A Surprise Recruiting


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Scene Title A Surprise Recruiting
Synopsis Sabrina does her job well, setting up a meeting between two people of similar interests. Adam and Sam meet for the first time and Sam is offered what he wants most.
Date August 28, 2009

Book Custom Tailoring

A fairly modest Brooklyn storefront with a window showing off two dress forms showing off a pair of high quality suits. Inside the shop is clean, but not particularly decorated. One side is all mirrors for measuring and showing off the work, the counter is wide for draping fabrics over and there are a couple of books of samples, but other than that it's clear that most of the magic happens in the back. A door in the back leads toward what is obviously a work room, with stairs that lead up to what is probably an apartment.

Sam told Sabrina that he closes shop at noon on Fridays, so she'd know to come around then. After all, it's getting dark earlier and earlier and Sam's usual customers have more important things to do on Fridays before evening sets in than getting suits. So Sam is in his shop, a fairly modest Brooklyn storefront with a window showing off two dress forms showing off a pair of high quality suits. Inside the shop is clean, but not particularly decorated. One side is all mirrors for measuring and showing off the work, the counter is wide for draping fabrics over and there are a couple of books of samples, but other than that it's clear that most of the magic happens in the back. A door in the back leads toward what is obviously a work room, with stairs that lead up to what is probably an apartment. Sam himself is leaning against his counter, running a pencil down a ledger, triple checking some figures. Nearby is an open container of what smells like chicken tikka masala. When the door opens the stereotypical little bell jingles and Sam says, without looking up, "We're closing. We'll be open Monday morning. If you're in a hurry, I can take an appointment for Sunday, Saturday evening if it's dire."

"I cleared the schedule specifically for this. I don't agree with this little trip we're taking but you'll want to look your best and this guy is exactly what you need, Mister Monroe." Sabrina explains to Adam as she opens the door and holds it open for him to follow. "Mister Buc—Book." It could be a stammer. "We are in a hurry but in a hurry for today, not Sunday."

Adam wasn't quite sure what the Hell this was all about. He looks nice, stylish, fashionable. He always does, he's Adam Monroe. But, Sabrina was insistant and he's been looking to throw her a bone here and there since she got all pissy when she found out he was a psychotic mass murderer. He steps into the shop proper and looks around, "Alright, so here I am." he announces to Sabrina and then gets a look at Mr. Book and says, "Look, we'll compensate you for your time. Apparently my assistant wants me to look 'nice'."

If Sam notices Sabrina's stammer, he doesn't show it. Instead he looks up at the two of them, then turns and picks up a large sewing cut from under the counter. "Oh, Miss Fairfax. I assume this is your employer? You have my time for now. I have to do a quick inventory anyway." He pops the plastic locks on the box and opens it up, folding out two cantilevel shelves. One is slid free and set down on the counter. Before offering his hand to Adam, he dumps a dozen or so spools of thread out onto the counter. "Tch. My damn lead cord is always disappearing." Looking back up to the pair. They don't look Orthodox, so it's probably okay if he stays open a little late. A hand is extended toward Adam, "Mister Monroe, then. I'm Sam Book. Miss Fairfax, could you flip my sign over to say closed? Thanks."

"I want you to act nice too but I realize that Mister Book is a tailor, not a miracle worker." Sabrina quips, voice dry as she nods towards Sam. "We're not actually here for a suit, although if you're so inclined as to make one, I don't think Mister Monroe here passes up an opportunity to spend money." She's pretty uppity for an assistant, but she does as she's asked and flips the sign. "I've booked a ticket for you to travel to Seattle." She says to Sam before looking to Adam. "I've booked a ticket for him to travel with you to Seattle. You have similar goals. Neither of you is sitting near me."

Adam takes Sam's hand and shakes it firmly. "Hello Mr. Book." he says in reply, then arches a brow at Sabrina for her catty remarks. His head tilts to the side as he frowns at Sabrina, then turns to Sam and says, "I'm sorry, what?" he appears momentarily confused. He looks at Mr. Book, "Who are you?" then glances towards Sabrina, "Who is he…this is a surprise recruiting for both the employer and employee?"

"Pardon me?" Sam is certainly as surprised by this as Adam. Or at least he's good at pretending like he's surprised by things. "I'm who I said I am. Is this because I'm registered? Is this some kind of anti-evolved thing?" Sam scoops up his spools and starts putting some away, though after a moment Sam is stepping away, a spool still clutched nervously in his hand. Sabrina is getting a look now. "You were talking anti-evolved the other day, now you're acting it? Found out I was registered, huh? I'm only a tier zero, lady. I'm no terrorist. Take your crazy someplace else."

"I'm a pacifist. He isn't." Sabrina says with a gesture to Adam. "This is Adam Monroe. I know you'll know that name." She doesn't say how. Perhaps she is a dirty telepath. Then to Adam she says, "Mister Book has some unfinished business with the Company. Should he live forever he'd be the next you. Except he won't. Because he's not like you. In that way. He's a lot like you in other ways. Psychological profile, mostly."

Adam listens first to Sam, then to Sabrina and his lips purse a moment. He looks towards Sam and then tilts his head to the side, "Is this true?" he questions, "Do you know me?"

Sam's eyes move from Sabrina to Adam and back, though when Adam asks his question they come to rest on him, Sam's expression gone flat. "Half of me says I should do my best to kill you, the other half says I should wait and see what it is she has in mind. I never worked down there level five. Hell, some people didn't even realize it was down there. Some names just get out, though." Another look toward Sabrina, "Odd company you keep for someone who hates the evolved, Miss Fairfax."

Sabrina mirrors Sam's flat gaze back at him. "We all make bad decisions at one time or another. Some are just worse than others. But you know that even better than I do. He'll help you." That's to Adam and Sabrina sounds a bit begrudging about it. "And you'll help him. Closure all around. Except for the family of the woman you're going to kill, but I guess no one thinks about that."

Adam considers Mr. Book for some moments then looks for a seat. He moves over towards a chair and sits down. "Sabrina has.." he pauses thoughtfully, "Issues that she hasn't worked out yet. Not her pacifism, I don't begrudge her that. But…identity issues, I suppose." and with that, he clasps his hands in his lap and crosses one leg over the other, "So, you are formerly of the Company and apparently want some revenge of some sort. I'm not clear on why. Or for what. But I don't think it would be that much of a secret that I do. I plan on tearing them down brick by brick." he says. "Starting with the founders and all their support and then…well, all of it. I want to put it to an end. All of it to an end."

"I want Bob Bishop. I will go through anyone with a Company or Home Sec ID that stands between him and myself. I'm no terrorist, though. I haven't gone to Pariah looking for friends because starting fires and setting bombs is asinine. Pranks that end up with the wrong people dead." As he speaks Sam watches Sabrina, like she's some kind of extremely interesting zoological discovery, but eventually looks back to Adam. "I know what you do. Or at least what it is they say you do. You obviously have more connections than I do. I have no problem working with you, so long as our goals remain the same."

Sabrina gives Adam a sharp look when he mentions identity issues. She's the one outing people here. "Well, you'll be happy to know that Mister Monroe takes his terrorism personally and is up close and personal with a sword. Or maybe happy is the wrong word there. I know it's starting to be a very foreign one to me so perhaps I'm misremembering the definition. Also, he'll need a suit. The one he's got on looks expensive but I don't like the jacket. Something about the sleeves."

Adam frowns a moment, "Bob Bishop is on my list." he explains to Sam. "As is his daughter, Elle." he considers, "I suppose we'll have to discuss who gets to kill him, but he will be dead." he taps his foot in the air for a moment and then says, "But it sounds like we have similar goals. I'm not Pariah or their spinoff, Phoenix." he licks his lips a bit, "You might call me a bit more…surgical than them." he leans forward, putting his feet on the ground, "I believe the ends justify the means. I suppose if you feel the same, we can have a working relationship."

"I like surgical. To be honest, I was beginning to feel rudderless. I came to New York for Fort Hero, but I hadn't much considered what came next. There is no appeal to a suicidal gesture if it's done without the knowledge that I've sent Bishop to Hell before me." Sam moves to put his sewing kit back together, though he leaves a spool of blue thread out. Maybe he'll be fixing Adam's sleeves for free. Without looking back to Sabrina, he says, "She doesn't seem to be on board. I'd almost expect to see her working with them. Pushing registration paperwork."

"She's standing right here and can hear you." Sabrina says with her voice a tad sharp. "I know what they do and it's not any better. I don't condone any of this but I know when I'm in over my head. I'll leave you two alone to work out the details. The ones I don't need to know about. You've got another appointment in a half an hour, Mister Monroe." And with that she's heading for the door.

Adam considers this a few moments, "She's not on board." he replies to Sam. He glances towards Sabrina, "But, she's loyal and good at her job, much to her own chagrin." he turns back towards Sam, "It's sort of like the religious scientist who has to leave God at the door. But, she gets paid too well, too smart and has too great a sense of self-preserverance to do anything stupid like that." he lifts a hand, "Very well, Sabrina."

"You're trusting of someone who isn't on board. Especially someone with all the wrong information rattling around in her head." Sam watches Sabrina go, his expression exceptionally unfriedly and certainly nothing approaching trustful. After all, if she knows as much as she seems to, what else does she know? And who else knows? Back to Adam he says, "What's in Seattle?"

Sabrina pulls open the door and pauses to glance over her shoulder at Sam. "I'm sorry for your loss." There's the slightest trace of actual sincerity there. But mostly she's making a point. Then to Adam she adds, "And the vote of confidence. I'll see you later, Mister Monroe." Then she steps out.

Adam glances as Sabrina leaves and replies to Sam, "It's a matter of trusting my read of people. The problem is, she knows what I can do, what I'm capable of doing, and who I'm capable of doing it to. And thereby,m she knows she is trapped in her service, hence why I trust her to not do anything stupid." he pauses, "Besides, if she really wanted to work with the enemy, she wouldn't have put us together, would she?" he questions a moment. He's quiet before he says, "A founder of the Company who's time has come."

Adam is briefly ignored, Sam's face momentarily hardening as Sabrina gives her last words and makes her exit. She may have had actual sincerity, but she's only managed to elicit genuine anger. After a few seconds Sam flexes his fingers, letting the spool drop to the counter where it begins a slow roll toward the edge, before finally looking back to Adam. "I never met the founders. At least, not that I was aware of. The organization's history wasn't exactly available on the Company dot gov and there was no encouragement to ask questions."

Adam tilts his head towards one side and nods, "Well, the founders are not known for their.." he pause, "Publicity. Aside from Daniel, I suppose." he pauses, "But I know them and I know where they are. And I'm going to kill them all." he informs Sam. "Apparently Sabrina would like you to help on the quest. Bob's a bit further down the list, I'm saving the big fish for last, but he's there."

"Linderman? Company or no, he deserves more than death for what he's done. He and his friends. But I want Bishop. You give me that, I'll give you a hundred hundred corpses leading the way to him." Sam glances down at the astray spool and reaches down to get it. "Based on what I've heard, I imagine you have a cell. If Miss Fairfax thought to recruit me, there must be something to which I am to be recruited. I don't need to meet the others. Just tell me where and when. Oh, and please tell me we don't have a team name. The kids in Phoenix always make me wonder if they think that they're the Superfriends."

Adam tilts his head for a moment as he considers this. Give him Bishop. What a hefty price, he never liked the man, he was looking forward to choking him to death. He sucks on his teeth and says, "Alright, so long as I'm there." he says off handedly. He pauses for some moments and says, "I call them the scoobs, actually. Like scooby doo?" he seems to amuse himself with that and shakes his head, "We don't have a name."

"Is Scooby Doo the thing with the talking dog? I didn't have a TV growing up. I remember watching that stuff at a friend's place. One had a talking dog and one had a talking dune buggy and one had an extremely gay genie. Do they have a talking dog? I think I'd prefer a gay genie." Sam pulls over his Indian food and stabs a chicken chunk. "Alright then. Seattle. When?"

Adam considers the question, "There was a talking dog, yes." but now he seems unsure, "I'm not an expert on this sort of thing. I just know that there was a talking dog and they'd hunt out mysteries or…" he waves his hand, "Nevermind. We leave this weekend. I suppose you should start to pack."

"Fair enough. Miss Fairfax has my card, so you have my number. I'll be ready by tomorrow morning." Sam snaps up the errant spool and tosses it under his counter, then moves to close his styrofoam container. "I suppose I should get ready. And you did have an appointment, I understand."

Adam nods and stands, "That I did." he nods, "Good meeting you, Mr. Book. I'll see you at the airport." and with that, he leaves the little tailor shop.

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