A Suit With Tennis Shoes


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Scene Title A Suit With Tennis Shoes
Synopsis Magnes wants permission to be allowed to train with Jake. Len wants Carrie to check out Jake first to make sure it's A-okay.
Date July 10, 2009

Len's Office at Fort Hero

A call from Agent Castillo is about the only thing these days that would bring Len Denton out to Fort Hero. He's been enjoying his weeks off, drinking and karaoke-ing, and doing the odd charity work here and there. Yet, the fact that he was asked if he'd spare some time for Magnes, Len decided maybe to come on out and see how things were progressing — not only with the preparations for the grand reopening of the Company, but the training of Magnes as well. He walks into what will be his office and sees his stuff boxes up sitting there waiting to be put away. He decides to start settling in as he walks over and slices open the top of a box and starts to pull things out.

There's a knock at the door, and in comes Magnes, hair gelled back, wearing an open suit jacket with matching dark-grey pants, and a long-sleeved white shirt. Though in contrast to the rest of his outfit, he's still wearing sneakers. "Mister Denton?"

Looking for a place to put his Texans football helmet, Len turns and looks at the the knocker. His door is open. It almost always is. When it's closed, that's when folks should start to worry. He offers a grin to Magnes, all dressed up, and motions him in with the hardened headgear. "Come on in, Varlane. I was told you wanted to speak with me." A quick glance down at the young man's feet encourages the following comment. "You know that your clothing allowance allows for dress shoes." Not that Len was anyone to be talking about dress code, which he never follows.

Magnes smiles with a quick nod, walking near the desk, not sure if he should take a seat or not, he just starts talking. "Dress shoes aren't comfortable, and I think they'd be really hard to fight in." he says in a rather polite tone, awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. "I uh, wanted to talk about something. When my training ends, there's something I wanna do to like, solidify my training. I'm not saying that the ability training here is bad, it's really great, but I think there's someone who could give me some vital experience and information on using my ability in combat. My specific ability."

Placing the helmet on top of a shelf, Len turns and glances at Magnes. "Well, if you're not going to go all the way with it, I'd suggest a different outfit. Not everyone wears suits, you know?" He walks over and takes a seat at the empty desk. There's a computer there, but it hasn't been completely assembled as of yet. "If you want to leave me the name, I'll do a quick check on them to make sure they 'meet approval'." Whose approval, he doesn't say, but there is more often than not a process that has to take place for such a thing.

"That's the thing, this person might not agree, he might even be a bit dangerous, but I think it's worth a shot for my training. If all else fails, we lock him up." Magnes suddenly crosses his legs in the air, resting his chin on his fist with a deep sigh. "Remember that guy I fought, the one from Tokyo? I may have reason to believe he wants me alive, or at least doesn't have a reason to kill me. This is worth the risk for multiple reasons."

Len motions to the chair on the other side of the desk, inviting the trainee the sit. "You're asking me to let you train with someone who at one time wanted you dead, but you think now that person doesn't want you dead? I'm not entirely sure that's the smartest of moves. What's the name?" Len asks again.

"He didn't want me dead, that's the thing." Magnes floats down to the seat across from Len, sitting up straight, quite stiff in the presence of real authority. "It turned into a fight, but he was only there to kidnap me. And in the last few minutes, after I lost, I don't know, he just gave me the impression that he wants to fight me again. I think, I don't know, he just likes fighting or something. If we go in prepared, if I just ask him, it couldn't hurt, right? And his name's Jake, he has some ability like mine, but I'm not sure what exactly it is."

"Jake? Just Jake? That's all you know?" Len asks. He doesn't have a good feeling about this, but again, he's sitting here at a desk. "I'll tell you what. You let Agent Castillo assess 'Jake' and if she thinks it's a good idea, then I'll allow it. If she doesn't, then I'm not going to risk all the time, effort and resources we've put in to training you. Is that a fair decision, do you think? Can you arrange a meeting?"

"That sounds fair." Magnes agrees, tapping his fingers against the arm rests as hie eyes wander around the room. "I uh, have to find Jake. I know people, I could maybe ask around. And hey, you guys have his picture too, I mean I did fight him. Don't you have like, image matching computers or something?"

Len considers for a moment, then points his thumb towards the door. "We're still getting things up and running, but Documents might be up. You can ask them to print you out a picture or at least find out when they'd be able to." In fact, documents was one of the first offices that were put up and running. With agents on leave, there are still those in the field who may need something, so it was imperative that they get up and running as quickly as possible. "Just remember, we're not running at one hundred percent just yet, so it's just you and Castillo on this for the time being. Probably most of it will have to be done with simple legwork. Got it?"

"Got it. But can I make one more request?" Magnes asks as he begins to stand, straightening his jacket. "I don't want Carrie to approach Jake alone. Even if I can't be right there with her, I at least wanna be nearby, where I can jump in if needed."

"If he's not going to kill you, or even try to hurt you, then there's no reason why you cannot approach him together. If you're wrong and you get Agent Castillo killed, or injured, then I'm going to have different plans for you." Len isn't the type to make threats, but in this case, he feels it necessary to make sure Magnes is aware of the gravity of the situation. "She's looking out for you. You have no idea how much she has done for you. Do not let her or myself down. Am I clear?"

"I know he won't kill /me/, that's why I don't want her to go alone, I have no idea how he'd react to just her. But I'd never let her get killed, /ever/, I'd die first. Carrie is my best friend here, I'd do anything to protect her." Magnes answers very seriously, gently pushing the chair against the desk.

"I'll let Agent Castillo know that I've approved a little recon of 'Jake' and if she thinks that some training with him would benefit you, then I'll allow that." Len stands up and starts to move towards the boxes again. "Is there anything else?" He glances towards Magnes.

"That's all, Mister Denton. Thanks for listening." Magnes offers with a smile, nodding and turning to walk to the door.

Len plucks his PDA from his belt and gives Carrie a call letting her know what Magnes wants to do, and what her role is. He also adds, she may want to take him shopping for some suitable clothing.

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