A Wonderful Boss


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Scene Title A Wonderful Boss
Synopsis Kayla gets everything she needs for her new position with Primatech. Whether she and Len will actually get along remains to be seen.
Date May 22, 2009

Primatech Research: Level 1 Offices

Things are finally starting to settle down now with certain things taken care of. It's not that the fires are all gone, but he has other agents working to put them out instead of running around trying to extinguish them himself. He's met with most of the agents, though there are a few still needing to be assigned something. There's plenty to do — Len just has to sort through and prioritize those assignments.

One thing he was told was that he should be expecting a new administrative assistant. Given the name, he has already pulled a background check, and is scanning through the gathered data. Len is relaxed, kicking back in his chair, feet on this desk and his keyboard in his lap as he tabs through different reports that have turned up. As always, his 'open door' policy is in effect, his office door standing wide open — though the secretary's desk has been deserted for quite some time, 'resignation' accepted from the previous occupant several weeks before.

This one was a nurse, before she became a refugee; 'secretary' isn't exactly riddled through her resume. Or so Len might presume, given that this isn't exactly normal hiring procedure and a traditional resume is nowhere in evidence. Evolved, newly Registered; a deceptively clinical summary of her power that doesn't begin to capture its reality. Psych profile, made brief by lack of time.

Kayla herself appears in the door while Len is perusing, gray eyes taking in the office space, the way he's settled in his chair, feet up on the desk. She's dressed in a dark blue blouse and charcoal slacks; her expression is not exactly the most friendly and welcoming mien. "I take it you're Denton?"

Still typing on his computer, Len glances up to the figure in the doorway. "Come on in, you're blocking all that wonderful stale air from coming in." he grins as he finishes up his typing and tosses his keyboard onto his desk with a clatter, before pulling his feet from the desk and setting them with a 'clump' onto the floor. He stands.

"Welcome to our little organization here." He would offer his hand, but that might not go over too well, considering her ability.

"Come on in and have a seat." Len would wait for her to sit before he does. Having gone over her history, he'll have a few questions to ask her. Considering what has gone down around here recently, he's going to have to determine just how much information to give to the lass in his office. She's passed all clearance levels needed to do her job, but that doesn't make her risk free.

Kayla snorts softly at the mention of 'blocking stale air'. She moves farther in anyway, regarding the man opposite her for a moment before actually sitting down. She doesn't seem to have /expected/ a handshake at all, fortunately for Len. The woman folds her arms across her chest and waits for the interview to start. If she's uncomfortable about the setting, she's refusing to show it.

Relaxed. That's basically what Len is. Almost all the time. He grins at her as she folds her arms across her chest as he leans back in his chair again. "This is not necessarily an interview. You've been hired. I just need to decide what to do with you at this point. So, feel free to relax, take it easy, put on your happy face. Whatever it is that makes this less painful for you."

He glances at the computer. He's been sending out alerts to Wireless now for days. He really doesn't expect a response, nor has that changed. He pulls back up Kayla's file and glances through it. "I don't see any secretarial work listed in your background. Can you use a computer? Take notes? File? Gas up my jeep?" He grins over at her, at least trying to lighten the mood in the room.

One brow arches at Len's choice of words. Whatever makes this less painful. Ironically appropriate. She doesn't bother to tell him it isn't really painful — not in any way that matters.

Kayla looks askance at Len — 'are you for real?' Opens her mouth. Has enough of a semblance of grace to shut it again; she does need to keep the job. "I should hope so; I'm not stupid." Thorns, though — got them in spades. They keep other people at arm's reach rather nicely, as a rule.

If Len notices the balk, he doesn't acknowledge it. When she speaks again, he glances up in her direction. He doesn't have his feet on the desk at this point, so he rolls up to his desk and sets his elbows on it and leans forward. "Look. I think we can get along real dandy here. We ain't gotta like each other, and we ain't gotta be friends or anything. But I think we can have a nice quiet working relationship. I didn't insinuate you were stupid, I am trying to figure out what it is you can do because a) if you don't know how to do something, we can get you trained up, and b) I need to know what you can do now so I can put you to work. Comprende?" he asks as he watches her.

Kayla's gaze upon Len is level, unperturbed by his endeavor at peacemaking. She doesn't demur, doesn't glance down; there's no indication of apology or 'oh, I guess I shouldn't have replied like that'. There probably never will be. "Well, it turns out that I can use a computer, and I take notes just fine." She did graduate from a now no-longer-extant university. "And file papers — and put gas in a car." Kayla doesn't say 'So there', but her tone implies it.

That she continues after a moment's silence is some indication — not that the woman relents at all, but that she might just manage to meet Len halfway. "No, I don't have experience. Not beyond TAing, anyway. But I'm not going back into nursing."

There's a loud smack as Len slaps his palm down on the top of the desk. "See? That's wasn't so horrible now was it?" The grin seems to never go away.

He pulls open a draw and places a set of keys and a couple of cards on the edge of the desk. "That opens the front door, and the door to this office, as well as the drawers to your desk, which is right outside the door." Next to the keys are two cards, one in a protective sleeve and has a clip with the Primatech logo on it. "If anyone you know asks you, you work for Primatech as a receptionist. You have a wonderful boss. Make sure you say that line." he nods. He'd almost sound serious if not for that grin. "The second card will access your computer, the sticky is the pin number. Make sure that sticky gets shredded before the end of tomorrow."

He leans back again with a soft squeak to his chair. "Now, you've left your trailer. Have you been set up with an apartment yet?"

Marked contrast to Kayla, who doesn't much seem to smile at all — never mind grin. She eyes the keys and cards; doesn't make any immediate move to collect them. "I doubt anyone will." Of course, the woman reckons without people like Bolivar and Elisabeth; the fact that they might actually have taken an interest in her eludes Kayla, regardless of how one of them harassed Minea about her well-being.

"Yes," the woman replies. "They did that while they were figuring out where to put me here." Finally, she reaches over to scoop up the keys and cards, examining both sides of the latter.

"Well then!" Len leans back in his chair. "I think I've gone over everything I need to go over with you." He pauses, then — pulls open another drawer and pulls out a PDA and tosses it onto the desk as it slides very close to the far edge. It's in a nicely padded case, but Len also doesn't necessarily look like the kind of guy who respects technology. "That has every number you might need here. I may call at all hours of the night if I need you, so make sure if that particular phone rings, you answer it. I may not have time to sit on the phone to contact someone working here, so I'll need you to do that for me. Don't hand out that number. I think that's all I have for you. Did you have any questions for me before I cut you loose for the weekend?"

Kayla watches the PDA slide across the table as though watching just to see if it falls on the floor. She picks it up once it stops moving, closing both hands around the small bundle of necessary implements. A succession of half a dozen statements chase one another through her head; the woman refrains from saying any of them. Settles for a simple "No."

Kayla rises from her chair, nods brusquely to Len. "That will do fine. I'll see you Monday," she adds over her shoulder, even as she's walking towards the door. Yes, Monday's a holiday. She doesn't seem to care.

And Len doesn't correct her. She can work seven days a week, if she likes. Len will be here and he might like some company, as surly as it may be. As she disappears, Len remembers he didn't ask her about karao — well, never mind. Ahem.

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