Abby Makes A Hospital Call


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Scene Title Abby Makes A Hospital Call
Synopsis Abby and Liz after the Rickham assassination attempt.
Date December 20, 2008

St. Luke's Hospital

Last night was a complete clusterfuck. And of course, the fact that Rickham vanished has the press and the Secret Service and the NYPD *completely* freaked out and up in arms. Elisabeth deliberately stepped away from the situation on the podium to intercept backup and start pointing people off in directions to follow up on possible perps and such. It was only moments, but by the time she was done, Rickham was gone, along with most of Phoenix. Officer Trask was the only one remaining on the podium who was still bleeding profusely (besides Elisabeth herself) when the EMTs got up there — the two Secret Service agents and Matt Parkman had been healed at least enough to stabilize them until EMTs could arrive. So this morning finds Elisabeth having been kept overnight in the hospital for the gunshot to her leg…. and it finds her sitting in Officer Trask's room while he sleeps. The nurses point Abby down the hall when she arrives and finds Elisabeth's own room empty. There are a number of cops throughout the hospital, both being treated and being moral support for friends on their very few off-duty hours (no one is getting more than eight off-duty hours at a time with the uproar over Rickham's disappearance).

Which make the blonde utterly nervous about even asking for Elisabeth's location. A friend she tells them, she cam eand sat with her while she was here, only fair to extend the same. Abby comes to stand at the door to Trasks room watching the sleeping man and the other officer. Coffee's in hand, tired, face drawn. "They said you'd be here" her voice low so not to disturb trask.

Elisabeth looks up, relief clear in her body language and on her face when she sees Abby. "Thank God," she murmurs softly. She takes one last look at the bed and forces herself to her feet with the crutches they gave her when she made brutally clear she was NOT staying in her own bed. "Everyone's… okay?" she asks. She only saw parts of the end of last night — Abby's actions in healing people and such. But she heard on the radio that others of Phoenix were hurt, possibly.

Abby nods, coming forward and help Elisabeth up with her one hand, the other setting the coffee down on the table near the bed. "Not going to talk about it here" it's near lunch time, most of the night was a blur of sleeping, healing Conrad, then sleeping more then slipping away from the library.

Elisabeth nods emphatically. "C'mon back to my room," she says quietly. She knows there's nothing Abby can do for Trask, and Liz can't mute the whole room with him in here either. She starts to make her way toward the door on the crutches after Abby helps her get up and stable on her feet. "I'm really glad to see you," she tells the blond. At the very least, Abby can tell her what's going on now — Rickham leaving with Helena was kind of a shock.

One offee is left for Trask, grabbing anapkin and digging for a pen scrawling "from abby" on it for him. She's figured out that little secret from last night, and turns to follow Elisabeth with the rest. She brought more than enough for herself and Elisabeth and Trask so to whomever Elisabeth points out as part of her group or who she indicates, abby passes out the coffee as they go to the cops, creams and sugars available for the taking as they head back to elisabeth's hospital room.

Elisabeth has to chuckle softly as they pass people and Abby carries coffee and hands it out. When they finally make their way the three doors down to Elisabeth's room and get inside, she closes the door behind them. And then she erects a version of Conrad's silence bubble. "Conrad's been working with me on that silence bubble trick he's got, so we should be able to talk now without any trouble," she tells Abby quietly. She moves to painfully set her crutches up against the nighttable and slides into her bed, only then taking the coffee Abby proffers with a grateful look. "You look rough," she says to the younger girl. "You saved their lives, though… those two agents and Parkman. Nice job."

"should have stayed and helped the others. Was selfish to run with helena and them" Abby gathers her own coffee. "The one will ened blodo transfusions, I can't replace blood, the other, will eb fine adn Parkman?" She hasn't run across that name before. 'he needs.. alot more than what I saw and felt" She curls up in chair beside the bed with it's wooden arms and pleaster cushioning. "I'll be fine. Lots of coffee but i'll be fine and i'll sleep soundly tonight again"

Elisabeth shakes her head and says softly, "No, you shouldn't. It's the first thing you need to understand, *especially* if you're serious about outing yourself and becoming an EMT. You *have* to learn, especially in a big crisis, to only do enough to stabilize people and move on the next." Her blue eyes are kind on Abby. "Think of an EMT's job as being … a combat medic. You walk in, you stabilize everyone, and that way EVERYONE gets a better shot at surviving. Then you let traditional medicine take over. Calvins will need blood, but he's alive, Abby. He wouldn't be if you hadn't helped him. And Parkman… I'm not sure what you mean by that." She smiles a little. "And Trask is going to recover," she tells the girl. "You did *good*, Abby. After the fact, now you have time to decide how best to keep helping - now that everyone's surviving."

"I can't help trask though, he could die, and I can't help him, i'll never be able to. And Elisabeth, i'll always feel guilty about the one person I can't help, that I can't reach. The same as I feel bad that I couldn't give belinda back her arm fully. if I hadn't have fixed myself a little that night, and just trusted that the medicine would leave me well enough to work, I could have given her her hand back. Healers guilt, I guess you could call it" The paper cup is lifted to her lips, and confidant in the sound bubble she looks to reclining woman. "Trask is Sergie. How many people can negate a gift Elisabeth"

Elisabeth nods slightly, sipping her coffee, once more grateful that Abby brought it. "Believe me, Abby, I do understand the guilt. But no one can help everyone all the time — if you expect it of yourself, you're just setting yourself up to fail." She tilts her head. "Your ability is a blessing and a gift. But even God Almighty does not expect that you should kill yourself attempting to heal every single person. It's too big a job for one small human, Abby — he gave you the gift because you have the right heart for it. And he gave it to you so that you could help whoever you could along the way. Trust that there's a reason you can't help certain people, and trust that God knows you will do your best — and your best has to include keeping YOURSELF healthy too, else you won't be able to help anyone, will you?" And then she pauses, taking a sip of her coffee before responding to the information that Trask is Sergei. Finally, she says softly, "I know." It's just that simple for her. "He's been my best friend since the Bomb… and I've been dating him for a little while now. I know who he is, Abby."

"I figured you knew" Abby murmurs. "Everyone knew.. except me. But that's okay. I tend to run at the mouth" Elisabeth's little lecture isn't ignored. "And it may be too big a job elisabeth, but it's my job. He gave it to me, and i'll do that job till i'm exhausted and he calls me forth" She drinks from the paper cup again. "Conrad was hurt. He'll be fine. Broken bones, I cna heal them almost without needing to be careful. Everyone else, nothing really. I've been asleep most of the night, and this morning, then off to get coffee and come sit with you here"

Elisabeth blinks and says quietly, "So far as I'm aware — so far as *he* is aware — the only person who knew was Helena. I'm not sure what you mean by 'everyone' knew." She's curious. Norton'll be upset if he realizes he's been keeping up his charade for no one but himself. And then the news on people hurt. She nods slightly to Conrad's name, concern and then a neutral expression about it. "It's good you're taking a break. I'm not telling you not to help people. I'm just saying that especially as an EMT, you have to learn to …. define your role. An EMT isn't meant to make everyone all better — they're meant to save a life. That's all I'm saying," she assures Abby. She knows there's no stopping the girl. "It sounds like aside from… well, the sheer uproar that's happening, we're all squared away." She pauses. "How's Rickham holding up? Working on his strategy?" She pauses and says softly, "I've been thinking about what happened last night…. and I think he could get away with telling people that was his first manifestation. Make a big deal about it, and about how as the President-elect, he'll obviously follow the letter of the law and Register, but that he still doesn't believe in it and will continue his work to fight the Linderman Act." She grins a bit. "But heck, what do I know, I'm just a cop."

"I don't know Elisabeth. About either thing. If just Helena knows.. then.. just Helena knows I didn't kow it was so tightly a kept secret and as for the President.." Abby shake sher head. "I've been sleeping and then snuck out to come here. Going to stop by my house and see about getting some fresh clothes" thank god for black jackets, they don't show blood that she might have missed washing it off. "then maybe go back to the place. I'm not exactly the go to girl for information all the time. Likely he's dealing with helena. I'm just someone in the background Elisabeth"

Elisabeth nods slightly. "Well, I'll run the thought past Helena… and perhaps past the man himself. We'll just have to see how it plays out." She shrugs a little. "Last night was a mess. But I'm grateful that you were there. And I'm sure Calvins is too."

"Run it by Helena what?" maybe sleep is jsut addling her brain. "I'm sure, If he asks, if you know, don't tell him. So far, it seems that no one knows it was me, and I haven't decided yet whether I need to register or not yet. I can go to school and not. Right now, right now I just want to get past the next few days is all"

Elisabeth looks puzzled. She, too, seems confused. "I was referring to mentioning the idea for Rickham to Helena so she can pass it along if it hasn't already occurred to him," she says. And then she grins. "As for you — no one's going to know it was you. You'll be okay, just keep a low profile for a while." She grins a little. "I'll show up on your doorstep when I'm out of here for a little help, if you don't mind. I don't want to be on crutches while all of this is going on." She shakes her head. "You know my squad's going to be ALL OVER this. I need to be there to try my best to steer them toward Vanguard."

"They might question it, that your fully healed but, here, give me your hand… " Abby pry's one from the coffee cup and holds it outstretch. "Not too much, not enough to make them suspicious. I'll just nap in the chair after okay?"

Elisabeth smiles at Abby and says softly, "Thank you… " She takes the blonde's hand and says, "I might come to you after they release me just because if they ask me how I got healed after I leave, there's no tracing it back to you. But a little to take the edge of the pain? Not gonna argue there, lady." She's grateful for any small amount of help Abby gives. And while the younger woman snoozed in the chair, Elisabeth herself catches a quick nap in her bed as well. She's not going to get much sleep once she's out of here.

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