A Whole New Ballgame


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Scene Title A Whole New Ballgame
Synopsis Magnes has a present for Melissa, and she just ends up worrying him.
Date April 16, 2010

Dorchester Towers - Magnes's Apartment

It's around 6PM, and the apartment still smells like teriyaki stir-fry that was cooked for Daphne about an hour ago. He called Melissa over now that he was awake, opening the door and leaving it open when she arrived. "Hey, Melissa." He's dressed down, even for him. No shoes, just some old blue jeans thrown on, and a vintage faded white Super Friends t-shirt. Claire taught him to appreciate vintage stuff.

He sits back on the couch, then holds up a brown file folder. "I got a present for you, come here."

Unlike the last time that Magnes saw her, Melissa is no longer wearing a sling. However, she does have a bandage on her right hand, and there's something about her that seems…harder, colder than usual. She glances at the folder, then to Magnes. "Oh yeah?" she asks, strolling forward as though she has all the time in the world.

Magnes opens the file, flipping through pretty officially put together papers. There's a license plate number and model of a car, an in-depth work schedule, and typical routes from Kendall’s father's office. It's a lot of stuff she can use when planning how she'll approach going to see his mother. "Everything you need." he says as if it's nothing, then hands it over.

Melissa reaches for the folder, looking it over for a moment, then she nods and flips the folder closed. "Thanks. Not particularly worried about the father anymore though. Already wanted, so what's a little more, hmm? But this'll make things easier."

"Abby's the only blonde in my life who isn't a criminal." Magnes teases, shaking his head with bags in his eyes. He seems as if he's had a long day and very little sleep to supplement it. "It's so nice to be able to see out of both eyes now. I always felt a bit weird about someone sitting on my left side while I couldn't see them, even if I could feel them there with gravity."

"Except I didn't do anything to get a criminal record," Melissa says in a dry voice. "And I imagine that seeing is a good thing. Never been blind, even partially, so I can't sympathize."

"Close one eye and try to move around for ten minutes some time, it's pretty hard, probably harder without my ability." Magnes looks her over for a moment, then lays his head back on the couch, closing his eyes in exhaustion. "I know you didn't. Are you… doing alright, lately? Been a while since we just got caught up."

Brows lift at that question. "Doing alright? Am I doing alright. Well let's see…I've nearly had my brain removed, been shot, been scorched, had my palm sliced open, and my entire reason for coming to this god awful city just turned out to be an illusion. So yeah, I'm doing just peachy," Melissa asks, sarcasm thick in her voice.

The folder is lifted. "Thanks for the info though, Magnes," she says, turning towards the door.

"Wait, your entire reason for coming to the city?" Magnes asks, opening his eyes and becoming a little more alert when he raises his head. "You wanna tell me, or is this one of those top secret things?" He's apparently heard of people getting hurt enough to know she'll get over those parts.

Melissa glances over her shoulder at him. "Doesn't matter anymore." For the first time since entering his apartment, Mel smiles. "It's a whole new ball game now. And this time, I get to make the rules." Then on she goes, to open the door and head out.

"Just be careful, and call if you need me, you know I'll be there." Magnes' smile of assurance is a rather weak one, worry apparent in his tone and expression, but he closes and locks the door behind her, then just sighs and presses his back to it.

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