A Tasty Visit


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Scene Title A Tasty Visit
Synopsis Tracy shows up in Matt's office with news about Adam Monroe - specifically who to talk to for information about Adam Monroe. Matt's already buzzing with the fact he got a warrant for his dad, but when Tracy tells him that Cardinal broke into her house, the mood sours. Paused
Date June 1, 2009

Department of Homeland Security - Matt Parkman's Office

Morning has come, and and afternoon followed it. It's during her lunch break, falafels bagged in hand that Tracy Strauss knocks on Matt Parkman's door, pushing it open even before he says yes or no. That's just how things are done here, she doesn't have time to wait on him to say yes or no to let her in. "I brought you a present. And a falafel." Because the man's daughter's kidnapped, after all, and Tracy's not so cold not to bring this man a falafel.

Parkman, who has been going a mile a minute since the signed and sealed warrant for Maury Parkman's arrest arrived on his desk, stops dead in his tracks when Tracy opens the door unannounced. The unmistakable smell of Middle Eastern fast food is enough to jar him, even if it wasn't in the hands of someone he's quickly learned to equate with Development.

Parkman rises from his desk after quickly polishing off and sending an e-mail and moves to the couch, as eager for information as he is for food. It's been a quick morning, and the donut boy got kicked out and forgotten when the court clerk got through the door faster. "Will I like it?" Parkman asks with the ghost of a smile as he he peers at the bag, as if he could see through the packaging.

"It's got meat in it, so I imagine so." She pulls out her own, it's in a wrap with lettuce, tomato, light onions, olives, a little sauce, and pure deliciousness. "If you're actually going to start stalking Adam Monroe you'd need to get used to them. But you don't have to." She lifts a file, waving it towards him before slapping it on his desk. "I couldn't find you Adam, but I found you the next best thing - a girl. Scary girl, but a particular friend of his none the less." At least, that's what her informant tells her.

"Scary girl?" Parkman quirks an eyebrow as he lifts his serving from the bag and pops one little fried ball after another into his mouth. At least he has the decency to swallow before speaking again. "How particular? Like, particular particular?" Insert eyebrow waggle here.

Tracy slides into a chair comfortably, crossing her legs as she takes another bite of her falafel in a very casual manner. "I don't know. The point is I have her name and where she works, and she has no idea that I know that. I can't understand why you people keep bitching for more funding - this is easy." She gives him a rueful smile, clearly being playful, and just reminding him that she is, in fact, the shit.

"Careful," Parkman says with a chuckle, "or we might put in a request to have you transferred." Something has Parkman in a jollier mood than usual, or what has become his usual, and news about Monroe is only making it better. "You're just lucky is all," Parkman says with a shrug, brushing off Tracy's accomplishments just like that. "Or else you have a big 'Trust Me' painted on your forehead." Best. Bait. Ever.

Tracy smiles even wider, pearly whites a-flashin. "Actually I had to have some kid spend the night on my sofa, butter him up with half a bottle of very expensive sotch and give him a big wet one. Maybe that's just because I'm willing to go the extra mile." Note, she said sofa. Her extra mile does not extend to the bedroom. She takes another bite of her falafel thoughtfully. "But something tells me you've got more going on than my extremely tasty visit." Yes, the falafels are tasty.

"Warrant came in this morning," Parkman says proudly, but also making no comment on how far Tracy is willing to go for information. "All the moving pieces are falling into place, so if your very tasty falafel slows me down at all, expect a visit." Parkman's mock-menacing look is just that - a mockery. That isn't to say he isn't capable of the real thing, however.

"Speaking of which," Parkman continues as he pokes around the falafel in the paper, "got any advice regarding Pinehearst? I don't want to muck things up." If the conspiracy is as big as Cardinal let on, there's a chance someone as close to the President as Tracy might know something. Not that it is any of Parkman's concern, but if in getting Maury Parkman his day in court somehow jeopardizes DHS in their political battle with FRONTLINE, well…Parkman'd rather avoid that scenario.

Well that is, among other things, interesting. Tracy sits back in her chair, taking another bite of falafel. "Just the basics, but you're the second person to ask me that in two days. Which, by the way, next time you want to send one of your little informants my way? Give me a head's up so the little thief doesn't make off with my best bottle of tequilla." Huh? Anyway, pressing on. "But if this Pinehearst this is so important, I can make a few calls," she says with a wave of her hand as though that much were easy.

"Quietly." All of a sudden, Parkman's jovial face goes stony. There's no need for Tracy to get over-zealous about this. "And quickly, if you can." He takes another bite and considers probing into the woman's head, but then thinks better of it. "I didn't send anyone to you," he informs her, his brow wrinkled with worry. Who was it?

"Cardinal Richards or whatever his name was? Please, Parkman. You drop his name and face to me with no explination and the next night he's plugging away at my scotch - and my govenrment issue computer, mind you - at 2 in the morning. I'm no idiot." She munches agian on her falafel, waiting for his response. There's no need to tell him he caught her in her panties - that's not something she'll be broadcasting.


Parkman swears again under his breath, then wipes the back of his hand across his mouth. "I didn't send him to you, Strauss," he says, eyes widening with both worry and anger. "From what I can tell, he wants to blow the lid on whatever it is Pinehearst is cooking." Nevermind the fact that Parkman got a visit too. Tracy doesn't need to know that. "Honestly? I don't give a rats ass. But the next time you see him, you call it in. Got that?"

Well this causes Tracy to sit up a bit. "Parkman, I didn't even have a robe, much less a telephone. I certainly wasn't about to leave him alone in my study. Besides, according to him, Humanis First is planning an assasination attempt. I thought that's why he came - that you sent him there to tell me that, that for whatever reason you couldn't." Her eyes narrow, suddenly chills touch her. "Are you saying you…didn't know?" She should have stabbed him!

Assasination attempt? "I didn't, and I don't. Attempt on who?" Petrelli? Someone else high up in some facet of the government machine? Parkman scoots to the edge of his seat, all but forgetting his falafel as he stares at Tracy.

"Me." It's that simple. Just, me. Tracy Strauss is under attack from Humanis First. But wait, is this really a surprise to anyone? It's not to Tracy - and while she is a little nervous, she's not showing much of it.

Scene paused.

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