and taking care of the baby…I don't even know how I'm gonna manage that. Motels aren't baby friendly. Dammit."

Quinn blinks, a first surprised by how easy it was to get the time off, then by Melissa's situation. Turning, Quinn looks back over the apartment, smiling as she turns back to Melissa. "Stay here. I won't be around, so you'll have the place t' yourself, an' the cat'll be here. Kid's fine too as long as it doesn't, like… get any thing on any of my furniture."

Melissa looks a little warily at the baby, before she nods. "I think I can manage that. I mean, hell. You saw my house. I'm a neat freak. I don't think that having a baby is gonna change that. Might make it worse. But yeah, that works. And…thanks Quinn. Thanks a whole heap," she says, looking a little more relaxed than when she walked in.

"Not a problem, Melissa," Quinn replies with a weary smile. "Thanks for understanding about the time off, it's the least I can do." She sinks back down into the couch a bit, sighing. "Jesus fucking christ, how did this city go t' hell in a handbasket so fast? I mean, I know things have always been hard, but this last month is just been… ugh."

"Rupert. It's all Rupert," Melissa says, her tone dark. "But yeah, you just take care of yourself, Quinn. And…uh…if you're not leaving like immediately, maybe you could keep an eye on Junko while I go grab my stuff?" she asks hopefully, desperate for a few minutes without the baby.

"Uuuh…" Quinn looks down at the baby, gulping audibly as she just sort of stares for moment. "Uh, I guess I can manage that. Shouldn't be too hard for a little but, I guess. Junko? Is taht her name?" She shuffles in her seat a bit, frowning. "I'm waiting for ELaine to call me back. She got… hit by a car, and the hospitals are too full, so she's going with me. Go on, I'll be here when you get back."

"Yeah, Junko. And awesome. Thanks. I won't be long. I'm not staying far from here." But Melissa can't move fast enough, getting up, looking at the baby, then heading to the door, and out. FLEE!

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