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Scene Title About Princess Di
Synopsis Raquelle finally gets ahold of Abigail to ask if she can come take care of healing up his daughter the next day.
Date May 12, 2009

Coffee Shop near the hospital.

Raquelle has been…frazzled for the most part really, trying to keep up a good appearance for his girls and the doctors and the like. So he might have his eyeliner but no other make-up so his freckles are showing, his hair is still well done but no spikes or fancy arrangements. He wears a simple dark purple t-shirt with the picture of a penguin with a mohawk on it for some reason, a pair of dark jeans and black docs on his feet.

But the point of everything is, asking Abby via phone to meet him at a small coffee shop like place not far from the hospital and he sighs softly as he sips from a cup of black coffee.

Parents on a flight back home, Abby had gotten around to listening to her messages, one of which was Raquelle. A taxi ride later, the redhead in her leather jacket, jeans and a cotton shirt is getting out of the yellow street cockroach and making her way into the coffee shop. messenger bag at her side, headband keeping her hair back, Abigail slides into a seat across from Raquelle. "I got your message. Something wrong?"

"Ahhh, Abby sweetie…don't you look darling." Raquelle exhales wearily with a tired smile. He sits up a bit more. "What do you want to drink, its on me…and heh, everything in life lately is wrong my biblical little biker babe. But mostly lately it has to do with Diana. She fell from the top of a playground, she's recovering uh…at the hospital. Still. I should've called sooner but there are complications, naturally."

And she'd been enjoying the weekend with her parents. Abigail's palm flattens on the table. "Raquelle. Lord. heavens. She's in the hospital?" The redhead is up within a few moments. "Take me to her. We'll have her out in a few hours, I promise. I'm sorry, I should have checked my phone sooner, my parents were in town and I was with them….."

Raquelle holds up a hand quickly. "Whoa whoa, holy blondie, shh, just a minute…that's where it is complicated." He has to close his eyes for a few moments, taking a deep breath. "Please do not apologize, family is important. I'd want you to have a good time with your family." He hmms softly. "It's just…there will be, I'm not sure…I don't know how just." He sighs again.

"Complicated how Raquelle?" Abigail looks at the man her rise half aborted and she sits back down.

"Apparently a little boy pushed her. But there are people pushing to say she jumped on her own. Then others saying that such a fall couldn't hurt a child that badly. She's had to have surgery, a blood transfusion that has me fuc-freakin' worried about having to get her registered, I still believe that doctor was bullshitting me." A pause. "Excuse my language." Raquelle takes another sip of his drink and shakes his head. "I don't want her to hurt anymore, but then she's going to get a pink cast. I don't want to see the bruises and scars of the surgery, but if there aren't any marks or proof on her that she was hurt in the first place…Iunno." Bah, complications. "Then I really don't need God pissed off at me anymore than he already is apparently."

"Raquelle… You have a camera do you not? Have you called in the cops? They'll take pictures of her, if they haven't already, evidence of everything, and then I can take care of her. She won't need a pink cast and there will be no scars, I promise" Abby offers that solution.

Raquelle taps a nail with chipped black polish against the table and narrows his eyes as he considers that. "I guess, yeah. Maybe I should've thought about what to do before calling you. Just. Its hard, ya know? She's so tiny with all those wires and tubes." He swallows and takes a deep breath. "I should've waited to call you."

"has she been awake to tell you whether she fell or was pushed? Raquelle, call the cops. Tell them you want it looked into. That you have a friend who's a healer who's waiting to fix your daughter but can't until they've come to at least take photo evidence of the damage done" The redhead's hands are clasped together on the top of the table. "I'll make her like new Raquelle, I promise. Like it was all a bad dream. God won't let her be scarred"'

Raquelle just hmms softly as he listens and takes a deep breath. "She's been awake from time to time, she told me she was pushed. Cops have been involved I believe, everything has just been a whirlwind. I mean first, I might make a deal with a bitch, then I'm in love with an asshole and my baby is hurt and just bleck." He picks up his cup and nods firmly. "I believe you. I really do believe you though."

"Oh Raquelle, i'm sure it has" Abigail does the nearly unusual, reaching a hand over to lay on top of his. "She'll forget about this,s he will. I'll not leave a trace. If the cops have been involved then they likely have pictures, but we can ask the hospital to take pictures as well, just to make sure. They'll have written reports of what she was like when she came in too"

Raquelle offers a small smile, licking his lips and setting his cup down as he shifts around in his seat. "Gifts…abilities. You can tell a gift if the person who has it has a good heart and a well meaning spirit, sweetie. You truly are blessed, inside and out. Thank you." He replies before clearing his throat. "And I also do hope you had a good time with your parents…bah, hospital'll have their records and such. I have no idea why I'm even tripping."

"Your tripping because she's your daughter and you love her dearly and your a mess that she's been hurt and someone dared to do it to her. Come on, grab your drink and lets go take care of her okay? Besides, your just like my father. He went down to the police station and embarrassed me in front of the detective who was taking care of my case. I came back in and at least both of them were still standing but it took me an hour to calm my Dah down. But it was good. Some strange moments. Really strange moment but they didn't try to stuff me in the bag and take me home" She pulls her hand back, rising from the chair.

Raquelle chuckles and arches an eyebrow. "Your father is a well dressed gothic looking hairdresser with a background in musical theatre?" He teases, trying to lighten the mood as he leans forward to rest his elbows on the table. "Can you do it tomorrow?" He blurts out as he gets to his feet and throws back the rest of his coffee. "I know putting it off in a delay is kinda stupid but, that way I can have time to let her know, make sure everybody understands I'm bringing in a registered healer and get those things smoothed out first?"

"I can do it tomorrow. They know who I am at the hospital, you won't have a problem bringing me in. I'll arrange to see to a few others while i'm there." Abigail smiles at Raquelle. "She'll be okay. Have faith. And no, he's taller, stockier, and he works at a slaughtering house. He is not you"

Raquelle smiles and nods slowly as he takes a deep and steadying breath. "I'll still have to get back to her side, make sure she's okay." He hmms and has to chuckle a bit. "Your dad seems like a good man, thank you…for helping with my faith here. See you tomorrow?"

"Tomorrw Raquell. Just leave a message when I should show up" With that, the redhead smiles and starts to head for the door.

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