A Willing Victim


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Scene Title A Willing Vicitim
Synopsis Kaylee delivers needed medication to the safehouse and meets one of the operators, Robin. They seem to hit it off chatting about, of all things, guys.
Date November 29, 2009

Grand Central Terminal

Robin is attempting to do some holiday decorating of the terminal, though he's not getting far. There's a deep green cloth over the new table, though it's a little short for it, and a bit of greenery taped around the door frame.

He seems to have abandoned standard decorating though, and is using a small brush to paint little santa-fishes as well as a couple of elve-fishies in bright colors on the aquarium, streaks of which have ended up on his t-shirt as well as his jeans.

The soft sound of boots on concrete echo slightly, announcing the arrival of a visitor. Kaylee is bundled up against the cold, with her worn leather jacket, beanie cap pull down far enough that blonde hair flares out around her shoulders, obscured slightly by a dark blue scarf. A small box is held close, arms wrapped around it as if protecting it.

Catching sight of the figure working on the mural, Kaylee alters her line of travel to come up near him. Her eyes travel to all the festive fish and she chuckles softly. "Oh.. I like that." One arm is loosened from the box so that she can fish out her cellphone. Taking several steps back she lifts it to take a picture of holiday display. "Be amusing to see what you all do at Valentine's Day."

after a slight startle, Robin turns to the newcomer with a welcoming smile. "I suspect heart-fishes will be vetoed by Terry — he's my nephew, and the little monster that made me start this project." Though 'made' is way too strong of a word. Robin is an indulgent uncle, to say the least. "I should paint kissing fish just so he'll go 'eewww'." Wiping his hands clean on his jeans, he holds out a hand, "I'm Robin, Neil's brother."

"Aww.. No fish with wings and bows and heart shaped arrows?" Kaylee gives a mock look of disapointment, before pocketing her phone and taking his hand with her own. "I'm Kaylee.. No one's sister." She gives him a grin. "I'm bringing a shipment if medication." She holds out the small box, with a small smile . "Figured I'd deliver it myself, see how Joseph is doing. Wanted to talk to him about something…" Her words trail off, before she smirks. "You know if he's in?"

"Feel free to paint them," Robin grins. "As long as I can say I didn't do it I'm off the hook." Taking the box, Robin sets it on the table and looks through it quickly. "Thanks for this; we can use all we can get." Leaning against the table he crosses his arms over his chest casually. "Kaylee… I've heard of you; Jo's friend and donator of fine furnishings." He taps the table and smiles again. "I think I'm using one of your dressers, actually. Hope you don't mind. Storage that isn't boxes is pretty hard to come by down here."

The final question gives him pause, "Joseph… I haven't seen him today, and I usually run in to him in the kitchen. Didn't see him yesterday either now that I think about it. You can check his room, but I think he's out right now."

A dismissive hand is waved and she gives him a bright smile. "All of it was going to be auctioned by my landlord, so I figured since you all needed it…. why not. So it's perfectly fine. I'm staying at Mc Rae's and I share my room with a few others so no room for it all." She glances at the mural with an amused smile, hands tucking into her jacket. "I'm just thankful you guys are holding the rest of my stuff, since I'm unemployed and can't exactly pay for a storage unit without wiping out my trust fund. Only thing I lost cause of my going into hiding was my Harley."

"I'll just try to catch Joseph another time, I don't want to go other him if he's tucked away in his room." Eyes dropping to Robin again she gives him a suspicious look, as she asks. "You serious? You'll let me mess with painting cupid fish around Valentines Day?" Her brows lift a bit. "Cause I will." She almost makes it sound like a threat.

Robin laughs and quirks his eyebrows, "Oh yes, feel free to paint whatever you want on it, including cupid fishes. It started as a little fish tank but everyone seems to have added something to it. I'll just make sure Terry knows I didn't do anything 'girly'." Pointing them out, he says, "Joseph did the seahorses; I couldn't get them quite right."

Turning his attention away from the painting and back to the young woman, he waves a hand toward the small kitchen area. "Want a cup of coffee? We actually have a real coffee maker now. And real milk, as long as no one finished it off."

"Yeah… I got a picture on my cellphone when he was working on them." There is a little roll of her eyes, and Kaylee smirks. "I like the mural.. It's bright and cheerful in a gloomy place.. and it's a work of art done by many hands. Community project of sorts." She then waves him on. "Coffee sounds great, if it's not any trouble, it'll warm me up some before I head back to Staten in this cold." She rubs her hands together as if trying to warm them. "The wind has a real chill to it today."

"Terry wanted a real fish tank, but that wasn't feasible so… next best thing." Robin waves a hand for Kaylee to follow him as he heads to the kitchen. "I haven't been out today; if it's as chilly as you say I think I'll stay in. I hate the cold." The coffee is already in a warming carafe, one with a logo on it that shows it was pilfered from one of the many cafes that Rob has worked at. After pouring two cups then setting out milk and sugar for Kaylee if she likes, Robin rest a hip against the counter, both hands wrapped around his mug. "So how long have you known Joseph?"

"I grew up in Kentucky.. So I'm use to cold winters, but it's just been feeling a more… I dunno.. bitter." Her words a touch bland at the thought of the cold walk ahead. "Thank you." she murmurs as she takes the mug, wrapping her hands around it with a sigh at the warmth. "Joseph? Only about a month, not long." She sets the mug on the counter so that she can add milk and sugar. "Met him when he brought some supplies to McRae's, he kinda helped me make up my mind to help the Ferrymen."

She gives Robin a lopsided smile as she pick up the mug and takes a sip. "So.. if I'm remembering what I learned about some of the safehouses.. You and your brother run this one?" She asks curiously.

Robin nods, "At first it was just Neil, but he was overworked with this plus taking care of Terry so I joined in. I was only going to help out as needed, but… as needed turned out to be much more that I thought it would be." He adds quickly, "not that I mind it." He sips his coffee with the happiness of a true java addict. "I've been living down here a few months now, and it's working out alright." Making a slight face, Rob has to tack on, "Mostly."

That last gets a curious head tilt from Kaylee, "Mostly?" She asks, turning her back to the counter and leaning back against it, one foot hooking behind the other. "Though.. I know it's no Hilton, so I can see that it's got to take some getting use too." She smiles a bit, "I had to get use to living in a crowded out with kids, I've been living on my own for a while.. so it's been an adjustment."

"I actually like the place, and the people. It's eclectic as hell and there's always something new to find as we clear out the older areas." Robin explains. "It's home." Making the same face as before, he continues. "That's sort of the problem. I started dating a guy recently, a really great guy, and I can't bring him 'home'." After a sip of coffee, he shrugs. "Usually it's not an issue, but… I really like him, and I hate lying to him — even though I know it's necessary." Robin grins a little sheepishly, "And that was probably was too much information, wasn't it?"

Chuckling, Kaylee shakes her head and gives him a chiding look,"Too much information? Not at all." Her shoulder shrug a little bit as she continues, "I know what it's like to have to keep a secret, though I haven't had any kind of relationship since I found my way into the Ferrymen. I was taken in dying from someone's ability, I've gotten better, but just haven't even tried to get back out there." She wrinkles her nose a bit, and sighs softly. "Going back to my old life doesn't seem like an option."

Shifting so that she can lean a hip against the counter and study him, "But up until five months ago, I had to lie to everyone about what I could do." She hesitates before she offers up, "I'm a telepath. You can imagine how necessary it was to keep it a secret, especially when I was in college. I…. imagine there will come a point where you can tell him." She smiles a bit. "What is keeping you from it now? Just… it's a new relationship?"

"Telepath?" Robin looks a little nervous for a second, but relaxes almost instantly. He's been around enough Evolved to know that most are very respectful of privacy. "I'm glad you're better, but you're right. It's like your old life is just gone."

He takes a long drink of coffee as he gathers his thoughts. "New. That's a good word for it. We've been on a few dates, but there's a lot I don't know about him, like how he feels about Evolved in general, much less something like the Ferrymen." His mouth turns up in a wry smile, "It's also not an easy subject to drop into a conversation."

Even though he relaxes, Kaylee holds up a hand with a grin, "Don't worry. As long as you don't thing about things too hard, I won't hear it. I don't go digging into anyones head for fun. It's rude and it's the worse way to make friends." Her head dips down a bit and she lifts the mug for a sip, "I was with a bad man.. made me feel accepted, but it was digging into peoples heads for him that got me almost killed. Sooo.. I'm not too upset about loosing my old life, this one feels several steps above what I was. So I'll put up with sharing a room." There is a somewhat content expression.

"Anyhow, yeah. It's a tough subject to bring up, especially since there are people out there that hate the evolved so much." A small frown tugs down the corner of her mouth. "You know.. watch for something evolved related to come up in the news. There is always something." She gives him a small smirk and her brows twitch up a bit. "His reaction to it, might give you a clue. Mostly cause, I don't think you'll be able to keep him clueless or a long time. Eventually, he'll get suspicious about the fact you never invite him over, especially if it gets really serious."

Robin grins and sets his now empty cup aside. "I'll try not to think too loudly then. Neil says I don't think at all, so it shouldn't be a problem." He gives her a sympathetic look as she tells her story. "Sharing a room definitely sounds like a better arrangement." He mock frowns, "Unless they snore."

His teasing frown changes to a soft smile as he considers that idea. "Yeah, I can do that. Work a news report of some sort into conversation and see how he reacts." The smile brightens to a grin, "Thanks Kaylee, that really helps."

Kaylee dips her head down, as if taking a bow, "Your very welcome, Robin. Anything to help out a fellow Ferrymen." She makes it sound like a great honor, when she grins. But then her smile falls a little. "It's better to know in the beginning before things get too serious, anyhow." A hand lifts and she crosses her fingers. "I'll keep them crossed for you, especially if he's a great guy and you get to finally come clean with who you are." She offers him a soft smile.

Brightening suddenly, Kaylee sets down her mostly empty cup, "So.. since I'm here, I might as well offer… Is there anything you need help with?"

"Aha, a willing victim." Robin does his best evil laugh, which isn't a very good one as he's grinning through it. "You can have the unrewarding task of helping me decorate this place for the holidays. We don't have much, but I'm collecting more daily. " He leads her back out to the rec room and points to a couple of boxes. "Tinsel, garlands, lights and some ornaments. I think Neil is going to try to find a small tree that the kids can make ornaments for, but that won't be for a few days." He rubs his hands together, "So, feel up for it?"

"Hey.. it's what I going up for.. Being a willing victim where needed." Kaylee spreads her arms before her and chuckles. "So yes, I will help decorate the place up. Thought, not sure how it's unrewarding! The faces of the kids are more then worth it." She unwinds her scarf and stuffs it in her jacket pocket follows shortly by her beanie, as she prepares to stay. "Rewards in life don't have to be material not monetary." She looks thoughtful, "If we run low of stuff, we can hit the room my stuff is stored in, there might be a few things in there."

Pulling off her jacket and dropping it over a chair back, Kaylee claps her hands together and rubs them in enthusiasm. "So.. what first?"

"Just what I wanted, my own willing victim." Robin pokes at the tangle of lights, as well as the not so tangled garland. "How about I start unknotting all the lights and you can start taping up the garland? We should have enough to go around each of the doorways, at least." He settles on the floor by the boxes and starts emptying them, sorting things into piles as he does.

"Just don't overwork me. I have to be a willing victim other places too." Kaylee teases before settling on the other side of the box as she works the garland into a much easier to deal with mess. "So.. tell me about this guy?" She gives him a sly look. "If it's not poking around too much. Only guys in my life right now really are a portly puppeteer who's more of a giant kid.. and Joseph."

Robin laughs, "I promise I won't work you too hard." He shrugs a little. "It's not too much poking. His name's Buck and he runs a bar, that's where I met him. It was totally random but we clicked, I guess. He's from Texas and has an amazing accent, really green eyes and a mouth to die for… and I sound really shallow, don't I?" Robin shakes his head, "He's also funny and interesting, though he doesn't think so." Pulling apart a couple more strands of lights, Rob cocks his head and studies Kaylee for a moment. "An overgrown kid and …Joseph. There a story behind that?"

"Oooo.. I like those southern accents. I admit it. Sounds like a really good catch if he pans out." Kaylee comments lightly, before giving her own shrugs at his own. "Eric is a friend of mine, much like I think of Joseph as one. Probably the first real friends I've had." Looping the garland slowly as she talks, "Eric and I both knew the guy I mentioned before. The one I worked for.. Anyhow.. Somehow he ended up in the same safe house. He had been locked up in Moab with some of the others at McRae's place… so they kinda took him in. He connects with the kids in the network. Like I said, he's like a big kid himself, even if it's way too old to act like one." Glancing over at Robin, she grins. "He's had it rough, but I think if he can keep his nose clean, he's got a good thing with the Ferrymen." She sounds rather convinced of this.

"Anyhow.. no one has come along yet, that really hits the relationship radar." Kaylee frowns a bit, as she realizes that's not true really.. "Or at least no one that would be interested in someone like me. I mean, being a telepath just in itself is enough to make people keep their distance."

Rob waves a hand, and tangles the lights even more. "Well, there a lot people here, maybe some one will catch your eye. Especially if they've dealt with a telepath before." He shrugs one should awkwardly, "I can't imagine that's easy. The idea of someone knowing everything you think is a scary one — even if it isn't used. We tell so many little white lies all the time, to ourselves and others… and getting caught at that is frightening." He hesitates, but asks anyway. "Aren't you ever tempted? To find out what people are really thinking?"

There is a short bark of laughter and a little nod, "Oh yes.. all the time." Kaylee tucks the garland on her shoulder before standing, snatching up the tape as she does. "The only times I do, is if me or others might be in danger… or when I was working for that one guy, when he ordered me." She gives him a somewhat tired look, "Sometimes I hear without trying though. It happens." She points at him with the tape, as she starts for one of the doorways. "Like I said.. especially when they are thinking loudly.. I can't help but hear.. It's like someone shouting in a room, it gets your attention. But yes, it's always tempting." She smiles a bit, "I mean.. if you like someone and wonder what they think of you? How easy would it be to just check and see?"

Robin can't help but wonder how loud one would have to think for Kaylee to pick it up, probably loudly enough for her to catch that thought. He groans at that last question, "Oh man. Hell yes, I'd want to know." He stands and starts to tape up a string of lights on the wall where the mural is. "The trade off though… you could hear some things you'd rather not know too."

"I'm pretty proud of myself for not reading the mind of guys I like, but it's really hard to let things happen naturally.. Cause I want to know, but that would be bad." She glances over from taping up garland."And yes.. that loud." She flashes him a grin. "Your right.. there is that.. Do I want to know they don't see me a anything worth while?" Much like Joseph.. would she want to know if he thought less of her. "That helps me keep out."

Taping a few feet of garland she comments,"Glad I came by today… worth it.. Really was, been awhile since I've had someone I could talk about certain things about… Thanks for that Robin."

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