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Scene Title A.T.M.U.C.F.C.L.S
Synopsis Abby's Totally Made Up Crazy Fake Counterfeit Lie Story.
Date December 17, 2008

Starbucks near Old Lucy's

The last thing Vic was expecting was a phone call. Really. But he answered, because hey it's not like he was MAD at Abby. He just thought because of the news story that she was getting married. You back off when you hear that sorta thing. The invitation to meet for coffee was agreed to easily and in fact he jogged here all the way from Central Park. Considering that Vic is particularly athletic it was no big feat to him, even doing it at normal person speed.

He's claimed a seat in a booth next to the streetside window and already has an iced mocha in front of him that he's trying to save. It's too easy to just slurp those down in a hurry.

Maybe he's expecting the brunette, or was she a redhead when she met him? Either way, it doens't matter as the blonde version of Abby hurries into the coffee shop. Dressed for the quick jaunt from the bar to here, means she's chafing her hands the moment she enters and hitting up the counter for the large super caffinated beverage. She's a caffine junkie, no way around it. No scratch, she's a coffee junkie. She looks around to see if she can spot Victor, remembering well enough to a degree what he looked like.

Victor stands out all the time in New York. Probably because he's one of the few people who looks genuinely upbeat when just sitting by himself staring out of a window. Though it's apparent he isn't being particularly situationally aware, people do get a sense of when they're being stared at. Some latent human sixth sense. And it makes him glance around and look at Abby for a long second before visibly clicking to the fact it's her. He grins and waves her over, hoping that gets her attention.

Coffee fetched, her brown bag 'lunch' in hand, She wheels her way through the people who come and so and thumps her jean clad ass into the seat opposit him with a soft thud. The coffee relinquished, brown bag unrolled and a sandwhich, fruit, and granola bar brought out. More meat than bread on the sandwhich. "I got your messages, sorry I didn't call you sooner. I was… occupied"

There's a shaking of the head and Victor waves that off. "You don't have to explain anything to me. I get it. And it's cool. So…how're you?" He shows her a pleasant smile. "I like your hair. That was a surprise."

"I'm a real blonde, just, the other colors weren't doing me much good, so better to stick to what god gave me huh? And no, no I could have called you sooner, just, I was a little tied up and someone else had my phone. Or I woulda called sooner. I don't like to leave people hanging, or you know, lead them on"

"Okay…" replies Vic, just kind of nodding along. "Well I like you blonde. It looks nice. Maybe doesn't go with the weather and all that." He sips some of his mocha and asks, "You working right now or what?

"Sorta. Taking a course in bartending, so Isabelle's letting me work the back and work the front when I feel like it. Cause it'll only help them all out up front if I actually know what i'm doing. How have you been?" There some baby carrots in the back of the brown bag and she brings it out, offering some to Victor.

"Like, how you know how to catch a guy just trying to get a whiskey sour when he's using a fake ID, and then walk down the street with him and introduce him to your friends to make up for it? Sounds like good bartending to me." Vic raises his eyebrows and asks, "Thanks. How did you know?" taking one of the offered carrots."

'How did I know what? and no, well they sorta teach you that in the books, right now it's all the equiptment and the like" She has a carrot of her own, the snap as she takes a bite denoting their freshness. She offers a half of her Pastrami sandwhich as well to him.

Vic shakes his head on the sandwich. "That I love carrots. No thanks on that…I'm kinda trying out being a vegetarian to see how I like it." Yeah. He's definitely spent time in California. He bites it in two and crunches happily.

"I didn't, just be rude to sit here and eat my lunch in front of you and not offer you some" Vegetarian. She couldn't do it. But now she's tucking her sandwhich away. She can eat it later while studying. The wax paper tucked in and that part of her lunch put away. "I have tomorrow off. Would you like to go to the movies? I'd ask my roomates but I think they may be busy, not sure, and I need.. to start having more regular friends"

That makes Vic look a little uncertain. "Is that okay with um…with your…aren't you getting married?" Eyebrows are going way up, but also in that way that says he doesn't want to be doing anything fishy.

"Oh" Right. That. Abby looks down to her empty ring finger. "Umm, no actually. Not really. About the whole, getting married thing…." AKwardnes sincoming in 5..4..3…

There could very well be a big neon sign over Abby's head saying DON'T SAY ANYTHING, because that's what Vic's doing, watching her kind of squirm and wondering lots of stuff. Although he does try this, "I didn't mean to bring it up if it's a problem, like…how about those Giants?" Mocha. Ice mocha.

Abby licks her lips, trying to figure out how to tackle the issue. "Not a problem, not at all.. how about, we go for a walk? I'll try and explain, it's.. a little more than…just a guy"

Vic's shaking his head, "You really don't have to…It's none of my…what're…sure." He gets up from the table, stuffing the last of the carrot in his mouth and taking his mocha with him. Good thing they always serve it in a plastic cup he can take away. He won't feel bad about taking it with him. "Cold outside though."

"Which means less people outside. i'll be fine. come on" She grabs her own drink, zipping up her jacket and burrowing her head down a bit in anticipation of the cold as they head for outside.

Vic's a gentleman and holds the door for Abby, and follows her out. Sure enough, fewer people. But also sure enough it's cold and windy, but not so much they can't talk. "I get the feeling I started something bad." he says, concerned.

"No, just, if I was any other person i'd probably just tell you to shut up and ignore it. Can I trust you Vic? What i'm gonna say, I mean, your a guy, you'll freak out and I have enough of the machismo as Teo would say, around me and I don't really need anymore"

Carefully Vic says, "I don't know Teo, so I dunno what to say. But you can trust me to be chill about whatever. Seriously. I don't believe in violence." Yup. California. "Is there something wrong, like you're in trouble?"

Abby studies Victor carefully, not to see if he's telling the struth or gaging, but looking for a bruise or a cut. "You got like a paper cut or a bruise somewhere?"

That earns a laugh. "I'm a skater who runs parkour, Abby, I'm always banged up." Not that Vic has the slightest clue where this line of conversation is going. "What's that got to do with anything?"

She has not a clue what parkour is. Not in the least, but ti doesn't daunt her. "Gimme your hand" Her own held out. "Your not the only one Victor who's different. Who god gave a little extra something to when he made you" What said after is barely heard under her breath but a snatch here and there sound much like a prayer as the bag is popped onto the ground, her coffee cup still in hand waiting for him to give her his hand.

"Uh…okay…" It's not like Abby seems the least bit distasteful or dangerous to him, so Vic gives her his hand and just kind of stands there looking curious.

The usual happens the moment skin touches skin, and her gift starts wokring seeking out those bruises from his parkouring. Abby doesn't watch his hand, just watches his face.

Vic blinks and just lets himself feel the heal at work. "Oh." he says, grinning. In almost an amazed tone he asks, "…is this what you feel like all the time? To yourself?"

Abby shakes her her head, and quick enough the feeling ends. there's very little to take care of and for once it doesn't leave her tired, since it's so little. "Just when god answers my prayer to fix myself if i'm hurt. Or others"

"Well at least now I know why you didn't think it was weird that I'm Evolved." Vic says, dutifully keeping it down because he gets that Abby's not advertising. He starts walking again, feeling good! "But you didn't have to get me in private for this. I mean, you even didn't really have to tell me or show me."

"Had to get you in private for the next part. You know what I can do. There's people.. who… want what I can do. Or well, want to use me for what I can do. I'm a… faith healer on call, bascially. I have people I know, friends, aquaintences, who, if they can't bring someone to a hospital be it they cna't afford to monetarily, or for safety reasons… I get called in. Brian, is not my Fiancee. He only said it, to try and protect me, and for right now, we're gonna keep up the facade. So that he can hang around me and not give off alarms. Understand now?"

Slowly something like understanding dawns on Vic as he walks and he says, "Okay. So you're NOT marrying Brian. But you and he are going to pretend you are for…some reason. Because somehow it keeps people from knowing you can do this thing?" Yeah, it doesn't really gel when he says it aloud.

"No, because it's a justifiable rreason as for why he picks me up from work and he's always around me. It just sorta happened and we're running with it. People already know, some people, in not nice circles. I told you I couldn't call you back because I was busy right? Well, sorta true. Someone took me from the hospital, becuase they needed me to heal something. But didn't want to just ask me. So she kidnapped me" Spoken like it's an everyday occurance. "She turned me loose when I couldn't fix what she wanted, so… More like, some friends are worried, and Brians my bodyguard, but I can't say "hey, this is my bodyguard" so… He came up with Fiancee."

The more he listens to this, the more Vic just kind of looks sideways at Abby, walking. Because the whole thing sounds kind of fishy to him. "He's your bodyguard." he parrots, making sure that part's out there. "And some woman kidnapped you to heal her, but you couldn't heal her…"

Abby nods, picking up her lunch bag and taking a sip of her coffee. "I'm freaking you out, aren't I?"

"No…" Victor says patiently. "I've heard stranger stories. My sister thinks there's a conspiracy of murderers out to get her, and that I call her by an alias. But she's always been weird." he pinches his nose, "My surviving sister, I mean."

'You have another sister?" Abby smiles. 'big family, must be nice" She drops it though,s ave to add. "If you get hurt, or your sister gets hurt, you know my number. Call. My boss is pretty lenient. She knows what I can do and understands"

"You know what I think her problem is?" Vic asks, almost kind of changing the subject. He looks in the direction they're walking, not watching Abby as he says this. "I think Jenny's murder really messed her up in the head. Because she thinks it's her fault, and that's why she's hiding out and acting like she is. I think she's imagined this conspiracy thing because she's always been a little weird and we both loved Jenny a lot. So…I don't think it's a good idea to take what she's saying at face value. Because bad things happen to people and it makes them think weird things."

Abby just studies Vic as they walk. "Ever think that maybe your sister is right Vic?"

There's a bobbing of the head to either side as Vic kinda nod/shakes to it. He's thinking. "Maybe. It's not impossible. Someone did kill Jenny. Just in case that's why I go ahead and use the alias and don't tell anybody where she is. But odds are…" he shakes his head. "I don't really wanna judge. But sometimes it's…I dunno." He glances at Abby then. "What would you think if you were me?"

'I'd take everything with a grain of salt. I'd also go and read the papers for the last month at least. Maybe.. your sister isn't that crazy Victor. You don't and can't fathom half of what goes on here. Woudl you have pegged me for gifted by god, if I hadn't showed you what I could do?"

"Yeah." Vic says with a grin. "You are gifted. But not because of what you can do. That's more like a…curse. I know."

'Why am I gifted then, and no, far from a curse, not anywhere near a curse. If it was a curse i'd be lamenting it and asking god to take it away. This, this I never want him to take it away. It gives me a purpose beside what I do every day, and a usefulness in this world. It comes with perils, but, it's still a gift" Abby smiles at that thought, the bar looming up ahead.

Vic gives a casual shrug and walks. "Okay, so it getting you kidnapped and living a secret life where you have a fake engagement to a bodyguard and me wondering if any of this is true at all isn't like, a little bit of a curse to you? Because even if you couldn't do it, I'd still have come here when you called. And I'd still be going with you to see a movie whenever you want."

"Not a curse. well, unless it's like that chinese curse, you know, may you live in interesting times. Because if you mean it like that, then yeah, i guess it's a curse, becuase boy do I live in interesting times. Sometimes, I could certainly live with boring, but, I mean, how many people can say they were kidnapped by a psychopath and lived?" The right side of her mouth is turned up in a grin.

"How many people could describe what it's like to watch raindrops hang in mid-air like they're stopped in super slow motion while you just…walk on by? Everything's a miracle, Abby. Everything's interesting if you care about it." And yes he probably writes this crap down somewhere on a facebook page. Vic glances at Abby and then gives her a playful shoulder-nudge. "All right. I believe your stupid story. Even if it sounds completely crazy."

"I wish I could see that. It must be gorgeous. Like a tear from the sky" She looks like she's imagining it too and she shoulder nudges him back. "What was scary? That demon, the somehow pinned me under the bench. One moment I'm running for the recotry to find the door and the next my chest hurts and he's got his hand on my mouth and telling me not to scream and i'm pinned under three pews. That's scary. I thought for sure that the devil had sent someone to take me" Abby shakes her head. "But yeah. Movie. I could use a few hours without people screaming for alcohol and enjoy a good laugh"

"Demon?" this is a new story. Vic just spent time trying to sift through a story about a kidnapper and a bodyguard with a fake engagement to Abby. Nothing in there about a demon. "So…what kinda movies do you like?"

'at the church. Was how Brian got hurt" But she drifts away from that. "Funny movies. I don't like action. Too much violence in the world, I don't need to see it on my TV. What about you?"

"I love funny." agrees Vic with a grin. "Some action's okay. Like, remember Varsity Blues? That's okay. But yeah I try not to give my money to stuff that glorifies violence. Sports is different." He slows down walking quite a bit. "I like Will Ferrell movies."

"You pick. I'll pick the next one, deal?" Abby offers to Victor as their steps bring them to the door and the bouncer.

"Hold up." bids Vic, putting a hand in Abby's path to keep her from going in just yet. He turns to face and watch her, asking, "Why'd you call me back?"

"Why do you need know Victor?" Abby watches him, blue eyes focused on him.

Two can play that. Stare! But it's a nice stare. "I guess I don't really need to. I'd just like to."

'Same reason I gave you my phone number in the first place victor. Because, I need a life outside of my apartment and my work and gods gift. Who's not looking out to protect my rear, and wants to have fun and doesn't carry a gun around in his waistband" It's plainly spoken and sincerely spoken.

Vic stands there and chews his lip. Looks off toward the bar. Back at Abby. Nods. "Okay. Call me when you know what days you'll have off?"

'This weekend. I plan to stay home one night with the guys, but, i'll call you, or you can call me. You know, if i'm not chained to a bed in brooklyn"

That just makes Vic purse his lips. He'll plead the fifth on that. "'kay." he says. "Well. See you around?" One of those moments.

"See you around Victor" She reaches out, punching her fist lightly against his shoulder before she disappears in with the throng of the bar.

There's a brief rush of air and suddenly…he's gone. Like a ghost. Maybe some things are better savored in relative slow motion.

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