A Snarled Mess



Philipa Morris courtesy of Aric

Scene Title A Snarled Mess
Synopsis Aric's gone missing and Elisabeth finds out exactly where.
Date Jan 17, 2011

Blue Moon Cafe

The Blue Moon has not been the same for the last 7 days. The flow…the energy…the tingle in the air seems to have lost it's potency because one of it's key factors is missing…it's own, Aric Gibbs. Aric has always made it a point to check in with his management team at least 5-10 minutes a day to see if they are ok. He has not done that and one of his manager's has grown rather concerned.

Philipa is sitting behind the counter of the cafe which is dead a ghost town on her lap top searching the internet for any sites that relate to missing people. She looks tired, yet had a break a few days ago when she found Liz's name on a card. She has not heard from the woman yet continues her own search…she has not give up on the man.

Elisabeth didn't call because she was caught up in a personal crisis along with her work. And at this point she's not going to call. Instead she steps into the coffee shop and walks toward the counter. Philipa might remember her, she might not — Liz is uncertain how much Aric may have told the girl. "Ms. Morris?" she asks quietly. "Can we talk a moment? I'm Elisabeth Harrison."

Philipa blinks looking at Liz and cocks her head to the side, "You did get my message." Philipa hops off the stool and walks around the counter to take the woman's hand and shakes it quickly, "Tell me you have seen Aric. The police are not helping and they have said…" Her voice switching to a deep manly voice, "We have this under control. We will look into it. When we have something we will inform you…" Her voice switches back, "Blah blah blah."

Elisabeth narrows her eyes slightly. "They're giving you the brush-off?" She sighs heavily. "I know Aric went to report his attack. It may be that because he doesn't have good control of the ability he was given they're holding onto him." She nibbles her lip. "I'm afraid it's entirely out of my jurisdiction, though. I can give you three or four names of people at the precinct that I would trust to actually do as much as they can to follow up for you."

Philipa shakes her head, "No they are saying he was transfered to the Suresh Center. When I called them there…it was even worse. All I got was that I should call an Agent Pak. They would not tell me if he was there. They would not tell me if he was ok. The woman got rather nasty with me when I demanded to speak with the head doctor in charge. She told me again call this Agent. I am not sure why the government is involved and with Aric I know his attack was a personal issue. I am not sure if I should go and start calling Agents or anyone else Mrs. Harrison. I just know something is wrong."

Shit. Aric was sent to Suresh?? FUCK. She bites her lip. "I'll see what I can do about making an inquiry. But it definitely sounds to me like they've taken him into custody on the premise of his safety and yours," Elisabeth tells Philipa calmly. "The Suresh Center is where people go to get help with their powers, Ms. Morris. I can't promise when, but I do promise you that I'll keep looking. All right?" She offers a smile. "He'll be okay." He will be or Liz will put a bullet in Tyler/Dickhead's head personally. Today.

The girl's eyes begin to well up as she says softly, "Please Mrs. Harrison. He is a simple guy who has a really good heart. I just want to hear his voice and know he is ok. If I knew where he was or that he would be home soon. I would be so much happier that I wouldn't have to bother anyone. Yet I have looked at every Evolved Blog, missing persons site, and things that I have no idea what the hell to do for him."

"I know." Elisabeth reaches out and clasps Philipa's arm. "I knwo. He's an amazing guy. I'll do everything I can. Call this Agent Pak, since that's who they told you to talk to. You're more than welcome to tell her you spoke to me but that I told you it's out of my jurisdiction. I'll drop a bug in the ears of a few cop friends and see what I can shake loose, okay? Hang in there. He will be okay."

As she nods slowly, "I rather not speak to any government officals if I don't have too. With Martial Law and everything. I am not sure who to trust. Since I started to try and get an idea of where Aric is I learned a great deal of whats going on in the world and…it's scary as hell. You seem to know Aric and care about him too it looks like…you knowing so many might get better results. I will just stay here and do my best to run the shop as he would in his absence."

Elisabeth smiles slightly. She didnt' want to lean on the girl and encourage her to shut up… but she can clearly see the reason Aric keeps her around. "That sounds fine. It'll keep the interdepartmental interference to a minimum. I think Aric would appreciate knowing you're keeping a firm hand on the reins, Ms. Morris. You keep to the day to day, and trust me. He'll be fine. And he'll get back here as soon as possible, okay?"

As she wipes her eyes on her sleeves, "Thank you again Mrs Harrison. Will you keep me updated? That way I can give the staff hope or something. Some think since he was turned into an evolved that he has gone on the run. Yet I know he is a better person then that. Aric believes in karma and he would never do something bad in fear it will come back on him."

"You go ahead and let them know he's not on the run. He turned himself in because he was afraid of hurting anyone with the electricity. Okay?" Elisabeth smiles for her, because the blonde can toe the party line when she has to. "If they sent him to Suresh, I'm quite sure it was for training classes and the like. They're very hush-hush about such things because of the stigma that so many people face. But Aric was attacked, and he is not in any way in trouble that I'm aware."

Philipa nods and says, "I am sure your a busy woman Mrs. Harrison." Philipa moves to the coffee and makes a large coffee. She puts creme, sugar, and 2 double chocolate brownies in a bag. "My way of saying thanks for coming down and seeing me. On the house." She holds out her hands for the woman to take the coffee and bag.

Elisabeth hesitates and then reaches out to take them. "Thank you. It's sweet of you. Try not to worry, okay? I know it's hard. I'll call if I can learn anything."

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