A Spoonful of Sugar


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Scene Title A Spoonful of Sugar
Synopsis The Company wants to know the whereabouts of Gillian.
Date March 19, 2009

Holding Room, Unknown Location

It's so late it's beginning to get to be early instead. Sylar apprehended and ghosted away. Vic was taken wounded from Swinburne Island and bandaged, bones set, all appropriate triage administered. He looks kind of like a half-mummy from the right side of his torso to his waist. Multiple broken ribs, collar bone, broken right arm. All from rocketting into Sylar at high speed, such was the force of the impact.

As he wakes up he finds himself in this room that is most definitely not like any hospital room he's seen before. Cold and bare, his clothes are gone and replaced with these paper-thing patient scrubs, at least for pants. It's the cold that wakes him, that and the razorblades of pain that cut into him as he breathes. A sigh that turns into a grunt betrays his waking state, where he's set in a high-backed chair rather than any hospital bed.

Katherine Marks was briefed on the incident and what it is they are looking for. Their goal is to find Gillian Childs. Younger brother Victor is in 'custody' at the moment waiting to be questioned, and hence Katherine is going to give it a go. She's spent that good part of the morning reading through the case files to get herself familiar with what she might need to ask and when they say he's ready, she walks to the room and uses the key pad to let herself in. The obvious window will be monitored on the other side by additional personnel who will record the session and act on any tip immediately.

"Victor. Victor." Almost like she was saying 'tsk tsk'. "I'm Agent Marks. Looks like you'll be staying for a little while, at least long enough for you to heal up. Until you're deemed fit enough to leave here, I'm going to be asking you a few questions. Before I begin, is there anything you need?" Her eyebrow arches up as she waits expectantly for him to request a few things.

Vic is a picture of pathetic right now. The pain in his eyes is visible, but the first thing he says is, "Hi Agent Marks." And then, "Painkillers?" And then he winces. Yeah. Maybe hitting Sylar like that wasn't such a great idea.

"Maybe when we're done I'll what I can do." The suggestion is that perhaps she gets what she wants, she could very well help him out with that. "Anything else?" The more needs he has, the more leverage Katherine will have to get the information from him.

"Socks?" asks Vic. "My feet are cold." he's not trying to play any games here. Just answering questions with shortened breaths. Because breathing hurts and he says as much. "I feel terrible."

She arches her brow at the request and nods to the window. Socks are fine. Katherine nods at him. "I imagine I would feel terrible had I gone head up with Sylar." She walks over and grabs a chair and pulls it over and sits down. "What was your beef with Sylar, Victor? I mean, you did fight with him, he must have done something to make you that angry."

"Sylar killed my sister." croaks Victor. He's said it again and again. He'll keep saying it. "He killed her and nobody was going to catch him. So I caught him." A cough that turns into a wince. "I went to the police and Agent Ivanov, and led them right to him. But I found him first myself."

Katherine watches the young man for a moment. "Victor." She already knows Victor has two sisters. She leans forward. "You are certain he killed your sister? Do you have proof?" Katherine wants to know just how much he knows about this, and if she can get him to talking, he might just keep talking when she gets to the answers she really needs to have.

"What, aside from him admitting it? I asked him before you guys got there and picked us all up. He told me he was sorry. Said he did it because he wanted her ability." There's a lot more to that of course. The cops had information. The MO of the murder fit Sylar. The corroborating information from other people confirming it. But a first-hand confession is what Victor goes with.

"So Sylar confessed to you that he killed Jennifer?" She asks. "But how did you know to ask him about that? Or did you normally just hang out him?" Katherine isn't trying to be condenscending, nor glib but is asking the question as if it's the next logical question to ask under the circumstances.

"No I was told he did it. And the cops told me Jennifer's murder was done in the style of his killings. I had plenty to think it was him." Vic says. The only reason he's really holding back anything is because the breath to speak with is precious, each one costing pain.

She's quite aware of the pain. She knows that each breath he takes is painful. She knows the more he talked the more it hurts. She also has no problem whatsoever using that to her advantage if it means getting the information that she needs from him. When she has it, she'll see that his pain is eased. "Well, Sylar is in custody.. you should know that. But.. we can't seem to find your other sister. Victor. Do you know where Gillian is?" Katherine reaches up and tucks some loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"No." Vic answers to that almost immediately. Monosyllabic answers are easy. "She won't tell me. Won't talk to me. We don't get along anymore. I think." Each statement punctuated with a breath. His eyes close and he just concentrates on trying to breathe so it won't hurt. Which of course is impossible.

"You think? Either you get along or you don't, Victor. There's no thinking involved here." She makes a soft dramatic sigh and leans forward as if confiding in him. "Look, Victor. I'm going to be straight here. We may not be able to hold Sylar. But.. we think Gillian has some information we can use against him." Katherine watches him intently with her cold blue eyes. "It's important. The last thing we want is for Sylar to walk free. Jenny deserves better than that."

Blearily Vic cracks his eyes open and looks at Katherine. "Are you squeezing me for information? Why? I'll tell you whatever I can."

There is small narrowing of the eyes, as he asks that. "I think we both know that's what I'm doing, Victor. But don't think for one moment that I'm not concerned about the prospect of Sylar being out there on the street. If I have to squeeze you to keep him behind bars, then that's what I'm going to do. I don't think we can do that without Gillian. Can you help me or not?" Katherine asks directly.

"Well you're being stupid. If you can't hold Sylar on the murder of my sister. You screwed up. He told me he did it. His MO was there. I'll testify on the stand. Put him in a courtroom and I'll be there. So you don't need Gillian. You got me. And anyway I can't give you Gillian. I dunno where she is." All said in bursts, and Vic getting more agitated.

Katherine shakes her head. "I'm not being stupid." She stands. "Is it you can't give up Gillian, or you won't Victor?" she asks one last time, her voice taking on a little more of an edgier tone.

"Can't." he answers simply. Then Vic chuckle-winces, "Wow. I gave you Sylar and you're trying to fuck me. Up the ass. I led you to him. And you can't hold him. Why'd you even show up?"

An amusing grin spreads across Katherine's face. She turns to walk out of the room. She places her hand on the door, but she turns back and looks at him with a shake of her head. "Looks like you took care of that all by yourself, Victor. We didn't have to screw you. You screwed yourself. Don't worry, we'll find a way to keep him — but we still need to find Gillian. And it's only a matter of time." She steps out of the room, letting the door close behind her. It'll be a good hour before his meds arrive. Someone must have wrote the wrong script time on his chart. Pity.

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