Abandoned Tram Station
Roosevelt Island Tram Station
Owner City of New York
Employees None
Hours of Operation N/A
Current Status Closed for Business
People Come Here For… Nothing good

Towering high over the streets of Roosevelt Island, running paralell to the Queensboro Bridge, the rusted iron tower of the Roosevelt Island Tramway lies in a state of disuse and disrepair. Cable cars that once followed the bridge into midtown Manhattan lie spraypainted with graffiti, windows shattered. Surrounded by a chain-link fencing plastered with "NO TRESPASSING" signs, the fence is falling down in places where residents have kicked down the chain-link to get access to the tram cars as shelter.

With much of the surrounding area beneath the Queensboro Bridge, noise from the traffic of the bridge deck overhead drowns out other, quieter sounds and creates an almost constant sound of mechanical noise in the area, along with the creak and groan of straining metal from the old tram station.

Major IC Events


  • Each Tram car has a capacity of roughly 150 individuals.
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