A Sweet Reunion


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Scene Title A Sweet Reunion
Synopsis Ash comes home to find the missing Isis returned home.
Date 07/20

Isis's Apartment

A generic, small apartment of lacquered wooden flooring and a bland white paint stretched across the high-reaching walls. One enters into the small sitting area which is braced by a kitchenette near the entry door. The sitting area lacks a television, instead serving as a computer room for a small, stacked black desk and two large bookcases staked high and alphabetically with a variety of texts. This room does boast a few many windows. The glass is meticulously shined and lets in a fresh wash of sunlight at day, and gossamer moonlight at night, though it grants only the shabby view of the crowded streets of the Bronx below. A set of billowing silver curtains are fastened up at either side of the windows, offering their usefulness for privacy when one desires it.

The room is set with two doors, excluding the entry, into other areas of the tiny apartment. To the north is a little room, crowded with an oversized bed done up in sheets of emerald green and silver. The plush mattress makes it nearly impossible to fit aught else inside, but for the small bookshelf hung over the head of the bedding. The southern down leads one to a small privy with the necessary toiletries and a simple, standing shower. The boring spans of egg-shell white are kept compulsively clean by the look of it.

The only exit from the apartment is a simple, heavy wood door to the west, a deadbolt lock supported by a thin chain lock dangling above it. The air of this home smells faintly of cologne and candles.

Early morning. Isis is asleep on the couch, having dragged herself through the door sometime late last evening - only to find an empty home. Dressed in the same grungy masculine wear as Patrick had adorned her body. Most notably different is her hair - her lovely garnet locks have been chopped off into a choppy, feathered look that is flattering only in the androgynous sense.

Ash turns the key in the lock, pushing the door open. The man looks haggard, exhausted, bags under his eyes and his hair is all kinds of messy. He looks unwashed and well, the man looks like shit. He moves inside of the apartment, rubbing at his face, before he blinks and sees the thing on the couch, and it takes him a moment to realize it's Isis. He rushes forwards towards her, leaning down to scoop her up into his arms and hold her body close to his, not speaking, just grabbing her.

Isis throws her gloved hands out, sock-clad feet giving a little kick as she braces her palms to Ash's broad chest, her eyes wide behind the wispy new bands of her shortly cut hair. It takes a moment for the abruptly shattered world of her dreams to relinquish her completely, allowing her dark eyes to take focus on the man holding her close. "What?! Ash?" She shakes her head and leans back, only to give a slight sigh of relief and relax in his arms.

Ash holds the much smaller woman very close to his chest, his eyes closing as he simply cradles her slender form, a few deep, heavy breaths coming from him. The sheer relief might tell Isis that that's why he's looking so raggity, her missing. His very worn out shoes might tell tale to his street searches too. "Isis.." He whispers softly to her, a tear actually managing to make it's way down his cheek. He presses his lips to the top of her head and her newly short hair, not yet fully realizing her hair's been chopped off.

Isis stiffens instinctually at the signs of affection, but finds herself frozen and struck by the sight of the single tear rolling down the man's cheek. "Ash? Ash, please don't cry. I'm fine. I'm here. I'm sorry I didn't call…" She beginning to ramble. "I was practicing. I didn't mean to take the guys body. I had to pretend… I didn't want to get caught."

Ash feels the woman stiffen, but it doesn't stop him from holding her like that. When she asks him not to cry he doesn't respond, but no more tears make thier way down h is face, just that single tear, but it shows her how worried he was about her. His nostrils flare, inhaling his lovers scent before he lifts his head up to look down at her, a soft breath taken in. "I've… been… so worried about you…" He doesn't reprimand her, he doesn't scold her, he just looks down into her eyes and holds the little red head.

Isis watches Ash for a long moment, uncertainty writ across her pale features. She'd been expecting another argument, another brawl in their messy relationship. Instead she is faced with more kindness than she deserves. She clears the awkward tightness in her slender throat with a soft cough before gently lifting her arms and wrapping them around Ash's shoulders. "I'm sorry I worried you," she offers as a soft whisper at his ear, sincerity ringing gently through each carefully placed syllable.

Ash looks down at Isis as she clears her throat and makes ready to speak. He gives her just a bit of room, his arms relaxing some to let her have some room to speak and well, breathe, after all, people require breath to speak. "Don't do it again." he murmurs softly to the mention of worrying him, it's said with a bit of teasing in his voice, but it's forced, the man is just… incredibly happy to have her back, and he's also exhausted, she would be able to feel that. He is actually having a bit of a hard time holding here there with him, his body weak and tired.

Isis frowns a bit as Ash's words only compound the tale of his tired state. "I'll try not to," she promises in return as best she can, only to give a little wiggle in encouraging her lover to put her down. "Let's get you to bed," she offers on a soft sigh, carefully running a gloved hand down the length of his arm in an obvious effort to show some comfort and affection.

Ash does indeed do as isis seems to want, setting her down on her feet, and he himself wavers a bit, losing his balance a touch before regaining it and looking down at her with a soft smile. "Bed sounds… pretty damn nice.." He slips his arm around her shoulders though, unwilling to break contact completely. His lips part, the man looking for something to say, but nothing comes to mind, so he ends up just pulling her closer against him in a tight embrace.

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