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Scene Title Accidental
Synopsis As Magnes and Sable prepare to move to the Gun Hill safehouse, Magnes manages to pull Sable out of a bad mood, and they hatch a plan.
Date May 27, 2010

Dorchester Apartments

It's early in the afternoon by the time Magnes and Sable have settled in, already out of their winter clothing. He's in his long-sleeved red shirt with the small black Spider-Man symbol in the middle, some blue jeans, and the black snow boots, entering Sable's room with her. It's still rather gold, but it's warmer inside, considering various people warming their apartments up in any way possible, and the sealed windows. "Get whatever you need, since we'll be moving to another place."

Sable makes a face as she tugs open her drawers. Almost everything in there is something Magnes bought for her. Over, in the corner, resting safely, is the electric guitar; Magnes bought that for her as well. And now, as Magnes moves, she moves to. Her fear of being a freeloader pricks her making her glower at the gathering of jeans, cargo pants, and defaced Hello Kitty underwear. Inclined towards disgruntlement, it seems.

"Guess clothes and my gear," Sable says, with a slightly glum shrug, "Movin' again, Jesus… you given up this place for good? Or this just us stockin' up for another endless fuckin' camp out at one of these Ferry places?"

"We're not leaving for good, we're just waiting for the electricity to come back, and, well, heat. This place isn't exactly livable right now." Magnes sits two large backpacks on her bed, having been in a very good mood lately for whatever reason. It's not often he stays in a consistently good mood these days, so it is rather odd. "And we'll be able to leave the new place when we want, since the weather's clearing."

"Yer a regular beam of insistent fuckin' sunshine," Sable says, her own mood a little less than awesome lately. She pulled herself up to coordinate a last blast with the Lighthouse kids, revealing her master plan to have them besiege the snow fort Magnes helped Sable build, but outside of her performative enthusiasm, something of a cloud has hovered over her. Still, she hitches a smile to her lips as she turns and leans against the drawers, "You talk to Elaine yet, boy?"

"Why wouldn't I talk to my girlfriend?" Magnes answers, grinning widely as he leans against her wall next to the door. "I told her that if she trusted me not to hurt her, and if she wanted to take the risk while I still love Claire, then I'd leave it up to her if she wanted to be in a relationship with me, because I'm too afraid to take the leap. She's confident that I'll get over Claire, and considering how we spent the few hours after that talk, I think she made a pretty convincing argument." His cheeks are a little red, but Sable's the only person he talks to like this.

Okay, in light of this, Sable can't be grumpy. She laughs out loud, sidles over to Magnes and /thwacks/ him in the arm /hard/. "You dog," she says, grinning, "Jesus, the Lord just blesses you with redheads. I'd like t' take some credit for helpin' you with your game, but that'd be a dishonest fuckin' claim. That's all you, buddy. Lord knows how you manage it. Well, 'cept by being a righteous dude, but nice guys don't usually do so good fer themselves," she laces her fingers behind her head, cricking her neck, "I gotta get m'self out of my slump. Need to /do/ somethin' with some lucky lady. /Jesus/."

"Actually, if it wasn't for you talking to me the other day, I don't think I'd have took the step to talk to her about this so soon. And hey, I get rejected a lot, but I usually keep those to myself." Magnes is wincing slightly and rubbing his arm. Sable punches hurt. "I can't help but notice you almost never go after guys."

Well, consider it payback for the slap. Oh wait, she already punched him for that. Uh, consider it forward payment for… something. Never mind! "Well, boy, I ask you," she squints at Magnes, "What t' you seems sexy 'n' appealin' 'bout a dick? Describe t' me what exactly about that particular bit of a dude would compel you to want it stuck into you? Think about it, I'll give you a sec." She taps the side of her nose, then starts to pulls out her clean clothing, piling it onto the bed.

Magnes looks down at his crotch almost instinctively, giving that a serious moment of thought. "So then, uh, band personas aside, you are a lesbian? So all those moves I made on you were pretty futile?" he asks, if one can actually call getting drunk and trying to squirm his way into her lap a 'move'.

"I toldja, I don't fuckin' do labels like that. Bad fer our market share. Let the boys want what they fuckin' want," Sable answers, matter of factly, "And yer moves were futile cuz I /don't sleep with bandmates/," she turns and fixes Magnes with a look, emphasizing this as the main point, before turning back to her messy clothes transfer, "I ain't never done anythin' I liked with a dude, we'll put it like that, arright? And mebbe I never will. But decidin' one way or the other is just either askin' t' be disproved and made a fool, or worse, passin' up somethin' that you should have taken. This is rock and roll, boy. Talent, charisma, mind alternin' experiences… you gotta be open to what comes yer way."

"Maybe you're just doing it with the wrong boys, but I guess we'll see eventually. Well, you'll see at least, I won't see unless there's a tape." Magnes awkwardly corrects himself, watching her dig through clothes with his hands in his pockets. "I had dinner with Elaine and Delilah yesterday, Delilah's getting a bit of a baby bump."

Sable cackles, bumping her drawers closed with thwack of her hip, "Jesus, a tape? I wonder…" she seems to be giving the idea some thought, "Naw, I think that'd make me seem trashy. That ain't how I wanna be known, 'r' remembered," she snickers, "Maybe when I'm middle aged and it'll just mean I got no shame…" She seems highly amused at the idea, and her mood seems to have been neatly elevated. At the mention of the dinner, and of Delilah, she leans back against the closed chest of drawers with an exaggeratedly 'non-chalante' posture, "Does she? Bet that'd look awful damn cute on her," she says, with undisguised interest, "Now you've got yerself a proper lady friend, y'know… Would you mind if I," she lifts her brows, a relatively subtle expression used without any subtlety, "Y'know? Not sayin' it'll work, but if I gave it a shot?"

"You could, I think Delilah would be really good for you. And uh, take it from personal experience, she's not as… vanilla as her personality would lead you to believe. Take from that what you will." Magnes doesn't usually talk about things that go on with Delilah, but this is Sable, so it's different. He crosses his arms, staring down at the floor as he seems to be giving something else some more thought. "If you want, I could try and get your foot in the door with her."

Sable's eyes veritably gleam as Magnes goes into detail without going into detail. Much is left to the happy imagination. Her smile is a classic, the wolfish grin that says so much about her particular brand of joie de vivre. The offer of assistance, however, makes her lips quirk and her brow raise. "'n' how in God's name will you go about that?" She's listening, but she's skeptical.

"It's simple, I'll set up a dinner date for the three of us, but then something suddenly 'comes up', and I don't arrive with you. Plus I'll have taught you to make a very good dish, so you can cook her dinner." Magnes states his masterplan, sliding his hands out of his pockets to cross his arms, nodding affirmatively.

Sable just looks at Magnes. Momentarily, she's unreadable, and it's not because she's hiding her thinking. It's because she has no idea what to think. It's classic movie shenanigans, a trick so old they don't even include it in the book. But that's part of its very brilliance. Everyone knows where it's supposed to lead. Her slack mouth suddenly draws into a very sly smile. "Sure. But I'm gonna tell 'er you insisted we do this, cuz I said I was intr'ested. That way, we get the date, she knows it's a date, 'n' I don't look like the cheeseball, since it was your crazy idea." She grins, "Y'r the McCartney to my Lennon, boy. Together we're sheer fuckin' gospel."

"Sounds like a plan." Magnes grins and heads to the bed, waiting to help her start packing things. Looks like they'll be roughing it a bit more! "We'll take over the world one day, probably by complete accident."

"Oh, hon," Sable says, snickering, "We'll only make it /look/ like an accident."

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