A 'Thank You' Card



Scene Title A 'Thank You' Card
Synopsis Wade is taking some time off now that his goal has been achieved. He feels much better about his own future, and he has something to thank for it.
Date August 3, 2009

Delta Airlines Flight: 534

When you come from the future, and you spend as much time watching television as Taylor Reed did growing up, becoming Wade and traveling to the past was like a combination for success. He has about 10 years of future commercial ideas he can steal from. Several of which, he's already acquired for his own success.

Having already scored his big paycheck from a major advertiser who was so impressed with the popularity of one of his 'borrowed' campaigns that his bonus came in at just over a million dollars. Of course, most of that was 'appreciative' in nature rather than payroll related, but Wade was feeling pretty good about himself right about now. Or.. not.

His recent loss at the hands of Hana/K.Apila still left a sour taste in his mouth and he knew he needed to learn more. She was far too strong for him. Strong skilled and strong willed. Right now, she's the only one who can connect Taylor Reed and Wade Quinn.

He informed his boss, he needed some time off. That he would continue to send in ideas but he needed some personal time. After the string of successes at his heel, the boss really couldn't say no. In fact, he had been trying to get Wade to sign a long term contract with the company. Wade has been balking at that, because with his side projects, such as the hunting down the three that were responsible for his parents death, he didn't want to put himself in financial risk.

Of course, he'd been tracking Marvin Ray Tangent when those cops stumbled onto him. He had been cursing his luck when suddenly Tangent was shot. At first, he thought that the cops had shot him, but after finding a few different cameras in the area, he'd been able to see who it was who pulled the trigger. After running the face through his system, and comparing it to the Registry, he found his name.

Richard Cardinal.

It wasn't long until Wade has gathered every speck of information he could gather on Richard Cardinal, but you know, when someone does you a favor you should go out of your way to thank them.

If his phone isn't on, then the next time it is turned on, Cardinal will receive this message:

Malice: Just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate the assist. Marvin Ray Tangent is better off dead.

The stewardess comes by and asks Wade to turn off his cell phone and to please buckle up. Wade complies as he fires off the message and then flips off the phone. As the plane taxis down the airstrip, Wade can't stop the grin that comes across his face. At least his parents will be safe.

Perhaps, even Taylor Reed will survive to see his 18th birthday.

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