A Time To Kill


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Scene Title A Time To Kill
Synopsis Len has to assign a very difficult task to a couple of his agents.
Date May 16, 2009

Inexplicably Understated Chinese Restaurant

A specific time, at a specific location. In fact, Len was so concerned about intercepted communications that a courier was hand selected to carry messages to both Agent Sawyer and Agent Cook. No one speaks English here in the kitchen of this Chinese restaurant. That being said, precautions are taken as he waits for the two agents to arrive. He has several agents stationed around the restaurant — watching, dressed in plain clothes. His cell phone will ring if anyone else from the Company shows up to this meeting besides the two agents he has summoned.

He stops one of the cooks and asks for some fried rice in Mandarin. Of course, he speaks a couple other language. A bowl is brought over to him as he finds a chair in the corner to sit at. He waits.
Lawrence makes his way into the restaurant. He arrived about half an hour ago and played a game of stealth with the agents already there as he scouted the perimeter. He still doesn't quite trust Len, so he's trying to take note of just how screwed he is if this turns out to be an unfriendly meeting. Let it not be said Lawrence Cook is not thorough. Thusly satisfied and carrying a briefcase, Lawrence ducks into the restaurant and nods in Len's direction before heading that way to join him at his table.

Veronica raises a brow and nods to the agents outside, knowing them by face if not name. Interesting. She enters the bustling kitchen, eyes flickering from on cook's station to the other, then finally finding Lawrence and Len in the corner. She maneuvers her way through the room, avoiding cooks moving around with scalding water and pieces of raw meat and fish and, God, was that chicken feet going into that pot? She nods to Lawrence and then turns to Len. "This is quite the rendezvous spot."

Normally, Len would have witty banter to respond with but this is a task he is not going to enjoy assigning. In fact, his face is drawn and he looks a little tired. Perhaps from his earlier run — though he does that nearly every day. "I'm about to give you both an assignment. You will be temporarily be paired up until the assignment is complete. You will not discuss this assignment with another soul, regardless of rank or position. You will not carry these files from this building. You will look at the contents, then hand the folders back to me. There is no room for negotiation or discussion. This will be carried out. If you decide you cannot follow through with this assignment, I will have no choice but to take measures to ensure the secrecy of this task." Take from that what you will. Len does not level threats. Period. But in this case, it's unavoidable. "Before I let you look at these documents, you have the opportunity to walk away right now, left in your own ignorance of this project." He looks from one agent to the other as he speaks.

Lawrence cocks his head to the left; he's dubious about the ability to walk away from this, so he bobs his head and holds a hand out for a folder in mute agreement.

Veronica, no doubt looking like a child next to the two tall men, reaches for the folder, her hand out palm up. "If it's the person responsible for Minea, I'm not backing out, boss," she says, her chin tilting up as if mustering her courage.

There are two folders, one for each agent to look through. As they flip it open, they would see a picture on one side. On the other is a brief bio, known locations, and description. The picture is all they would ever need. On the memo, the words are typed in bold block letters and highlighted in red. "SHOOT TO KILL. DO NOT INTERROGATE. DO NOT CAPTURE. SHOOT TO KILL." The first and last lines repeated for empasis.

Len watches them both as they read the documents, reading expressions and reactions. There will, no doubt, be surprise by at least one of them.

Lawrence's eyebrows raise, rumpling his considerable forehead. He flips through the folder, looking for intel on where their unfortunate mark might be. "Interesting," is all he says in his reedy voice.

Veronica's brows furrow and her teeth rake over her lower lip as she reads through the folder. She finally lifts her eyes and seeks out Len's, perhaps looking for reassurance. "You're 100 percent sure?" she asks quietly.

There is not a single look of doubt in the senior agent's eyes. "I don't make the call to carry out these types of orders." is all he says. He holds his hand out for the return of the folders. "If you have any questions of me, you will contact me, speak the code phrase and I will confirm or deny that I can meet with you. Then I will courier an address where we will meet. Once again, you will not discuss this case in the facility, your homes, or any place you frequent. Assume that you are being watched and listened to at all times. Any questions?"

Lawrence turns the last page in the folder; he turns his head and tilts it down to peer at Veronica, as if only seeing her now. "It's true," he tells the other agent with a nod. He cocks his head to the side now. "How are you at hand to hand and grappling holds?"

The female agent nods her understanding to Len, and then glances up at the unfamiliar agent she's to be paired with. How is she? He looks like he should be pushing pencils despite his height. "I'm a fifth-degree black belt in Hapkido," she says simply. She glances at Len with a question in her eyes. Who is this guy?

Lawrence just smiles mildly. "Excellent. I can hit anything with a sniper rifle," he says quietly, tapping between his eyes with one finger. "Restraining the subject may be necessary."

Len looks from one to the other and nods. "Do what you ahve to do. Get the job done, then contact me upon completion so I can make sure it gets cleaned up. Am I clear?"

Vee arches a brow, then looks to Len and nods, though her eyes are a little troubled. It won't be easy, that look clearly says.

"Yes, sir," Lawrence replies, closing his folder. This is easier for him; he's new here, after all, but he still doesn't look entirely happy.

Sometimes you have to do things you do not want to do with this job. He nods to them both. "You're help is appreciated in this matter." Len reaches out to retrieve the documents, thus dismissing both agents. After they leave, he tucks the documents under his arms and walks out the back and across the street into a door. He stops in front of a large incinerator and pulls open the door — the fire blazes hot inside. He tosses the two folders into the fire and watches them burn beyong any means of recognition. He closes the door and steps back with a sigh.

Sometimes he does not like his job.

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