Abby's Abbey


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Scene Title Abby's Abbey
Synopsis Abigail and Helena drive to soho to look at one of many bar properties and think they found the one.
Date June 29, 2010

Soho - Outside a closed down bar.

"Okay… the address is…. 9327… Can you see it yet?" Abigail inquires of the blonde parked in the passenger side of her new SUV, cotton candy pink hair in a ponytail, peering over the wheel towards the various storefronts and businesses that populate this particular part of soho. "Picture has it looking… well… sorta old timey" Abby offers to Helena, nose wrinkled as she debates about pulling over in a parking spot.

Time to jump onto finding a replacement bar, get her affairs and things in order and when Helena came out of the blue, who better and free, to take with her when scouring the list of Soho and Brooklyn addresses. So far everything they'd seen had been uninspiring. Nothing like what she had thought about or had in mind. How the hell had Izzy done this?

Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? Or Helena Dean, for that matter. Very much under the radar of late, buried under mounds of work as she prepares to enter Columbia in the fall. But apparently she's been inclined to come out of her shell again. Maybe it was the flash. "I think that's it." she says, pointing out her window toward the corner. "Look at the front - it's kinda art deco, isn't it? Very SoHo." Three years in New York City, and she can already manage jaded New York approval.

Corner building. Now that is gonna cost her. Would it cost her the same as if she were to rebuild the bar from scratch back on it's original site? "I think you're right. A corner though. Well… It'll be easier to see folks, and there's already bars on the window" What was the current security measures like? Likely nothing, it had been abandoned before the storm and the owner went under. Firesale she'd been told. Two stories, one back room, she had the keys in hand to look inside. "So almost ready for school? Going in the fall or do you have some classes you're doing right now?" Time to find parking.

"I'm taking prep. It's mostly online, but I think that's good you know? Promotes self-motivation." Helena peers at the place, inquiring, "Is there a place to park? Corner bars always get good business because they're so easy to find - you could make a lot of money pretty quick. I thought you were focusing on being an EMT, though."

"Already am Helena. Been running in a rig for a few months now" She looks over. "You really have been hiding with your studies" It's a kindly comment though. "Take a really wild guess who my partner is. You're going to probably curse and then roll your eyes"

Helena makes a strangling sound in the back of her throat and sighs. "I knew Peter was working as an EMT, I just don't think I knew you were working with him." She seems to not want to go there, and instead continues, "So are you going to be able to have the bar and do the EMT thing at the same time? Both are pretty full time, aren't they?"

Peter Petrelli is indeed her partner. She doesn't make a further comment, no use in doing so when he's a sore subject. "Three days on, one day off, sometimes two. I did it before, I can do it now. The girls are all working other places for now until the bar is back up. Brenda was pulling up the slack and such. It's not like i was working full time before. Besides, in another two months i can head back to night school and start my paramedic training. I don't think I'm gonna call it Old Lucy's. I flirted with calling it the Kami-Kazi but… I think Eileen might take offense"

It's not so much a sore subject as just something that occasionally still stirs some inner emotional conflict. "I'm glad Peter has someone solid backing him up. I'm sure he's doing good these days." See? Just so she can prove she's a big girl. She keeps her eye out for a parking spot. "What about there?" she points. "Can you parallel? If you can't, we can swap seats and I'll do it. Old Lucy's does seem to have some bad luck attached to it. You think calling it a saloon would be too jokesy?"

"Helena… Helena, the car does it itself, watch" Abigail grins, getting the vehicle just so and presses a button, letting the vehicle do it itself. Easing into the spot carefully with nothing needed from Abby to do but sit there. Yes, she can parallel park herself, but it's not been often she's gotten to do this and show it off.

"I am not calling it a saloon. Maybe the Nunnery? Or dunno, the pink virgin? Or would that be too icky?"

Helena giggles. "Well, don't nuns live in abbeys? You could call it the Abbey, and have it be a play on your name."

Helena blinks as the vehicle does the parallel parking on its own. "Wow." she says. "That is…I kinda want one, except I don't need one. My dad…" she trails off, and then continues resolutely, "My dad would have loved this."

"The Abbey" A play on everything. A literal play on everything. Abigail looks over to the other woman before almost literally throwing her arms around the soon to be university student and squeeze her tight. "You… You are so damned intelligent, you just done come up with the name Hel!" The comment about her father liking the vehicle is not lost on her. "I'm sure too hel, that if he hadn't been who he'd been and things were different, you coulda so got this car outta him"
Helena smiles faintly at that. "I have a baby brother." she says, though it may be more a statement than a revelation, she forgets who knows. "So it's not all bad. He's living in Sleepy Hollow with his mom." Her grin widens into a smile, though. "I'm glad I helped find you a name! Does that mean I get free drinks?" She even bats her lashes at that.

"Hel, you always get free drinks" She points out, releasing the woman even as her steering wheel stops shifting and the vehicle has parked itself. "You go out to visit much, is that where you've been? It's good that outta something so bad, you found a little silver lining. You thought about inviting them out to the city for a bit or… are they not interested in talking to you?"

"Jackqueline talks to me now." Helena assures as she gets out of the car. "I mean, she was sort of clueless as to what was going on before, you know? With him. She's taken care of, in his will and everything, but I think there's still some shame there for her, for the things he's done. I don't think she hates me, she just doesn't really - didn't really know me, but she's kind enough as a person in that she doesn't want me to feel like I can't have a connection with my last blood relation. Liam's all I have left in terms of blood family." She stands on the curb, a hand casually on her hip despite the seriousness of the subject.

"Maybe it's not that she doesn't really know you so much as doesn't really know what to do with you? The daughter of her husbands first marriage, leader of purported group of terrorist - not that you are a terrorist!" She points out. "Would you know what to do? But I suppose that you just have to really keep trying and be nice"

Out and in front of the corner building, all brick and then dark painted wood front, she stares at it, cocking her head to the side. "Can you see it? I mean, the last two places I just couldn't see Helena, but this place…"

"I know, right? I wonder if there's someone we can call to open it up for us…" Helena starts looking for a realtor's sign, or to see if there's a window that isn't boarded over she can peer into. "She lets me see Liam. It's all good. What about you? And oh hey, you tortured me briefly about my love life, how's yours?"

'Talk about tortured" That cryptic comment will not be expounded on. "You know Linderman's main Public Relations go to guy, Robert Caliban?" There's a blush that rises to her cheeks and a smile. "See each other a couple days a week. He's out of town right now. He comes over and I cook, go out to a restaurant or to the movies, artsy places or… he took me to see a foreign film the other night. It was all in Italian but I understood it. I never woulda thought to go there. I'm saving a bit, want to take him to the twenty-one. They have this secret dining room with floor to ceiling wines, oooold dusty wines and in this interview he did in Pause, he talked about that was something he had growing up"

Helena shakes her head. "I don't think I've met him." she admits, "But he sounds pretty cultured. Just be careful - you know, Linderman and all. I know you can handle yourself. Ooh! There's a sign here with a phone number. You want to call and see if someone can open it up for us?"

"I got the key already Helena and I know. I know about the Linderman group and I know that he is a man who has killed before, knows how to dispose of a skeleton and where to dispose of a skeleton and he is a family friend of the petrelli's and that more people have issues with him, and me dating him than they did when I dated Flint. I like him Helena, and I'm wide open eye'd about who he is and not disillusioned by everything."

She digs out a realty key, heading up to the door so she can sink the two keys into the locks and eventually open the door so that they can go in. "Some water damage, from flooding upstairs, they warned. I figured any place I got i'd have to probably renovate"

"That should take down the price a little, though?" Helena doesn't second-guess Abby's self-assessment of her romantic situation, but waits for Abby to talk into the place first. Once she does, she takes it in with a whistle.

"Probably why it's the price that it is. Fix it up, lots of light from the windows… With not living above I won't need to worry about security'ing up the place" She murmurs, stepping in, leaving the door open. It's musty, nothing some airing out probably wouldn't cure. The overall color dark. Massive bar, drop down lights, like some sightly english pub feel. A large room in the back with windows too, she smiles a bit.

Helena walks to the walls and puts her hands on them. "Abby, wood paneling…it's so gorgeous. If you don't put in a bid, I'm going to kick you." Helena grins at Abby over her shoulder, moving to the bar and reaching out to run her hand along it.

"It's a little gothic though" But then again.. so is the name that Helena suggested. "It Could work still, really. The insurance will cover buying it" But Helena's approving and while Abby doesn't need Helena's approval about the location, it helps. 'Come on, lets go check out the back and the upstairs. They had a pool table in the back. Upstairs was storage I think but could turn it into a private room. For parties or just… private use" Something.

"Okay!" Helena is so bright-eyed. This is fabulously NORMAL stuff. And she is so keen on normal right now. Up they go, to ooh and ahh over the new prospect in Abby's life. Abby's Abbey.

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