A Wish To Share



Scene Title A Wish To Share
Synopsis Benjamin is set to start the planting on Pollepel Island with the help of others… but just before all the work begins Ben takes a few moments to himself.
Date May 01, 2011

Pollepel Island

The early mornings on the island still have a bit of a bite to it as the fog hovers thick over the sluggish waters of the Hudson river. The only sounds are the far off passing cars, the hum of faint conversation and the whistling snap of birds winging overhead. There is a serenity to it that you can't get in the city, only when you take a trip into the mountains for a camping will get this kind of peace.

Benjamin Ryans stands out in a small courtyard, with a mug of coffee in his hand while the other trails over plants waiting to be settled into their new homes. Over the leaves of tall tomato plants, already with green fruits, smelling that familiar scent that just screams garden to him. Standing among all those pots, it has a ritual feel to it. A ritual from when he had his home in Queens. A home he spent more then twenty years with Mary in. Raised two children in. He would stand out in his garden with a mug of coffee, checking the newest sprouts, the growth of each plant… see if the fruits were ready for picking.

There is a familiarity about it, he has missed it and looks forward to wandering the grounds checking each plot. A smile touches his lips in the thought. Wouldn't be the same, but he knows he'll enjoy it just as well. However, he also knows there is one reason he's even considering it… Ingrid.

The smile fades, not because he doesn't like the fact, but because of how he feels about it. He's surprised by the fact that a young woman he met in the park… that at the time made him think of his own – older girls… had brought this out this need to garden. Made him remember something he enjoyed. And now… now that he knew who she was – a daughter from his future, a future that might not even come about – he felt like he wanted to be able to show her a garden, even if it wasn't the garden he wanted to show her. It was something he didn't expect of himself. His other daughters didn't seem too interested… mildly yes… Delia even smashed his garden before they went on the run in her anger.

He still remembers what it felt to stand among the destruction.

Would he and his girls have been closer if he had found gardening while they were little?

Benjamin lets his gaze fall upon the sprouts by his feet, seedlings that will one day help feed the Ferrymen that live on the island and possibly for years to come. Meeting Ingrid, he found brought out a desire to share his love of growing with someone small and innocent. He knows in all reality that would probably be a grandchild, rather then one of his own, but… he finds he's content with that idea. The thought of the wonder in innocent eyes watching the new sprouts push up through the soil or to watch a tomato slowly turn red. To watch them as they get absolutely filthy while digging, not caring cause they feel so big for helping.

When had he gotten so soft about thing like that?

He always remembered Mary going on about being far too young to be a grandmother, but he knew that deep down she was looking forward to that. She would have been ready to coddle her grandbabies and watch them grow proudly. Especially, enjoy the fact she could send them home afterward. Since she 'did her time'. Ryans had not been of the same mind. Grand kids meant you were growing old, not quite able to be on top of the game anymore. He also knew some of the dark secrets that lurked in the shadows.

However, the years had rolled on and he has faced his mortality on more occasions then a man should have to and remain sane. Grown to be a harder man for it… or so he thought. Though he was young in body, his mind was old… Old enough to finally find himself becoming more accepting of the idea of his children having their own. To watch them learn what it's really like. To walk in his shoes. Even a small part of him can not help but hope that their children will be like them.

Of course, he's seen how two of them could turn out. He finds some pride in them both, but the jury is still out on Benji on some accounts. He's fairly sure that Mary would have warmed up to the dreamwalker. Either way, he was shocked that he wanted to experience being a grandparent at all.

As long as the men, who would give him girls these children, were worthy.

He could go on all day thinking about it, but it's a sound of shuffling feet and conversation that pulls him out of his thoughts. Breakfast was done with and the people that volunteered to help him plant slowly trickle in. “Welcome. Come on don't be shy. Grab a shovel, we'll get started when everyone gets here.”

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