A Very Merry Unbirthday


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Scene Title A Very Merry Unbirthday
Synopsis Abby surprises Odessa with a trip to the spa as a belated birthday present. Nadira and Quinn are invited to join the party.
Date August 10, 2010

Cambria Salon and Day Spa

Tranquil and Fabulous wrapped up in warm and inviting colors and the sleek lines of Japanese architecture…Cambria Salon and Day Spa is a fashionable paradise. Dark almost black wood paneling has been used through out the salon, fresh flowers are found in glass vases and exchanged with flower shaped candles every day at 4 PM. There is a different theme for just about every day of the week, but nothing set in stone. There are 8 or so individual work stations with leaf shaped mirrors and comfortable chairs. There are a couple of private rooms for waxing, facials and massages and the like including a private station and office for the owner. The reception area is designed for comfort with the black seats and couches, glass coffee tables and glass/wood reception desk. Over all the salon is edgy and sleek, it is Cambria Salon and Day Spa.

Holler holler, birthday girl coming!

Abigail had warned Raquelle that she was coming in, for a spa morning - what few hours she had in the morning - when the place opened, to celebrate a birthday. Only, Odessa didn't know they were coming there to celebrate a birthday, much less her own. The comment about having never done anything for her own birthday, and now knowing when her birthday was, Abigail - replete with bruises at her hairline and the black threads of stitches hiding in the blonde - was going to celebrate it a little late no matter what.

"Keep your eyes closed" Trusting the woman to not stop time, peek, and then let time start again. In her uniform so she can shuttle Odessa back to Gun Hill when it's over, there's a smile in her voice, easily heard by and all patrons to the Cambria salon and spa.

The doors swing open and she carefully ushers the doctor in. "Just a little bit further…. and….."

Odessa lets out a low sound between a whine and a groan. "You are really playing with my trust issues here, Abby. I hope you appreciate how tough this is for me." The urge to peek through the fingers of the hand she has laid over her eyes is tremendous. But she keeps her eyes squinted shut tightly, her other hand out in front of her, making sure she doesn't run into anything or anyone.

She looks like she needs a spa day, to be perfectly honest. Doctor Price has been working long hours in her clinic, either seeing patients or pouring over files and histories… Or whatever it is that Odessa does in the basement of Gun Hill. "I should be working," she complains, but only half-heartedly. It's obvious to Abigail that Odessa really welcomes the reprieve. "Can I look now?" she asks, spreading her middle and ring fingers apart as if to peek, though her eyes are still closed.

"…oh honey I've got to go. I know it is ice cream day but-how the fu-hell did we run out of whipped cream. Oh, yea-oh baby don't talk like that over the phone dios mio okay okay I remember! Just pick up some more okay? Pleeease, alright, I got-right…adios." *Click*

This is the conversation that people are privy to as a certain Salon owner is coming out of his back office. He wears a pair of fitted black leather pants that zip up the sides and lace up the crotch, a pair of black and purple docs, a black poets shirt under a purple velvety waist-coat with black and purple stripey lining, and his hair has been carefully styled and he sports a purple streak in his emo-fringe. Add some eyeliner and a touch of purple eyeshadow…he does not look like a hairdresser but this is Raquelle.

The salon is actually empty this morning, but there is a cake, ritz crackers, cheese in the can and sushi in little boxes on the front desk. Raquelle just leans against the front desk toying with a bouquet of flowers, humming softly and arching an eyebrow.

Unbeknownst to Abby or her compatriot, another resident of Gun Hill is plodding her way from her parked scooter and towards the spa and salon. It's been a long time since Quinn's been out for such a thing, and this morning, before she starts her busy afternoon, seems like just the time to do it. Her green, ruffly skirt catches in te win, hands lowered to prevent it from billowing up, Quinn straightening her blue t-shirt afterwards. Sandals flop flop as she pushes the door open, peering in to the building, stepping with a smile on her face. It's only after this that she spots Abby, an eyebrow raised. "Hey… Abby, right?" she asks as she approaches.

It as a bit of a restless morning for Nadira. Thankfully, she was sure her brother was off taking whatever sort of financial business undertakings he had, so she was free to not worry about his disapproval or misogynistic insistence on things. So, as Nadira passes by the salon, she recalls his rather obnoxious remark regarding her outfits and how she didn't need to 'dress like them'. Well, she didn't need to do her nails, either! So, while her brother's controlling nature had caused her grief over the last few days despite the fact he had little power over her here, this was an act of beauty and defiance. Opening the door to the salon, Nadira steps in, shamelessly.

People coming in behind them, Abby lets go of Odessa after guiding her to the side. "Open your eyes" A wink for Raquelle, and for the set up that he'd managed to wing. "Surprise! Happy Birthday Odessa. Belated, yes, but, happy birthday none the less!" A glance to Quinn gives recognition and a nod, a friendly smile to Nadira as well. "You said no one had ever done anything, and so I called up Raquelle and you have a full morning of utter rest, with his employee's waiting on you hand and foot, literally. hair, nails, massages facials, you name it!"

Abby turns, her nametage clearly reading Beauchamp on it and her own hair up and pinned back. "And…. Quinn ehre, while unplanned, gets to enjoy it with you as well as… whomever else it is that's decided to grace the salon with us this morning!" namely Nadira.

Odessa's hand comes away from her eyes. When she sees the spread and the fuss Abby's gone to on her account, she gasps and that hand comes back up to cover her mouth. "You did this for me?" Her words are slightly muffled, not just by her fingers, but the swelling emotion causing her throat to feel tight and her jaw to tremble.

The platinum blonde sniffles and quickly presses the back of her hand under her nose. "You really didn't have to…" Odessa smiles and then throws her arms around Abby. "Thank you!" She shakes once with a sob she doesn't quite suppress before she takes a deep breath and pulls herself together, stepping back from Abby and wiping the tears away from under her eyes. She turns back to Raquelle and smiles to him as well. "Okay! Well, I've never done this before. Where do we start?"

"Oh..myyyy…goooooooooood!" Raquelle presses a hand to his chest and flutters his lashes. "Is this her? Is this the birthday girl? And who's this other…" He just looks from woman to woman, laughing softly and gestures toward the food items. "Come on, come on honey…alright first I get my hugs and then you take a seat and then you just tell my little helper bees what you want done. Nails, face, hair…you just make yourself comfortable and we'll cater to allll your little needs." He winks and offers Odessa the bouquet.

For a moment, Quinn seems entirely overwhelmed. First, the announcement of a birthday - something that's always fun, and that apparently Quinn is now taking part in, then Abby's indication of Nadira's arrival, something that brings a look of surprise to the Irishwoman's face when she turns around to see who it is. Almost a cackle of a laugh escapes her lips, hands finding her hips.

"Holy shit!" she exclaims with laughter, eyes moving from Abby to Nadira and back. "This is about the last thing I expected t'day." A grin plastered across her face, she waves to Nadira. "Heya, girl! So, this is what you do before we go to work?" And then she spins on her heel back to face Abby. "This is Nadira! I work with her. An' who's this Odessa who's lucky enough to be havin' a birthday today?"

Eyes drift next to the hairstylist, who's reaction prompts another laugh from Quinn. "This is going to be a fun day," she decides, giving a nod to him.

"Not usually, but I'm feeling the need to get my nails done." Nadira admits as she notes Quinn. "Just a little extra touch. Gotta look good if you want to keep tips." She notes the birthday surprise with a warm smile. "That's the sort of thing I like to see… wish that sort of thing happened on my birthday. Makes me wish it was my birthday." She offers a smile, glancing over at the others.

"Lordy Odessa, really. If you're like this over a belated birthday, when the bar is open I'll just have to throw you a real one on your birthday" The blonde laughs as she wraps her arms around the tempormancer albeit carefully. Things still ache from last night. She releases her though, into the wild arms of Raquelle, before turning her attention to Quinn and Nadira.

"you know her!" Well that's good, Abigail looks at her own nails, not in need of being done. "Nails are on me, for the both of you, please, I insist. Consider it part and parcel of an impromptu morning sushi birthday.. party. My treat. I can't stick around too long, but, maybe y'all can get to know each other better, make more new friends"

Odessa accepts the bouquet from Raquelle, blinking away the last threatening tears and smiling brightly. "My birthday was in April," she explains with a breath of laughter, "so this is my belated party." She hugs Raquelle tightly, careful not to smoosh her flowers. Once she steps back, she reaches up to fuss with her hair with one hand. "Ooh, I have been thinking about layers. And I have been wanting a manicure…"

A faint smirk is sent over her shoulder to Abby. "You know this is all new to me. You are really, really too good to me. Thank you."

Her smirk melts to a sheepish smile as she waves to Quinn and Nadira. "Hi," she murmurs shyly. "I'm Odessa. The birthday girl." It makes her roll her eyes at herself, but it feels good to say.

"Goodness. The last time I did something like this, it was Ellie eighth birthday. I gave her one of my hair bows. She said it was ugly." She shrugs. "Anyway! You look familiar," she says to Quinn. "Do you live at Gun Hill by any chance?"

Quinn blinks at that, first glancing over to Nadira, and the at Abby and Odessa. She's used to being the one giving gifts, not getting them. "Um, wow, Abby." Quinn tilts her head, a grateful smile on her face. "I mean, you don't need t'. I'm here t' get my hair done an' dyed. A look up to Nadira, and a snicker. "Fair 'nough! I guess the corset does well enough for me on that front. I've had a guy try an' stick a tip in my cleavage. Did you know apparently some places let the DJs take tips? I never heard heard a' that until a woman told me so the other day…"

At Odessa's mention of Gun Hill, Quinn turns and looks at Odessa and blinks. "W-yeah?" She sounds momentarily hesitant, still not really sure what to say about Gun Hill, given her recent introduction to the Ferry and the shifting of thought processes that came with it. Then again, she lived there for almost two months without knowing better. "Yeah, I do. Holy shit, are you from Gun Hill too? Man, what would be the feckin' odds!" Quinn's Irish accent shines strongly as she exclaims those words, laughing at the end. Walking up to Odessa, she offers a hand. "Robyn Quinn! Pleasure t' meet you!"

"You should ask Mel if she'd let you take tips. Don't see why not." Nadira notes the mention of the corset and gears are turning in her head. "You know, I might have to try one of those." Of course, that's another thing she wouldn't want her brother finding out about. "World is smaller than you think, Quinn. Found that out the hard way."

Nadira glances back to Abby, offering her a warm smile. "That's very generous of you…" As she notes Odessa's introduction, she looks towards her and Abby. "Nadira Kamir. Wonderful to meet you both."

"Pleasure to meet you Nadi-" Kamir.

There's a strange look that comes over Abigail, one hand drifting to touch her hairline. "Egyptian?" Inquired, still nicely, a glance over her shoulder to see how Odessa is doing and gesturing for everyone to head on over to gather round the birthday girl. "Not happen to be related to a… uhh Nadal Kamir?"

"You too," Odessa beams as she takes Quinn's hand to shake. "I live on the first floor. I see a lot of people come and go, but don't always say something." She doesn't mention anything about the operation she runs in the basement of the building. Like Quinn, she's cautious about mentioning too much about what goes on there, apart from Gun Hill simply being an apartment complex.

"It's nice to meet you, Nadira." Odessa's smile stays in place, but Abby's hesitation doesn't go unnoticed. She knows her former caretaker too well for that. Her fingers flex restlessly at her side, watching Abby's body language for further signs of trouble.

At the shake, Quinn grins, and a bit of recognition washes over her face. "Oh! Oh, Odessa! That's right, Kaylee told me about the clinic you run!" If Odessa wasn't willing to mention it, and Kaylee had been before Quinn was even Ferry, she figured it was okay. "That's right cool. Rather convenient too."

A look back to Nadira, a playful smile on Quinn face. "Try what? A corset? Nadira, you get yourself in a corset, an' I can't be help responsible for what happens after work!" Quinn winks at the Egyptian, still wearing that smile - Sable is very clearly rubbing off on her. But the sudden mention of Nadal prompts a chuckle. "Kamir? Man, it really must be a small feckin' world."

"Oh, please, please tell me he didn't do something stupid or say something foolish." Nadira's face looks mortified. "That would be my brother." She looks to Quinn. "Small world. Far, far too small. Too small for comfort." Her gaze flickers back to Abby. "He didn't… say anything sexist, did he? He's just very traditional…"

Trying not to think too much about the impression Nadal might have made on Abby, Nadira looks back to Quinn. "You know, I think I'll just have to try one. Need to shop around, but… it's suitable work attire, so I might as well." The fact that it would piss off her brother goes unsaid. It'd only be the icing on the cake.

Something happened, just now, that no one save for two people know what happened. Time stops, a small few word conversation held between Abigail and Odessa and time resumes as normal. TO everyone else, nothing has happened, time marches on. "Oh, oh lord, no, no. He was a gentleman. Someone hit my car and took off and he stayed till the ambulance came, and such. Really, he's quite a gentleman. In fact, do you… have a number I can reach him at? I want to thank him. There's not many who would even do such a think like he did" A glance to Odessa. See, all is good.

Odessa nods to Abby, relaxing again before turning her attention to Quinn. "Yeah, that's me." She doesn't let on that she thinks the clinic should be left hush-hush, since they seem to be among friends. She turns and looks to the spread of food. "Abby, how did you know I like sushi so much? You are so the bomb."

"I'm just givin' you fair warnin'!" Quinn laughs, shaking her head at Nadira. "But I can always take you t' the same place my girlfriend took me to for mine." As the ascertations about Nadira's brother continues, Quinn turns to Odessa with a smile and a nod. "Well! It's good t' meet you at last, then. I've been trying t' meet everyone in Gun Hill, but I think there's still one or two that I still haven't gotten to. Nice t' be able to scratch you off, though."

"Oh, good…" Nadira murmurs. She lets out a soft sigh of relief. "I'm glad he wasn't so bad." She fishes around in her purse, reaching for a piece of paper and scribbling down his name and the number of his hotel room. "You can contact him here…" She looks back to Quinn. "I'll take your warning, but I'm more than happy to see what comes of it. Do let me know where you got it… I'd appreciate it."

"Far from it. He was.. he was a gentleman." The name and number taken a shake of her head to Odessa. "No, that is purely Raquelle. I didn't know you adore sushi but I'll have to remember." Abigail smiles, glad that the morning is panning out so well. "I need to use the restroom. Please, really, nails, all on me, I'll be back soon" Her head hurts and she's got a call to make - not to Nadal - and some medicine to take.

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