Accident On Brooklyn Bridge
Date March 13, 2010
Relevant Logs "Ordinary" Heroes

BROOKLYN — At approximately 6:30 on Saturday evening, a massive traffic collision on the Brooklyn bridge's westbound lane resulted in two fatalities and roughly 30 motorists seriously injured. The crash of a New York City public transit bus resulted in an explosion when damaged lights on the bridge began to automatically engage on their timer, catching diesel fumes from the bus. The resulting explosion would have claimed even more lives, were it not for the presumed actions of an Evolved that "dislocated" people away from the scene of the explosion just moments before the blast, getting them and EMT on scene to safety.

Icy roads and sleet were believed to be responsible for the crash, and the New York State Highway Authority is recommending all motorists take extreme caution during this inclement weather that does not seem to be showing any sign of letting up in the foreseeable future.

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