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Scene Title Abduction
Synopsis Just a few minutes after a concert, Elaine is confronted once more by James, with disastrous results.
Date August 1, 2010

Blue Moon Cafe - Bathroom

The song Elaine and Quinn performed was a decent success, and the redhead was glad she went ahead with the show at the Blue Moon bookstore. Slipping out of the way, she let the others know she was headed to the bathroom before she squeezed out of the way, heading in towards the ladies room to freshen up.

Boy, it was crowded at the bookstore. Oddly, it was more popular than at first expected apparently. It would be easy for someone like one James Nelson to slip in unexpected. It would be easy for him to watch Elaine from afar, letting her have this last bit of freedom. It would be almost too easy to tail her to the bathroom, comfortably waiting outside the room, waiting, watching.

After a moment, he looks around. No one is coming in. Good. She should probably be in there washing up right now. Good. Slowly, he moves to the door, slowly opening the door and slipping inside with surprising grace.

Washing her hands carefully, Elaine moves to pull some paper towels from the holder on the wall, shifting her purse onto her shoulder a bit more before she turns, eyes suddenly widening as she notes a familiar face. "W-What…?"

James' face is turned inot a scowl, a face of anger. "Elaine, no more games. You're going with me, that's that." He stands in front of the door, the only exit out blocked. "Now, are you going to come quietly, or do I have to teach you not to disobey me?"

"They're right out there, James. You can't get past them so easily." Elaine's hand goes to her purse for her cell phone. "I'm not coming with you. This is over, do you understand? No more games." She's using his own words to emphasize her point.

James gnashes his teeth in anger. Rather startlingly, he lunges at her, arm reaching for the phone. His mind is filled with rage, and yet he talks with clarity. "They don't care abuot you, Elaine. Not like I do. I just want you to be happy. Only I can do that."

Elaine moves, ducking low as she throws the rest of the purse at him to try and distract him, frantically pushing buttons on her cellphone to try and get a number in. Come on, speed dial. Come on! "And I don't care about you! Leave me alone."

Without missing a hitch, James brings the back of his hand across Elaine's face, not holding back any of his angry. "Then I'll just have to teach you to love me!" His words are angry as he grips her, almost crushingly so, reaching for her hand with the cell phone trying to wring it out of her grip.

Elaine is struck full-force by the backhand, stunned for just enough of a second for James to grab hold of her hand. She quickly tries to get the phone into her other hand to try and make sure the call gets through. "No one would love you, James. I'm not scared of you anymore. I've moved on! Get the hell out of my life!" Her knee comes in an attempt to hit him in the groin—ultimate revenge.

James unfortunately, is not expecting the act of retaliation from Elaine, and a shock of pain from his groin sens him reeling. His hand moves to her neck, suddenly tightening around her as he contorts and groans in pain. Her airway is shut off rather suddenly as he growls in contempt. "I will fucking teach you to never do that again."

With her airway cut off, Elaine's eyes widen as she flails, desperately trying to kick or hit at anything she can reach at this point. She's not entirely sure she can reach anything or get a good hit in but… it's worth a try. That and she's not entirely sure he won't kill her.

With a snarl, James fights through her flailing, moving to sit on top of her, hnad still wrapped around her neck, not letting go. "Give up now, Elaine. Stop now. Give up." James voice is growling. "If I can't have you, no one will. And if you stop now, maybe I'll spare those thieves outside, even if they did steal you from me." He is dead serious. Murder is well within his insane thought process.

Elaine doesn't stop. She struggles to try and inhale, arms desperately trying to push James back and off of her. She silently hopes he didn't have enough sense to try and block the door, given that anyone could, at the moment, simply walk into the bathroom and see the whole sight.

James didn't but maybe it was just her luck, because no one was going in. Growling in sheer frustration, the attacker raises his arm, bringing it into her chest, putting some of his added force into, an attack that would leave her breathless no doubt

Elaine's struggles become more frantic as she sees that she's not going to be getting any air, eyes still wide as she sees the room spinning a bit from lack of oxygen. She claws desperately at James' arms, trying to scratch him and find a way to make him look even more suspicious. How the hell did he think he could get her out of here?

She's about to shut down. Good. James leans in to kiss her cheek. Just fall asleep. I will get you out of here, no worries." His hand keeps its iron grip around her neck. "Just sleep, and we'll be out of here in little time." His scowl turns into a smile at her. A genuine one.

After a second, James sits up, his hand releasing her neck, letting air flow into her lungs once more, albeit painfully. Unconscious. Good. He looked around, feeling the added force of the struggle buld up inside himself. He can get out of there.

The window's the obvious way out. An alarm would probably go off, though. The glass itself would easily buckle to his fist. Almost tenderly, he picks up Elaine's unconscious body, making sure to kick her phone away. The thieves would find it. Slinging her over her shoulder, James moves to the glass, raising his fist angrily. He didn't have much time after an alarm went off. But not like he had a choice.

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