Abigail Beauchamp Makes a Statement

After much media hounding for comments from Registered Evolved Healer Abigail Beauchamp on her reported miracle work reported on the 22nd, it appears that she has finally relented, volunteering for an interview at the Channel 4 news studios on the 25th. The event was disclaimed as a spur of the moment once off interview, and was aired at around 7: 30 PM.

The interview features a sit-down chat with reporter Katrina Pepper and Miss Beauchamp, the redheaded healer seeming polite and a little nervous, all smiles and quiet words, and wearing a conspicuous amount of black, as elegant as it may be.

"I heal those that God has put in my path," Abigail is recorded to have said, her eyes on the reporter save for small glances towards the camera now and then, her accent flawless to those who know it well. "If there's anyone to thank for what I do, it's the Lord, and I thank Him for my gift every day there is."

Abigail then stressed that her privacy was important to her, and that she came to Channel 4 studios to put to rest any curiousity the media might have and that she desires to otherwise get on with her life, as much as an honour as the attention has been. She than said 'hi!' to her family back in Lousiana with a quick hand wave, and the interview was wrapped up just before the weather report.

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