Absolutely Fabulous


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Scene Title Absolutely Fabulous
Synopsis Raquelle sets a few tests for Kendall and Brand to see if they're worthy of being hired. Hijinks occur.
Date September 25, 2010

Cambria Salon and Day Spa

Tranquil and Fabulous wrapped up in warm and inviting colors and the sleek lines of Japanese architecture…Cambria Salon and Day Spa is a fashionable paradise. Dark almost black wood paneling has been used through out the salon, fresh flowers are found in glass vases and exchanged with flower shaped candles every day at 4 PM. There is a different theme for just about every day of the week, but nothing set in stone. There are 8 or so individual work stations with leaf shaped mirrors and comfortable chairs. There are a couple of private rooms for waxing, facials and massages and the like including a private station and office for the owner. The reception area is designed for comfort with the black seats and couches, glass coffee tables and glass/wood reception desk. Over all the salon is edgy and sleek, it is Cambria Salon and Day Spa.

Some fancy game that's on some type of top 10 list in a game magazine has been purchased and carefully wrapped up in purple wrapping and then some type of pricey black wrestling shoes still in the box also wrapped up in purple wrapping…

It is all a set up. Raquelle's called in two special individuals, not sure if Kendall will come or not. He himself wears a fitted black t-shirt and a pair of fitted black jeans, dark sneakers and a black newsboy cap perched to the side fashionably. The gifts are placed in gift bags with t-shirts, aprons with pockets, work manual and small kits with combs, brushes, clips…he sighs and flips through his magazine, occasionally looking up to the door.

Kendall kinda owes Raquelle a little for the fact that he made the guy faint yesterday. Therefore, he can't really refuse a call, especially since… Kendall's not quite sure if he still has his other job, having been, uh… 'gone' for a month. So he enters through the front door, looking around somewhat apprehensively, hands shoved in his pockets.

Brand is on time. Just behind Kendall, the bell on the door just barely having stopped its ring before the beefy teenager muscles his way through the doorway. He's dressed in jeans, a conservative tight black shirt, and of course his letterman's jacket! He strokes one hand through his short hair as he lets the door close behind him, looking around for Raquelle.

Raquelle is settled down on the couch in the waiting area and the salon for the most part is indeed…empty for some reason. Nobody at the front desk, just the big gift bags resting on the desk. He looks up when the door opens the first time…and then here comes the second one. "Ahhh, Casper. Just Brand. Right on time, lock the door behind you please babies, we got a lot of work to do."

Kendall looks behind him when someone else comes in, and blinks uncertainly at the guy who looks like he could benchpress he and Raquelle together. "I suppose I kinda deserve that nickname now, huh?" he replies to Raquelle, his tone rueful. He'll let Brand lock the door since he's closer, and the older teenager walks over to Raquelle.

Brand leans back and locks the door with an authoritative CLICK! "Yes sir." He has a polite way of talking, a strong, deep voice that matches his physique well. He follows behind Kendall, hip-nudging him friendly-like on the way to the lounging area. Nudge!

"Frightening little shitbucket isn't as catchy. But nah, you don't deserve it. Just no heart attacks today." Raquelle drawls as he watches the two thoughtfully, narrowing his eyes and pointing to the desk and the bags. "Go on, choose the ones that have your names on them, get comfortable, open them up." He watches the interaction between Brand and Kendall, eyebrows shooting up. "…uhh, Kendall…Brand, Brand…Kendall. Unless ya'll already know each other."

Kendall jerks away, startled, when he gets bodychecked by Brand. He's not used to physical confrontations with his peers. "Ah.. nice to meet you?" the bags grab his attention, and he hurries over, finding the one with his name on it. He hesitates, however, and regards Raquelle suspiciously. Maybe this is a test. Deliberately, Kendall opens the present slowly, without ripping the paper. Ooooh, video game! Happy.

Brand didn't slam into Kendall that hard? Did he? The other boy is so waifish that he might have checked him way harder than intended! "S-sorry. Name's Brand." He tries to make up for it with an apology, but Kendall flits off. With a small frown, he ambles over to open up his package as well, laying everything out from it item by item before commenting. "Wow! This is really generous!"

Raquelle smirks gently and arches an eyebrow. He chuckles and rolls his shoulders, carefully getting to his feet. "What do you think? Did I get it right? I mean ya'll both know we're like freakin' family now right? You both are very different I mean…" He takes a deep breath. "Kendall. What's your favorite thing to eat?" He points to Brand. "You? Hunky? How about you?"

"Yeah, it's great." Kendall's enthusiastic, at least, and itching to go home and start playing. But… there's this first. "Favorite food? Uh. Shellfish, I guess?" it's a really hard question, Kendall likes practically anything.
Brand nods his head. "These shoes are great! Top of the line! That was super considerate of you." He admires the shoes for a moment, before setting them down. "Hunky?" He looks back toward Raquelle, and shrugs his shoulders a little self-consciously. "Uh, whatever you put in front of me is fine. But German cuisine is the best."

Raquelle takes mental notes before looking between the two and he looks thoughtful, lashes fluttering as he taps a finger against his lips. "Ya'll are both welcome. Okay now…if I was to ask you both to order lunch or dinner for the salon, what would you choose? First challenge, here you go. There are phonebooks behind the front desk and one person gets to use the phone the other uses the cellphone. Go."

"…" Kendall's confused. So this is some sort of test. Huh… shrugging, he goes over to claim the phone, looking through the phone books. Well gee, this is kinda strange. After thinking it over, he decides on Chinese. Can't go wrong with Chinese takeout! "Do we actually order, or just tell you?" he asks. "Like, are you hungry now?"

Brand has his phone out in a flash. Like many teenagers, he's fast with the mobile! He hits a few buttons, scrolling through his contact list as he looks around and counts the chairs. After a pause, a tinny voice comes through the phone. He responds in a rapid fire foreign language. Something heavy and European. After a moment of rapid chatter, he looks up to Raquelle. "I have food for 10 people, able to be delivered in one half hour. Food that can be eaten fast with mixed combinations. Confirm?"

Raquelle looks between the two and points to Kendall. "Yes, yes order…food go on now, make the order. Chop chop baby." He peers over to Brand, arching an eyebrow. "Cut it down to 3-5 people baby, same for you both." He is watching them both carefully, tilting his head to the side from time to time. "Oh no, somebody has an allergy to peanuts and another has an allergy to MSG, what'll you do?"

Kendall makes the order for some nice takeout dim sum, which has a nice variety of food that covers all the bases, and is authentic China Town Chinese food, freshly made. "I'm allergic to peanuts too." he adds. "So… yeah." Kendall's used to ordering food that he can eat!

Brand speaks into his phone for another moment, confirming the order with the person on the other end. Then he hangs up, and tucks away the phone. "Its on its way now, co…boss. No peanuts, no MSG." He kind of just dangles his hangs, looking to Raquelle.

Raquelle looks between the two, folding his arms over his chest. "Good job boys…one moment please…" He leaves the room for a moment, rummaging around in a closet before he returns wearing a very messy blond wig and he holds a large fake purse and has slipped on a pair of pink pumps as he gives an exaggerated swish of his hips. He approaches the front desk, hip sway, hip sway, hip sway. Exaggerated girly voice. "Excuse me boys like, I need help." He purses his lips and sniffles. "M-my boyfriend just left me a-and I just want to look g-ggoood to say screw him and like…" He sniffles. "I'm such a slut."

"…" oh good lord. Kendall has no idea what to do here. "Would you like me to go get you some chocolate to make you feel better?" chocolate is the #1 remedy for upset women, right? He's seen Melissa go on binges once in a while. "Or some ice cream?" Remedy #2?

Brand gapes for a minute. He um, ums, and looks left, looks right, and then responds with his go-to plan. Aggressiveness! "Well hell, you just have to remember he ain't no thing." He frowns, and fumbles for a minute for more. "Our girls are uh, gonna fix you up so nice, he's gonna kick himself for even saying something mean to you?"

"I'm Britney Meers." Raq as Customer offers, sniffling and then sobbing even harder as she covers her eyes and nods slowly. "I-I like chocolate, you're so sweet." Then to Brand she sniffles and peeks between her fingers. "What do you think I s-should do to my hair?" She shifts her weight from foot to foot, eyeing the chairs and continuing to sniffle.

Kendall smirks a little and lets Brand have the floor to answer the question about 'her' hair since 'she's' asking him. Now, uh… how the heck does Kendall get chocolate? Well maybe ice cream, he's heard Raquelle always keeps some around. How far does this little ruse have to go? "Why don't you have a seat?" he suggests, gesturing. "You'll probably feel better." then he's off to rummage in the fridge.

Brand pulls over a chair with ease, since he's such a strong young beefcake. He offers the chair to her like a gentleman. "I would just give it to some of our fantastic hair experts here. They are the best, and they'll give you just what your hair needs. And if you're so upset, maybe you should try our spa services? They'll help relax you…"

There are a few containers of chocolate pudding in the fridge. The customer in question though just sits down upon prompting from Kendall and then there's the seat there pulled over from Brand and she sits down shakily, resting the purse on her lap. "Awwwww, you are just so sweeeet…bo-both of you." Sniffle and then he reaches up to remove the wig and toss aside the purse, grimacing, back to normal voice. "…alright boys. You did AMAZING. Kendall, where'd you get the idea for the chocolate? Brand? Totally awesome with the putting the ideas of spending more money here by taking advantage of other things we offer in her head."

"Melissa." Kendall replies promptly. "Every time she gets upset about something she heads for the fridge. Like when she was…" pause. Well, he was going to say shot, but people don't need to know that. And he can guess that Melissa raided the fridge the entire month he was, er… gone. After all, there's no ice cream there now!

Brand aw shucks, looking all demure and coy. "Aw, well I saw somebody do it on a tv show one time. I just picked up the idea from there is all."

Raquelle smirks gently and nods slowly as he sticks out his foot with the pink shoe and he makes a face before looking between the two. "How far would the two of you go..to keep this job then? Hm?" He asks softly. "You know I'd do anything to protect the two of you and make sure you stay safe…and when you formally accept ya'lls positions? You'll be okay with trusting me?"

"Well, I wouldn't do anything that would make me die of embarassment if anyone I knew heard about it. I mean, if you expect me to dress in drag, or girl talk, I don't think I could do it." at least Kendall's being honest about it. "But I'm pretty sure I can handle other stuff just fine."
Brand shrugs his beefy shoulders, seemingly nonplussed. "I've gone through hazing before." He cross his arms in front of him, projecting a tough persona. "I'm pretty sure I can take what you can dish out for me to do, boss." Brand sets his jaw and gives Raquelle a steely look with his slate eyes - the same staredown he gives to his opponents at his wrestling meets. Tough guy! With an easily depressed enter!

Raquelle sighs softly and nods slowly. "Well you two are going to do one final thing…and then you'll have these jobs, okay?" He sighs and if people pay close attention they will notice that he's not wearing as much make-up as usual in fact…not any beyond a basic foundation to hide his freckles. He slips out the make-up case of doom and crooks a finger to the two as he heads for a stylish seat, settling down in it himself and offering out the case. "You have to do my make-up, I don't care if you have done it before or not…but I have to know you'll be here for me. Especially when I need help."

"You're lovely just the way you are?" Kendall replies immediately. Smartass, trying to avoid having to do it with flattery.

Brand turns and slugs Kendall in the shoulder in a playful jocky way, as teenage athletes are wont to do to their peers. Granted, Kendall isn't tough like they are. "Don't smart off to the bossman. Just think its a videogame or something." This might be kind of weird, but Brand puts on a brave face and pulls up a stool.

Raquelle hmms softly as he studies the two young men. "Go right ahead." Then he's quiet. "Kendall. What would happen if I needed you both because I couldn't take care of myself as well anymore, and I came to work sad…and not in my right mind, and you know the only thing that'll make me smile even if I can't remember how to cut hair anymore…was to treat me like…Iunno…just to help me out a little. Doing something that I enjoy too?" He smiles a bit. "I'm not strong like Melissa…and other people. When people kidnapped my daughters, I almost had a nervous break down. I had been tranqed and drugged and…woke up and didn't have my daughters and I thought my life was over…it was only the people who took time to keep me grounded, that managed to save me." He's quiet as he looks between the two. "Do you understand now?" He offers Kendall a tube of lipstick.

"And tend to faint when you meet people who you thought were dead." Kendall remarks, sighing a little. "Right then." he takes the lipstick and eyes it like it's going to attack his face or something. "Well I hope you won't rely on us to look your best." he gets closer, wrinkling his nose. "The closest game I've ever played where you had to do anything like this is Final Fantasy X-2, and that was just Pretty Pretty Combat Princess, more or less." a game that revolves around changing you clothes to change what abilities you could use was certainly… interesting. Especially changing in midbattle, although no nudity, alas. Kendall watched carefully each time but no luck.

Brand takes a wary hold of the makeup kit. He's got no sisters or anything, and he's never used makeup. Gingerly, he tries to ape what he can recall from seeing girls put on makeup in movies and stuff. "So you played a game where you were a princess? Is that your favorite kind of game?" He looks over at Kendall, wary once more.

Raquelle smiles slowly and bows his head, closing his eyes and folding his hands in his lap. "…that's my boys. Play nice now." Inside though, he knows…'jesus, I'm going to end up looking like a clown'.

"Nah. The only reason I played it was because it was a Final Fantasy game. It was a spinoff, and not a very good one." pause. "Although some of the outfits were pretty sexy. There was even a furry outfit, if you like that sort of thing." there be all sorts of fetishes in the world! And right now, Kendall's letting Brand have at, since Raquelle only has one face.

Brand is not doing a great job. Its not for a lack of trying, its just that he's clueless. Raquelle will not be stage ready, unless there is a performance of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. "I don't play a lot of video games. And I'm not into furries. But since you brought it up, what are you into?"
Raquelle listens quietly, pursing his lips at one more for Kendall. "…no face is complete without the lip gloss or lip stick." But he mostly lets the two talk.

"Well, I like video games, and card games, and I like to draw. I'm very good at it, too, if I do say so myself. Why, you'd think the things I draw were practically alive." now, where did that angelic expression come from all of the sudden? And due to Kendall's art background, he manages not to mess up too badly with the lipstick. It's basically just coloring in the lines, right? He can do that, and he's seen women with lipstick on.

Brand huhs. "Not really what I was asking about, but you can be shy, if you want." He does something practically criminal with eyeshadow. Terrible. "Me, I'm into my sports really hard. I'm the vice-captain of the JV squad at my school. But only because the captain is a real showboater."

Raquelle's face really is turning into a disaster zone, it really…really is. Orange and Purple and Pale Pink…and he is trying not to think about it as he takes a deep breath, lashes fluttering. "Okay boys…after the eyeliner, then I can look in the mirror?"

"I'm not sure you'd want to." Kendall sniggers. "You might faint again."
Brand frowns, and looks tragically handsome. Like a doomed prince. "I don't think we've been doing this right. I agree. Don't look. You're as bad as Kendall."

Raquelle just hmms softly and shakes his head, turning around in the stylish chair to peer in the mirror and then he stares when his eyes open. And he stares a little longer. There's a knock on the door…there's the food deliveries apparently. And Raq just stares a little longer and bows his head, pointing towards the door before he starts laughing softly, just laughing and shaking his head. He just laughs. "Go get the fucking door…just go…god, you're both hired…we'll eat when it all gets here…"

Kendall cracks up laughing when Raquelle does, and staggers to the door, opening it up. The food is gathered, and brought over. "Maybe you should wash your face first." he sniggers.

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