A Zombie Musical


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Scene Title A Zombie Musical
Synopsis Eve is caressed by the Nightmare Man and a horde of zombies.
Date December 5, 2009

There is light music playing throughout Eve's room, all of the candles lit tonight as she prepares for bed, in her room. A few easels and paints are around, in case this nights of dreams are of the prophetic nature. Dressed in a sheer black nightgown, her hair is loose and falls in waves to her butt. The seer's light grey eyes travel around the room, she reaches into to rub Nanai's back and the snake flick it's tongue out before curling up on herself.

She pads to her bed and slides into the sheets. The blankets are warm and instantly.. Eve is falling asleep though she doesn't want too.. she never wants too. Because it's always torture.. especially lately.. it's been a little nuts in her dreamworld, and if Eve think it's nuts then it truly is.

"Good night star bright.. good night fairy godmother.. goodnight my pets.. goodnight life.." she sings softly to herself as she closes her eyes and prepares to sink deep into the depths of her slumber.

Waking gives way to slumber— a drifting, swirling recess of black, spotted only faintly with warm colours. Those colours soon become stronger and brighter as the swirling slows to reveal the stage of the Paris Opera House. The brilliant chandelier above, however, travels down the stage, crashing and burning. Soon, it is reduced to a pool of limp metal bars, wilting in the molten heat. A few jewels remaing, slowly tumbling off of spires as they break apart and land in the pool of molten metal.

The whole opera house is alight with fire, save one path that seems to be free of it. The circle in which Eve stands is the start of that path, a wide area for her flowing white gown. The fire-free area seems to head back stage from where she stands now, in the very centre of the stage, right in front of the molten chandelier. Following the path, Eve will find herself descending a set of cold, stone steps leading to what can only be described as catacombs. A series of stone corridors hide the way out, with only one clue to the way out. The sound of an orchestra. But not a normal orchestra, for the very faint sounds are anything but musical. Instead, a cacophony of string plucks and snaps, like something out of a horror film.

Silence surrounds Eve as she walks barefoot through the catacombs, the scorching heat of the fire at her back is left behind and replaced with the feeling of absolute cold. Though the singer can barely see in front of her, when she exhales a white mist emits from her mouth. Shivering, Eve continues to make her way through the dark tunnels. The music doesn't scare Eve as much as it unnerves her. Oddly, Eve sways to the music that is not music as she walks.

But when Eve sees the shadows move out of the corner of her eyes, she stops and tries to peer in deeper. Is this a regular dream.. a vision.. or something else? The feeling of this dream is different, she hasn't felt this way before. As Eve stops at the end of the catacombs, something in her memory snaps and her eyes widen, though it's too late now. She does remember this feeling.. it's the same feeling she's been having for the past few weeks. The same dream.. But as Eve clenches her hands tightly as she tries to calm herself the word dream doesn't breeze across her mind instead,

"Nightmare." Uttered in a soft barely audible tone.

Nightmare indeed. The string plucks and snaps become a greater clutter of sounds as Eve traverses the catacombs until she arrives at a wide expanse of water. In the distance, candles illuminate a small stone island on which there lies a vast pipe organ, and a lone, cloaked man seated at it. The clattering noises reach a crescendo and then end quite suddenly, a screech of violin strings echoing on the vastness of the underground lake, partially muted by the water as an incomprehensible number of candlesticks ignite on the island in the distance. A small, rickety watercraft bobs low in the water at the bottom of a short stairway in front of Eve, clearly the only way to cross. Unless she cares to swim.

Though she knows exactly how this all plays out, she can't seem to stop herself from dropping down into the boat and drifting off towards the island. Her eyes wide and body shaking. It never allows her to move at this point, she has control. But even to fight him at this point tires her out immensely. "Darkness.. falls.. across the walls.." she sings softly and she stares straight ahead, towards her destination. "Why won't you leave me alone?" she asks meekly, head now hanging. "Just leave me.. stop it.." she pleads softly.

The boat catches on something and remains floating there in the middle of the lake, not going any further. It doesn't even bob anymore, but seems to sit on the water perfectly still, as though held up by something. Or someone. Or several someones. There seems to be a face peering out of the water, though barely visible in the dim lighting over the lake. Perhaps it would be more visible if it were closer to the island, which is brightly illuminated the impossible number of candles— the light of which dance upon the rippling surface of the water, yet granting no decent visibility of just whose face lies beneath.

The seer's face leans over to the surface of the water to stare down at the face there and her eyes grow wide and her mouth drops. She can't believe it, every time she sees his face. Eve shakes her head and blinks a few more times, though frozen in place. Not able to move from place as she stares down into the water's depths.

The head of Cameron Spalding, in all its military hairstyle glory, bobs momentarily above the water until it sinks deep below, the boat released from whatever held it in place. It travels along, closer and closer to the island in the center, and whomever waits there, cloaked at the gargantuan pipe organ. The water ripples as the boat gives a lurch just before it touches against the island, bouncing backwards ever so slightly before it begins to fill with water. Disembarking for the short of the illuminated island right against the boat seems to be the only option beyond treading water at the island's base.

"Cam.. I.." she doesn't get to finish the sentence and with a look of hurt, she steps out of the boat and stands at the island, she knows what she has to do but she doesn't want too. Not this time, she wants to see Cam. Not him. Eve shakes her head as she nears the organ and then she's right in front of it. Her hands shake as she stands and waits. "Leave me alone!" she yells at the top of her lungs, a childish and foolish thing to say to this.

A thunderous crash is heard, like a bass drum magnified a hundred times. Dust rains down from the ceiling. The crash comes again, and this time it's more like a bass drum. "Oh momma I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law…" More thunder, mixed with the piddling of water as it streams off the form of Cameron Spalding as he shambles up the steps to the island. Only he's not alone. An entire score of Camerons shamble behind him, and they all appear just as decayed, flesh rotting on their bones, waterlogged and soggy. Pale eyes look out under greenish skin.

"Hangman is coming down from the gallows and I don't have very long…" The cloaked man approaches, his face masked by the shadows of a long hood. What is visible looks like a familiar jawline, and a brief shake of his head reveals what appear to be — for the moment that they are scene — bushy eyebrows. The island shakes as the music reaches an almost deafening volume, yet it doesn't hurt Eve's ears at all.

"The jig is up the news is out they've finally found me
The renegade who had it made retrieved for a bounty
Never more to go astray
This will be the end today of the wanted man…"

The shambling zombie Spaldings join in a cancan line with the cloaked man, singing along with him and looking more menacing than they probably should. Of course, that's probably just because they suddenly all have electric blue eyes, including the cloaked man. They practically glow from underneath the hood.

The dark haired woman shakes her head and she pulls a gun from her boot, aiming at the Camerons, with tears in her eyes. She pulls the trigger on one and then the other and then another and it she never seems to run out of ammo. "Stop.. stop stop.." she says over and over. With each shot, Eve sinks closer and closer to the ground. Her resolve leaving her. Her eyes close briefly but she continues to shoot before she can't anymore.

And that time comes quickly when the hand of the cloaked man grabs her own, seizing the gun. "That's not very nice," he says. It's the voice of Sylar, but somehow it's deeper— older. Several fallen bodies lie on the stone of the underground island, yet more Camerons shamble up out of the water, crowding around Eve as the cloaked man reaches down to pull her up off the ground and hold her up. And hold her fast. She won't be going anywhere anytime soon.

Eve stops her movement as she looks at Sylar and shakes her head. "You can't hold me here." She says with a soft growl and then she's trying to yank her arm out of his grasp. Her eyes coming to rest on the undead Cams that are making their way around her. "I'm sorry.." she says to one of them, to which it only cracks a eerie grin but continues to move towards her.

The cloaked man lowers his hood to reveal the face of Kazimir. But it's no longer he holding her, but rather several of the Spalding Zombies. They scratch and claw at her white gown, making it murky brown and green. They tear little bits of the white cloth away with each scratch until they've reached her skin, where they continue to claw. Kazimir only watches, seemingly transfixed by the gaggle of zombies trying to make their collective move on poor Eve, who has so many hands gripping her that there's no hope for escape.

The woman can only gap and then scream as the pain starts. She tries to break away but it doesn't help. Her arms thrash about her and she can't seem to stop her old friend from hurting her. No matter what she does. "The Past.. is Present." She says as she lays limp on the island, under the watchful eye of Kazimir and the greedy hands of Cameron Spalding, extracting his revenge, for her not being able to save him in time.

Greedy, lecherous hands continue to claw at Eve, and the sheer number of zombies begin to weigh down on her, forcing her and a number of the zombies onto the ground. Kazimir laughs at the display, seeming amused. But even he gets bored and eventually disappears. The lights from the innumerable candles also fades as the horde of zombies begin to have their way with Eve. They don't seem to get bored as they start to dig in, in various ways. Though really, there's only one thing a zombie wants. "Brains."

The sound of the zombies eating her flesh is finally penetrated by a piercing scream from Eve, a white light emits from her and everything goes blank.

With a jolt and scream, Eve awakens in her room. Her eyes wide and seat drenching her clothing. Her body shakes and she doesn't look like she's going to stop screaming anytime soon. But just as suddenly as the screaming came, does the screaming end, abruptly and Eve is left staring at the wall in front of her with a hollow gaze. She looks towards the easels, but she is driven by her ability to paint what she has seen, but she is driven by the force that has interrupted her dreams.

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