A Soul For A Soul


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Scene Title A Soul For A Soul
Synopsis Adam comes to return a statue and ask for some help, and Abby in turn agrees to what he wants, in return for something else.
Date September 30, 2009

Outside Old Lucy's

The familiar sight of Abigail, the red head, is something Adam's seen before. The hybrid SUV she's getting out of isn't. Lazarus is no where to be seen. The drivers side of the door closes, a messenger bag pulled out from the back seat followed by a blue dufflebag with her gear. Khaki's and a navy polo top, she's done the commute from class to home.

People spill in and out of the bar, the night in full swing. Welcome to the hump night, karaoke means there's unintelligble warbling coming from inside. Abigail sighs, rubbing at her temples and willing the burgeoning headache to just go away. She's also wondering how well Alicia and Scarlett got along together while she was gone, how Leonard and the pastor got along. The back door of the vehicle is closed with a thud before she hefts the duffel over the shoulder to start heading towards the back door.

Adam was waiting in his SUV outside, some unnamed goon killing time in the front seat. Adam waits patiently with the statue in his hands. He considers it quietly as if studying it will answer some question for him. He doesn't initially look up as the hybrid SUV comes along, but the man in the front seat mentions something and Adam looks up to see Abby. He studies her for a moment and then opens the door quietly and gets out. When she begins to walk towards the back door, Adam says, "Abigail." to get her attention.

God, she hates when people do that. Call her name as she's heading into the alley. At least it's not some strangers voice. Just one that she hasn't heard in months. She pauses, turns towards the voice with a tilted head. "Adam. Hello" The rest of her follows and she heads back out, towards his SUV. Especially when she see's the statue in his hands, the one that was taken from her home. "Lord on high, please tell me you got that back from the petty thieving bitch of a woman"

Adam mms, "I did." he says, "She was actually displaying it right there on her coffee table." he tilts his head for a moment, "I was…a tad confused as to how she came across it. I was a tad worried and perhaps a bit nonplussed when I thought you might have given it away."

The duffel bag is thunked down, the sound of her training gear inside as the former healer moves forward to get a good look at it. "I knew she had it. She has a game of stealing things from me. I came across her when I went home, stole my wallet and my cross, gave back the first and I had to fetch the second. Lordy, I want to just beat her silly" Abby reaches out to touch the sculpture of Jesus healing the blind man.

"I was moving, to above the bar and she.. broke in. And when I came home, it was gone. I had just unpacked it and put it on the mantle and she just took it. Had to have been her. I mean, no one else would take it, doesn't really have any meaning to anyone save me and possibly you." She shakes her head at the immortal. "No adam, I would most certainly not give it away"

Adam nods a bit, "Good." he says at the response that she hadn't given it away. He, himself, holds it out for Abby to take it. He mms, "What a small world." he says off handedly, "For you to have come across Lola in Louisiana, only to come across her again here." he pauses lightly and in thought, it's almost as if he wants to say more, but he doesn't. He just drops the subject of Lola altogether. "I have a favor to ask of you Abigail, but it's going to require you to keep a secret. Would you be willing to do that?"

"Not very much a small world unless you count that she works for the Linderman Group and I had one of their business cards when she took my wallet" The statue is taken, quite heavy, but she looks relieved to have it back in her hands and rightful place. "Come on in Adam, i'd invite you up but I have a guest but there's some lindmans Kriek in the cooler I keep for you" There's a gesture to the back door, then a glance to his bodyguard. "If he'll let you"

Adam glances towards the driver, then back towards Abby, "He's not my keeper, he's my driver." but he seems to acquiesce, "Alright, let's go on in, then." he pauses, "So long as no one else is around."

"Leo and the pastor might be upstairs, but I can close the door, no one will bother us." There's a dip of her head to the driver before she's lodging the statue against one hip so she can fetch the duffel bag and head back in the direction she had been going. A chorus of hello's from the the bartenders over the wailing of 'funky town' from some drunk woman greet the pair of them as she beelines for the back room and the safety, quiet (relative) and privacy that it offers. "Do you want the kreik or something else?"

Old Lucy's: Back Room

This backroom looks more like a living room than just a plain old back room. There are a few armchairs placed about the room and a black rug is in the middle of the room, on top of the rug is a big table with a few chairs around it as well. In a corner of the room is a flat screen TV on the wall.

Adam nods, "That would be nice." he says as he looks about the backroom for a moment. He considers the couch and decides to move to the armchair instead. He sits down quietly and leans back for a moment, "Well, this is nice, I don't think I've ever been back here." he pauses, "So, you hadn't answered my question, Abigail. It's not anything bad…or illegal. I just can't be associated with it."

"You don't have to worry about me telling anyone anything Adam. No one calls on me anymore. Not since I lost my gift. THey jsut all come around to drink. No gift means no need for me. So whatever you say is pretty safe." The statue is put down carefully, followed by the duffel bag near the door for upstairs. The re-enforced door that looks like it might need a couple battering rams to get through.

She disappears momentarily back out front before she returns with the cherry ale and highball glass for him, coke for herself. "What can I do for the great immortal Adam. Last I knew, you were hanging up the phone on me and telling me I was a very judgemental woman"

Adam mms, "You are." he says in a matter of fact way, apparently not retracting his previous statement. He leans back a moment after taking the bottle and the glass and pouring it out slowly as he studies the reddish liquid. He says, "I can heal people, with my blood. I do it a lot actually, but on a very…per person basis, yeah? Not quite.." he motions towards her after his drink is poured, "All comers. But I wanted to do something and if my name was associated with it, it would draw too many red flags. Red flags that your name wouldn't." he leans forward in his seat and takes a drink of the cherry beer before he says,

"I want to open a hospital wing for terminal children. Something nice..something enjoyable and something that will have an inexplicably high rate of recovery." he glances at Abby as if she is to catch his meaning. "And I want you to be the face of it. I give you the money and you talk with the hospital…stale as it might be, you do have those connections. You refer to me as a private donor, nothing else. No one else knows that this is me. You work with one or more doctors to get my…brand of healing in on a case by case basis. My only stipulation is I get to name it. There's no profit in this for you, it's a lot of work, but I think you're the person for it."

A hospital for terminal children. That's like, Abby's weakness, even more so right now. It's an interesting proposition he's offering. "Adam, I am not by any means the proper person to be pitching this too. I mean… why a wing in the hospital why not.. for some sort of charity, if your wanting to do it on the sly, the thing with your blood. Like the make a wish foundation. Do it that way as opposed to establishing a wing in a hospital" His blood, could heal people.

"Adam.. does your blood regrow limbs?"

Adam shakes his head a moment, "A charity is too much publicity. Too much work. It's too targeted. You have a charity that moves around curing people and people want to find out the answers. You do it in a hospital and.." he shrugs, "People just sort of accept it as a miracle. Couldn't save all the kids, of course. That would bring too much attention too. But you could save more of them than otherwise would…" he pauses at the question, "Why do you ask?"

"But, a childrens wing would bring just as much publicity. Another alternative is that, I could go back to volunteering at the hospital and, it could be done that way" But he wants to know.

"A man took my ability, away. No more. I don't even test positive for the evolved gene and from what i've come to understand, I never would have if they had had the test when I registered. There's a man, that I always healed, he's a federal agent and he owes me, a lot of favors. He's taken down Sylar once even. He was taken by Humanis first and.. they frankly don't even know if he'll make it. he's lost a foot and I think he might loose the other. Last I looked in he was in a coma and prognosis was…" It was grim.

Adam considers the volunteer thing. It might be simpler that way, less muss, less fuss. Just pick the right candidates and bob's your uncle. He crosses one leg over the other as he drinks his beer quietly and then listens to the story about the man taken by Humanis First. He makes a face when she says he's a federal agent. He tilts his head to one side, then asks, "And who is this federal agent?" he questions.

'Felix Ivanov. He's…" What is he? "He's a friend. A protector. He'd die for me and the man has cheated death a thousand times. I'll do the volunteer thing, i've learned how to handle hypodermics from my EMT training. I'll do this thing for you, if you'll help me save him one more time"

Adam thinks about that, the name sounds familiar and he doesn't know why. "Felix.." he says, "Felix…" why does he know that name? He frowns to himself as he seems deep in thought and then he glances up towards Abby when she makes her offer, "You'll…help me save children if I save Felix Ivanov?" he tilts his head, "I don't mean to be rude, Abigail, but you realize that's not a strong bargaining position when you already want to." but that's not the end of it, he just likes pointing out flaws in people's logic. He leans back a moment and says, "Alright…but.." he pauses, "I'd have to be there…or close to there.." his lips purse, "The potency of my blood doesn't last forever." he raises a finger, "And this is between you and I, all of it. You don't start offering me to help heal people, you don't even tell people you know what my blood can do. It's our secret." he shrugs, "Though, be sure to tell this Felix he will owe me." couldn't help to have a federal agent owe you favors.

"Yes Adam, You know and I know that I would do it anyways. That me asking you to do this for Felix is the same as Wu-Long asking me nicely to come heal Eileen, but ready to kidnap me whether I said yes or no. It's children Adam. But it's also Felix" And Colette and Judah and Leland. Teo. So many people that he was actually cared for by. "I'll tell him he owes someone." There's a sudden welling of in her eyes, no tears actually spilling over her lids, but Abigail looks away to wipe at her eyes. "Sorry, just ignore me, its been a long few days. Is it.. I can get us in there tonight. To the hospital and to felix"

Adam seems a tad uncomfortable when the tearing up begins. "Um…I'd assume this would be happy news." women, always crying over something. He checks his watch for a moment, "Alright. Well, if we're going to do this, let's go." he stands up from his armchair, beer half finished as he says, "Odd that, losing the gene." but it's in the back of his mind, he's not a geneticist, but Abby might get the feeling this won't be the last time he brings it up. At any rate, he nods towards the door.

"It is. Lord, heavenly lord it is, sorry it's just.. I haven't been to see him past the once because there's nothing I could do. I'll be fine. Just him, and then my church burning to the ground, and they tried to hang my pastor" She wipes her sleeve across her eyes, dragging the fabric till there's nothing left and she pushes herself from the table. "What will you need, to do this? To make him better?"

Adam shakes his head, "Nothing. I have it." he pats his pocket a moment, "I carry it with me." he pauses a moment. "They burned down your church? That…" he pauses thoughtfully, "Guiding Light or something?" he lets out a whistle. "Like the wild west here." he says off handedly. "So, can we go?"

"Guiding light. Just.. Uh.. Give me a moment to change, and put my stuff away. Put the statue back where it belongs. I don't want to leave it down here" Where Lola could just waltz her ass in and steal it again. She glances to his pocket and cants her head to the side for a moment before she reaches for her pocket, the keys there and starts the process of unlocking the door and putting in the code for the door - ina way that sadly, unless Adam is right at her shoulder, he can't see. Not even a tone pad. "Your welcome to come up, or you can stay down here and watch TV or something. Or I can meet you at the hospital"

Adam lets out a bit of an impatient breath, but says, "I'll wait." no reason to drive to the hospital and wait to save a guy he doesn't know. Instead, he sits back down in the armchair and goes back to drinking his beer.

"Sorry" ABigail murmurs, sensing said impatience. "I'll make it quick" And she will. Ten minutes at the most, putting the bronze piece where it should be, dumping her bag into her room, feeding the cat and changing into non school clothes. She'll lead the way, or follow, in her own SUV, instead of joining Adam. Since he doens't want to link his name with hers or hers with his.

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