A Woman With Resources


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Scene Title A Woman With Resources
Synopsis Ryans looks to Cat for assistance in finding out if Keira is his kid.
Date September 30, 2010

Gun Hill: Ryans' Apartment

He's been pouring over the blueprints Lynette had shown him, standing in the spare bedroom of a newly remodeled apartment that he has taken over as his own. The unrolled plans drape across an old rickety card table and it and he are facing a wall. Benjamin Ryans keeps glancing up at the wall and back at the plans, thoughtful.

That is until there is a knock at the front door, interrupting whatever it is he's pondering.

A glance at his watch confirms for him who it might be, "Just a minute." Ryans says loudly, so that he has time to make his way to the door. A small hint of a smile is given to the woman on the other side of the door. "Cathrine." He offers in polite greeting, opening the door further and stepping aside so that she can enter.

"I'm glad you could find time to see me."

"Ben," the woman at the door replies to his greeting. She steps forward, business heels tapping on the floor in doing so, a walk halted once she's far enough inside for him to close and secure the door. It's 13:07 on a Thursday, and she's dressed in a way he's not seen her before; a navy blue business suit with skirt made by Brooks Brothers. Whether or not one is aware of recent events regarding Abby and Melissa, it's not a stretch to conclude something's got her involved with things which call for lawyer suits.

"Time isn't hard to make," she quietly assures, "I stay busier than I have to by choice most of the time." Poised and confident as ever, showing the customary poker face, Cat today has a touch of haunted quality to her eyes.

"You look like you're staying busy." Ryans comments lightly, shutting the door behind them. "So I'll keep it short." Turning very much all business, brows furrowing just a little. "You seem like a woman with resources and I need some help with an issue." Hands tuck into the pockets of his worn working jeans.

"A young woman was bought to my door step the other day." He glances into the sparsely furnished apartment, before letting his gaze drop to the hardwood flooring. "She's claiming to be my daughter." He states firmly.

"That's interesting," Cat remarks dryly, "the way you speak indicates disbelief, but also considering it possible. Tests can be performed without risk given the present situation, they don't need to have your actual names attached and handled confidentially by the lab or labs handling them. I'd recommend two tests, one each for different services, results would come back within a week."

There is a firm nod, one hand coming out of his pocket to indicate she is welcome to a seat if she wishes so. Can't say Ryans doesn't have manners. "I don't believe it at all." He sounds completely confident in this. "For one, I would think I'd remember her mother and I'm not the type to really… sleep with and leave."

The floorboard creak softly as Benjamin moves away from the doorway. "If I wasn't in hiding, I'd take care of this myself. With the upcoming — mission " Brows furrow, before settling into more neutral lines." I thought it was important to find out if I do have a third girl.

"That way I can make sure she's added to my will." Ryans eyes lift to Cat again. "What would you need? I'm assuming blood?"

"Blood works, of course," Cat answers while moving to occupy a chair with hands smoothing out her skirt in back, "but any source of DNA will do. I recommend hair samples, they're dry and can more easily be shipped in an envelope. Two samples from each of you, kept strictly separate and marked. If the girl in question prefers, she could be present to give her samples and witness the sealing of envelopes for surety the tests won't be faked. Then I'd send them off, two different labs for repeatability, and the results would come in about a week. I've done it before."

The older man settles to sit at the edge of another chair, rubbing palms of his hands together. "Good." Ryans says roughly. "I dated other women in my younger years, but only a few seriously. Even engaged to one before Mary, but… that's not this woman."

There is a soft sigh from Ben, before he focuses on Cat again. "Hopefully, we can get the results before we go to China." He rumbles out softly with clear worry. "I would like to at least give her the satisfaction of the truth, just in case…. just in case, I don't come back from this." It's an honest concern. Ryans isn't as nervous about what they are about to do, as he is about this unknown woman being his.

"There's time," Cat agrees, "provided she's timely in providing her samples." A solemnity settles in, her mind turning to that particular mission. "This particular job is more daunting than others I've been involved with, and there are always consequences, Ben. I hope not so dire as Mr. Cardinal fears, but the risk exists."

Loosing a slow breath, she goes on. "We certainly didn't expect defeating the Vanguard in '09 would wreck the Narrows bridge and cause the curfew to start, or cut off Staten Island so badly it became lawless. But the alternative was doing nothing, just letting him release a modified Shanti virus."

"I have her phone number. I'll be calling her soon as possible and we can set up a meeting in a neutral location that won't compromise the network." Ryans already sounds like one of the ranks, putting the safety of the Ferrymen ahead of his own.

"Listening to Rebel," Ryans then starts thoughtfully, "Made me realize that what were are going to do, is important. If — if they can make that tracking accurate to the point they can pinpoint your kind —" His head slowly shakes, fingers scratching at his stubbled jaw. "The risk is worth protecting the many. I am only one person compared to all of them out there."

"We do what we believe we must, Ben," Cat somberly acknowledges, "and handle the aftermath as it comes." Feet are risen to, the door is approached, but she turns back partway. "Has your other daughter surfaced?"

"Lucille? No… I haven't heard word of her." Ryans says softly, a heavy sigh escaping through his nose, watching her rise. Hands press against his legs and he moves to stand and follow her. "Either way, I'll let you know when I can get Keira to agree to meet. Hopefully, sooner then later… she's…. an odd woman." Brows furrow and there is a flash of something like disappointment.

He moves fast enough so that he can open the door for the woman and hold it for her. "I do appreciate your help with this matter."

Her eyes close for a moment with the word of Lucille still being missing. "Unfortunate," Cat remarks, but beyond that she's got little else to say on the topic, so she moves along. "Anytime, Ben." Heels tap on the floor as she makes her exit, soon reaching the stairs and headed for the street door.

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