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Scene Title About Those Hands…?
Synopsis Elisabeth stops by Forensics to inquire about the identity of those involved in the bridge fatality and meets Analyst Rebecca.
Date February 22, 2009

NYPD Forensics Lab

If one were to actually set foot in the forensics lab of the NYPD, one would probably thing there is no way there's any work getting done here. Everything is nearly spotless and it doesn't look like half the millions of dollars of equipment is being used. However, that would not be the case as Rebecca Nakano, Forensics Investigator and Analyst tends to keep everything nice and shiny. You could call her a neat freak if you like, but the fact is she keeps everything clean so her results are rarely questioned.

Rebecca sits at her computer, her fingers flying over the keyboard as rapid pace. She seems to be typing up a report of some kind, while a voice recording of her voice drolls on. Her accent is very light, just a hint of her Asian heritage peeking through. She never pauses the recording, able to type rather quickly and accurately everything that comes across.

The blond stepping through the doors into the vaunted Forensics Lab is not a regular sight here. In point of fact, Elisabeth Harrison hasn't really ever worked as a detective, a role she's sort of been shoved into with SCOUT's ever-expanding purview. She glances around and notes the woman at the keyboard, walking forward to say, "Excuse me?"

The brunette looks up and smiles. She rarely gets out of the lab, unless she's needed on the scene, so it's no surprised that the two have not met. The rat-tat-tat of the keyboard stops abruptly and the voice recorder is turned off. Becca rolls the chair out from under the desk and stands, her hands automatically moving to dewrinkle her lab coat, as if she could feel each one and it annoyed her. Brown eyes peek out from behind thick black framed glasses as she moves towards the intruder. "Can I help you?" she offers in a friendly manner. Her demeanor is somewhat timid, but friendly and reserved.

"I hope so… I'm supposed to be picking up the final report on the box of severed hands," Liz replies with a distinct grimace. "I heard you ID'd all of them."

The woman before you is just a hair above average height, standing 5'7 in her stocking feet. She has a slender, willowy figure, nicely rounded and curvaceous without being lush or overblown. She's physically fit, with long legs, slim hips, and well-defined musculature. She has long blond hair that she wears in a careless style — bangs framing her oval face, the rest falling in a loose cascade to below her shoulder blades. Deep blue eyes are set evenly above a pert nose and a wide smile.

"Oh. Right. The bridge." she states as she move back to her desk. She flips through the large stack of folders on her desk. Seems to be a busy week for the forensic investigator as the cases seem to stack high on her desk. Highly doubt anyone would noticed that the folders are stacked alphabetically. One might wonder how the young woman keeps everything organized. It wouldn't take much investigative work to find out Becca does not have much of a social life. She pulls the thick folder from the near the top of the stack and brings it over. She hesitates as if considering whether to hand it over. She glances down at the badge and then holds out the folder. "Right. No idea if that were all the casualties, but these are all that were recovered. What's your connection to the case, if I can ask?" she is not interrogating, more like trying to gather an additional piece of data for her own knowledge.

With a wrinkle of her nose, Elisabeth replies, "I'm the one who took delivery of the gruesome box, thanks." She still looks squicked, glancing into the folder to the list of identities of the hands, perhaps verifying something. Her expression eases just a bit as she reads the names. "Notification's been made on the cop's remains already, but now I have to try to track down family members, and try to verify cause of death and see if we can locate the rest of the remains. Being that hands are the only thing we got sent."

"I am thankful not that have that job." she admits, then instantly regrets saying it. "Sorry." Becca makes a face and offers her hand over. "I don't think we've met before, so I imagine you're either new or just have had no reason to come see me." she gives a soft chuckle. "I'm Becca. Obviously a part of Forensics."

Elisabeth grins. "Liz Harrison… just never had reason. Used to be a hostage negotiator, joined SCOUT a couple of months ago. Nice to meet you," she tells the woman. "And believe me…. wish *I* hadn't gotten that job too."

"Nice to meet you, Officer Harrison." Becca tilts her head curiously. "Is there anything more you needed from me in regards to that file? Obviously, I can't tell you who did it without more evidence to investigate, but at least some families can put their loved ones to rest now, as sad as that it." She did noticed that somewhat relieved look that passed over the officer's face, but doesn't comment on it.

a brief shrug, Elisabeth says, "Probably not. Mostly we just wanted to verify identities. Now that we have that, I guess I'm making a run to Staten Island." She grimaces. "That's gonna be a lot of fun." But she's been asking to go, and Will Harvard is finally giving in with this assignment. "Personally, I wouldn't want to do what you do either, though. Hope you don't take it wrong."

Rebecca nods as she grins. "Most can't handle it. I know that. It's why I try my best to do things the right way." She nods at the mention of Staten Island. "I've heard some rumblings about stuff out there. Do you have any idea what's going on out there?"

Elisabeth blows out a breath. "Uhm…. so far as I can tell, prostitution, pirating, gladiator fights, and rampant crime." She grimaces. "It's like a modern-day Tortuga or Mos Eisley." Shaking her head, unable to stop the grin, Liz says, "It's a wretched hive of scum and villainy."

"Sounds like you might need to take the National Guard with you when you go." Becca smiles. "I have no idea why you'd want to go in there, but just be careful when you do. Sounds pretty dangerous, if you ask me." She leans against the edge of her desk as she flashes a look of concern. She's not going to offer to go, she would not have any use there. She'd be another body in the way, plus she knows there are those trained to assist in situations like that. She's best serving right here. They know when to call on her. She reaches up and brushes some black hair from over her eyes, tucking it behind her ear.

Elisabeth shrugs slightly. "I have to go and see if anyone over there is even making an attempt to store and preserve remains. It's got to be done. Too many bodies are missing from that day."
Rebecca nods. "I am not sure we'll ever find everyone." She sighs giving a soft shrug. "But, I hope we do. If you need anything from me. Anything at all, please let me know. I'll do whatever I can to help."

Elisabeth nods slowly, hesitating. "Becca…. have you ID'd many cops' bodies?"

Becca's brows arch up at the question. "I.. " she hesitates. "I mean, I have. More than I'd like to admit. Why do you ask?" she looks more than concerned. "Is.. is there something going on I don't know about?"

Elisabeth shakes her head quickly. "No, not really. Just…. I took a friend to the airport the morning before everything hit the fan, you know? And I've been trying to get hold of him and having no luck. I finally checked the airline, only to find his plane never took off that day. It was scheduled to leave about a half hour after the city exploded." She pauses. "He's a cop, and it's in his nature to want to be in the middle of it all. So in light of the fact that I *haven't* heard from him…. I'm not sure anyone would really know to say anything to me if they found his body, you know?" God's gonna strike her dead for this many lies in one breath, surely. But Teo wants Trask listed among the missing, and this is a good way to start.

Rebecca bites her lip for a moment and shrugs. Not like she hasn't helped out other cops. "What's the name?" she says as she turns around and moves to sit at her desk. It's not likely the name will be in her database. It probably would have made news, but if just looking will help the negotiator, there's no reason not to help.

"Norton Trask," Elisabeth replies quietly, moving to stand behind Rebecca. She presses the folder to her body as if it can shield her from bad news, but ultimately it's better to know for sure if he's already in there. If not… well, maybe Teo's theories could hold water. "And don't worry… I won't tell anyone," she assures Rebecca.

Taptaptaptaptaptap! Becca stares at the screen as she expertly navigates the menu and types in the name Trask. The cursor flashes "Please Wait" several times before the computer beeps. Rebecca senses there's something not right about this request, but she's not entirely sure why. She tends to have a sense when someone is not being entirely truthful. When the computer beeps, the screen shows. '0 results found.' "Nothing here." she turns her head to the side as she pushes back slowly on her chair and spins around. "Sorry. Not much help I'm afraid. I.. I can keep an eye out for you if you like, just in case something comes across my desk."

Elisabeth nods quickly, her relief once again visible. "I'd like that a lot, Rebecca, if you don't mind doing it," she replies. And then she grins a bit. "Well, at least I can tell his captain he hasn't turned up dead." Yet.

Rebecca taps on the keys for a while, setting up an alert for the missing cop. She turns standing back up and nodding. "If I hear anything, you'll be the first to know."

Elisabeth looks at the woman and nods. "You're a nice lady, Becca. I appreciate it." She grins. "Can I bring you a cup of coffee next time I have to come down this way, as a thanks?"

Rebecca is probably too nice a girl for her own good sometimes. Regardless, the gesture is rewarded with a smile, as well as a light blush to the cheeks as Becca nods. "That would be great. I would never say no to a good cup of coffee." She leans back against her desk against. "Be careful out there, okay?"

"You can count on that, lady," Liz replies with feeling. "It needs to be done, but I gotta tell you — it's hell out there. Be glad you're working in the lab and not on the streets. I saw one of the forensics guys get clocked by a brick last week. So if you go out on a call with a team, you be careful too."

"Oh, I'm very careful. But sometimes if I'm not at the scene, I just can't get a good handle on things." Becca grins, nodding. "But, I will be careful." She gives another sighs. "Things just seem to be getting worse around here. Hopefully, something can be done sooner than later."

"Well, that's what we're here for, right?" Elisabeth smiles. "Thanks for the file, Becca. I'll make a point of checking in when I get back, okay?"

Rebecca nods. "I've gotten it into the computer, so there's no hurry. I just hadn't gotten around to dealing with that one yet. Take your time."

Elisabeth gives a brief wave and heads for the door, her heart a bit lighter with the information in her possession. Her job is still gonna suck, all the NYPD jobs suck a lot, but hey…. a moment of shared ick goes a long way some days.

Rebecca watches the female leave and her eyes stay on the door for a long inquisitive moment before she turns back to her computer, pulls up her previous window and turns back on the voice recorder. Her voice comes back as she begins to type, resuming her work.

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