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Scene Title Acornkinesis
Synopsis Plans to go house-hunting in Park Slope go awry, but in the best of ways.
Date March 20, 2019

Hailey and Geneva's, Park Slope

Obviously, the best place to start a house-hunting adventure in Park Slope would be at its best-kept house: Hailey's. Her and Geneva's abode was a good enough site to rally at, since most knew where it was.

Emily was not going to go in it though. No plans whatsoever. She remembers the last time she came over.

She lingers outside the front, face turned down toward her phone even though there's little to be said for service out here, if anything at all. Definitely not anything positive. She lifts her head from the screen to yell, seemingly into the air, "Come on, we're wasting daylight," but turns afterward to the house like expecting a response from it itself.

Hailey is inside, on the third floor, peeking through the window at everyone gathered down below. It's broken, so if she makes a noise, they'd see her without a problem. But there's her brother and that makes her eyes narrow a little with mischief. She doesn't need to look around to know what's around, she can sense the squirrels in the trees, already agitated that humans have invaded the space below their trees.


A small nut hits Emily on the shoulder. Then a few more get pelted down. And the chittering becomes louder than the woman can yell over. More and more… acorns…? And then Hailey's scream of laughter can be heard from above.

Brynn's just leaning on the railing on the front stoop waiting for everyone else to figure out what they're doing. She's along for the company, mainly. Although she did tell Emily she'd help by pointing out a couple places that she and Joe found. Whether that's today or not is anyone's guess. She has her arms crossed and she's studying the way the street looks at the moment — there's a kind of dappled light that always fascinates her as it comes through the old trees in this abandoned part of the city.

"Charlie's in the trees," Lance shouts out from the stoop beside Brynn, waving an arm to encourage Emily to seek cover near them, "Move, move, move!"

He may have recently found a copy of Apocalypse Now in the market and watched it. It's a possibility. He's grinning despite the 'attack of acorns', dressed casually in grey sweatpants and a sleeveless shirt - with a hoodie over it. Go figure.

Geneva is inside as well, feeling fatigued and irritated and half-wanting to take a nap but also knowing that if she does, she will miss all of the excitement waiting to happen with this assembling group. Not that a nap is likely to happen right now anyway, with the chaos that is reigning outside.

Standing behind Hailey at a somewhat more reserved distance, a grumpy tousle-haired lump in a sweatshirt and loose-fitting jeans, she too peers downwards through the glass and onto the street where Emily is standing.

And suppresses an audible snerk. "Go nuts, Em," she says under her breath with entertainment, though she knows the other girl obviously cannot hear her from there.

"Are you —" Emily asks in between pelts, eyes narrowing up in the direction of the laughter. "Hailey, are you fucking serious right now?" Her hands come up to protect herself against the artillery, and at Lance's encouragement, she rushes up toward the stoop. The goal had been to not go indoors, but here they all were, only steps away from being there. "Come on, let's go." she wails toward the sky. Going nuts, one might say, from one thing or the other.

As Emily is pelted by the acorns and they are sent flying, they come to rest somewhere on the ground. And, after a moment, the acorns slowly start rolling across the ground as if pushed or carried by little ants until they come to rest in a pile near-ish to Emily. Only it isn't ants, it's sand.

The door is, thankfully, unlocked. Mostly due to company being expected, Hailey and Geneva knew Emily, Brynn, and Lance were in the area long before they came into view. The dog smelled them and started thumping its large tail against the floor. The rest of the menagerie is in its position and even Jim is laying lazily on his back, on a pillow, in a patch of sun.

The loud clumps of Hailey's boots can be heard as she races down the flights of stairs toward the rest of them. Joe isn't there to tackle, so she comes to a stop in a jump right in front of them. "Charlies, eh? I'll let Debbie know that she's won." She pauses and gives them all canary eating grins, "Debbie is the leader of the squirrels in that tree over there."

She doesn't notice the pile of sand forming at Emily's feet…. which is an unusual thing for mucky march.

As the animal empath comes running down and jumps onto the stoop, Lance twists 'round to look to her with a raise of both brows and a grin for his sister. "You know," he points out, his tone amused, "One of these days she's going to decide to get even with you, sis, and we're all just gonna help."

He reaches over to ruffle her hair, then, looking back to Emily, "Jeeze, cool your heels, it's not like the apartments are gonna walk away."

Brynn gets a startled expression as an acorn plummets past her nose and finally becomes aware of the war going on. She looks around, flustered by the fact that they're under fire. What the heck?? Lance is hollering something but she doesn't catch it, so all she sees is him waving Emily under the stoops' protection. It has to be Hailey. Who else is it gonna be? A tip of her head and the gray-eyed teen does note the acorns moving…. and despite Hailey's noisy entry, she grips Lance's arm and simply points. It's been a long time since she's laid eyes on Silvia and her power; it's not what first pops into her head.

In short order, Geneva is trampling down the stairs after her housemate, although her own more sluggish movements are far better described as shambling as opposed to any kind of racing. It still does not take her long to arrive on the ground floor landing, however, and her eyes fall not on the squirrels Hailey is talking to- these she had seen many a time before- but the acorns, which appear to now be moving of their own accord. Her eyebrows rise in a sardonic arch as she stares at this phenomenon.

She has not met Silvia. She does not know what the hell is going on.

"The fuck."

A sidelong, suffering look is directed Lance's way when he teases Emily. "No, they won't," the girl concedes in a frustrated sort of stubborn, "but it will get more dangerous to go poking around here in the dark." She feels her point is adequate enough she doesn't need to spend any more time arguing it. When Geneva comes along behind Hailey and points out what Brynn is also pointing out, her own eyes shift down to note the phenomenon as well.

Emily certainly didn't ask for the pile of acorns by her feet, so when attention is drawn to it, she skitters backward from it … and it feels to her like it follows her, which just raises the hair on the back of her neck even more. "Acornkinesis," she remarks to the pile at her feet as much as the smartmouths she's standing near. "That'd be my fucking luck, wouldn't it."

The pile of acorns is mounded up near Emily's feet, though it doesn't push its path further and simply lays them there. The sand grains slowly just spread apart, moving away as if an unseen wind blew them. It was totally just the wind this whole time. Right?

"Acornkinesis? Holy shit…." Hailey looks impressed, maybe just a little. Maybe. Not really. She's trying not to burst out laughing. "Emily, if you're an acornkinetic I'm going to laugh and laugh and laugh because it's more useless than me."

Licking her finger, she sticks it up in the air, testing for a wind that just isn't there. She glances in the direction that the sand drifted toward and then ushers the rest inside, closing the door… which isn't airtight. Sand could easily slip through the cracks. "So, are you looking for a place for you and Magnes to smooch in?"

At the tug to his arm, Lance turns… so he's watching the pile of acorns shift along in pursuit of Emily. "Oh, primal," he declares, flashing her a grin, "You really are an acornkinetic. I bet you're the only person in the world— "

Then his sister says that, and he stalks after Hailey - and just inside he reaches out to try and grab her in a hold around the neck so he can noogie two knuckles into her scalp. "Your ability is not useless!"

Brynn blinks and looks thoroughly confused. Acorns are moving around in the sand and everyone's doing what now? Wait…. sand? She looks at Emily and signs, Could someone ask the acorns if Silvia's running around?

Because that's not ridiculous, but she does remember Silvia!

It's too early for this shit.

Unlike Hailey who is actually trying something halfway useful, Geneva drags the back of her forearm across the length of her right eye as though trying to solve this mystery of the sentient acorns through sheer willpower alone. Blearily, she is trying to internally resolve her own exhaustion while simultaneously trying her best not to laugh.

And she is failing spectacularly at both. So much so that she forgets to immediately rebuke Hailey for calling herself useless, as she normally might have done.

"Oh my god. If this is what your power turned out to be after all this time."

Between Lance not being able to take a joke, and Emily not being able to take one herself when Hailey makes several, her eyes are rolling up into the back of her head to the point she looks like she might stagger when she closes her eyes. There's a growl that escapes her, and she almost lays into her when she opens her eyes except Brynn's catching her attention. It takes her a second to catch up with the signs, the name in particular taking a moment to process as she mimes the signs she's seeing in an attempt to wrap her mind around them.

"Ask the what?" Emily echoes aloud, expression dumbfounded. She's getting through the letters next. "S-I-L…" she repeats, and then her attention shifts just past Brynn to Geneva, because she's clearly the next most reliable source, since she's somehow keeping a straight face through all of this that's going on. "V-I-A?" she finishes, beginning to turn back around before stepping through the door, looking down at the acorns again.

It's not the acorns Emily has to be worried about, it's the sand. As soon as she turns to where the acorns were, the sand has formed into a hand… giving a thumb's up. It doesn't move, still as a statue, just giving her a universal positive sign.

Hailey shrieks at the noogies and squirms away from her brother, giving him a wiffle of a kidney punch. One that, at most, surprises rather than hurts. She is also not familiar with Silvia, or her ability, so when the sand forms itself into a hand… she looks over at Lance.

"Wife didn't let you out of the house without her tonight?"

Lance grunts as he pulls away from that light hit, and then he twists to see— a hand! He blinks once, and then he grins broadly, straightening. "Silvia? Shit, I was wondering where you'd been, babe, c'mon up— " A glance back over his shoulder, "It's just Silv. She's cool."

It is her! Brynn squeaks ecstatically. Jumping up and down, she starts signing frantically. OMGOMGOMG, it's Silvia! Get up, get up, get up!

Geneva hadn't taken much notice of Brynn and her signing up until now, but now it is impossible not to, with her sister's overly excited reaction to the thumbs-up gesture blatantly greeting them all. "…Lance, you're dating a slice chick who can turn into sand? Well, fuck me. You see something new every day."

The thumbs-up sticking up from the ground, surprise and sudden as it is, makes Emily slide a step back. Her head swims for just a moment before she gets her alarm under control, letting out a long exhale. Silvia. Joe had mentioned she did this — but the story he'd used was about her exploding when she was startled by something.

"Gave me a damn fright," she tells the sandblot on the ground before looking back between the other teens, gaze settling on Lance in particular. Babe? she wonders at him, eyebrow arching skeptically. Really? "Must be, to go around calling her something like that."

She'd normally not go out of her way to spontaneously pair two people together like this, especially when they most likely weren't, but she's miffed from the various mispairings Hailey's forced on her the last few days and willing to strike back wherever she can at the moment.

The sand moves until it's safely out of the way of anyone too close before it forms into a pillar and from there into the shape of a young woman made of sand until it's just… no longer sand. Silvia offers a wave to Emily first, since she's closest, giving her an apologetic grin. Then she moves to bridge the distance between her and the others in the house. "Sorry if I've not dropped in or anything, my family life got a bit weird for a while."

Really, really weird.

Lance gets a dubious look, "You know… uhm…" She gives Silvia a bit of a look, a grin, and then she turns her attention back to Lance. "I didn't realize you had a type." Teasing Emily has been tossed to the wind, this is so much better. "Ladies that turn themselves into rocks, big ones… little ones… It's cute."

A beat.

"Does Joe know?" Because if he doesn't, it's abundantly clear that he's about to. "Hi Silvia, I'm Hailey, Lance's sister. Can you turn yourself into a statue? This is important."

At the volley of playful accusations regarding Lance and Silvia, the former teenager just rolls his eyes at everyone. "Grow up," he tells them, and then looks back to the sand-witch in question with a grin, "Yeah, we heard. I'm glad you're alright and everything, though, good to see you."

Then he points at Hailey, and a bubble of silence forms around her head. He doesn't actually need to point. He did it for dramatic effect.

Brynn's thrilled to see Silvia as she swirls upward into herself. And she grins a wide smile, signing, It's so good to see you! And then she catches that Lance has a type. Huh?? What the heck does that …. oh! Hailey's messing with him. Oh dear.

With some interest, Geneva follows the transformation of the latent pile of sand into the form of a girl that looks to be about the same age as them, appearing to be mostly unfazed by what had just happened. It is far from the oddest power that she has witnessed.

"Fff. I bet you have him gravelling at your feet." Gene's voice is… incredibly dry. It appears that she resigns herself to making the most awful of jokes when she is as goddamn tired as she is.

"I for one haven't heard that much about it," Emily has no problem with pointing out. She wags an elbow at Silvia as the other girl passes, more in an affectionate hello instead of any intentional ribbing, and then heads inside after despite … initially having no intention of doing so. She has a feeling this afternoon's going to take a slide into being handled on Hailey time — which is to say, at whatever speed Hailey desires, in whatever direction Hailey takes it.

It wasn't a downside, unless you had an agenda you were trying to stick to.

For her part, Emily rolls with it, or at least she tries to. She shrugs and asks what's clearly the most important question, now that they've realized Silvia is Silvia: "Do you know sign language?" There are benefits to both answers, as far as she's concerned.

"Nice to meet you Hailey, although I don't know what you mean about rocks." Silvia's a little out of the loop on a few things. "No, I can't turn myself into a statue. I mean, you can electrocute me and turn me into glass but I wouldn't recommend that because it hurts. A lot." Her gaze moves rapidly between the small group. Lance gets a warm smile, Brynn gets a broad grin and generous wave, Gene gets a blank look at the pun, and Emily gets a wink. "I know enough to figure out what Brynn's saying and I definitely know the alphabet. Sure was faster and easier to learn what I have than English."

Brynn! You didn't tell me Lance has a girlfriend! The bubble of silence doesn't stop her hands from moving at speeds only the rest of the Lighthouse can keep up with. Being his older sister, Lance knows that Hailey will not be letting this go. Not anytime soon.

A long-suffering sigh passes Lance's lips, and he brings one hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Ignore them, they're idiots," he observes wryly, motioning with one hand, "This is Emily and Geneva, they're with us." Oh no, Emily is getting lumped in with the Lighthouse again! "This is Silvia, she's pretty primal and turns into sand, if y'all hadn't figured that one out yet."

#1E90FF|She's one of us too, Emily! Lighthouse is for always, even though she got adopted,## Brynn signs with a grin. I heard that your mom and dad…. I'm real glad they're okay, Silvia. Gentle-hearted as she is, Brynn cried for days. Not where people could see, of course.

Tough crowd, this. But an idiot though she may be, Geneva is an unapologetic idiot, both hands stuffed stubbornly into her rather ridiculously oversized sweatshirt pocket. "Hey," she yawns in Silvia's general direction, taking one palm out to do the tiniest of waves. There is a snort despite herself as she witnesses Hailey's nimble commentary on the matter.

"Yeah, that ability is pretty primal, alright. Another way to put it: that rocks pretty hard."

Ba dum…pish?

"They're not idiots," Emily observes just as wrily as Lance, smirking his direction, her signs grandiose in a way her vocal drag is deadpan. "They're onto you." The expression is quickly wiped off her face when he loops her in with the rest of them, and Brynn does as well. She shoots a look to Geneva for validation, for a reclamation of distance that's appropriate as well as entirely valid … and is left hanging.

She looks in Silvia's direction, expression stern, if not urgent. "Don't let them fool you, I'm not … one of them." She rolls her eyes afterward. There are a few key criteria she's missing, for starters. Or has, rather.

"Rocks… hard." Silvia actually seems to be thinking about that pun a bit. "You know, that is actually quite clever." She lets her gaze sweep over those she hasn't met, but her gaze settles on Brynn, who brings up her parents. She's still smiling but it's definitely a little more tense. "It wasn't looking good for a really long time but it turned out alright, now I've even got siblings."

Silvia looks over at Emily after a moment. "You know, saying you're not 'one of them' doesn't really make a difference. Being welcomed in isn't up to you, you just are."

"She tries to resist, but she can't stay away." Is said in Emily's direction as Hailey moves beside Brynn, throwing an arm over the mute teen's shoulder. "She just keeps calling and calling and calling, like an addict."

The blonde gives Emily a wide smile and snickers. "We're supposed to be helping find a place… I think kind of like this one… for the secret rendez-vous~" It's a good thing that Hailey has a nice enough voice, because that song…

"Siblings?" Lance is determined to ignore the teasing of some of the others, it appears. Eyebrows leap up, and he grins, "Primal. I hope they're cool too— anyway, uh, shit, you've missed a lot." He looks over the group, then back, "Bunch of us are getting, like, real jobs soon. Joe's joining the cops, can you believe that? He wants to be a cop. I'm still suspecting he's been kidnapped by aliens and cloned."

Aha. Somebody has the good taste to appreciate… whatever the fuck it is that Geneva is passing off as humor. The currently frazzle-haired teen looks pleased as a bug in a rug to receive some form of acknowledgement, however small: gracias, Silvia. Looping her middle fingers into one of her sweatshirt strings, she begins idly twirling this around while adding her own contribution to the ‘adult’ conversation.

“I’m not surprised Joe’s aiming to be a cop. I mean, he’s already got bulletproof everything. It’s kind of cheating,” she comments, shooting a sideways look off at Hailey’s singsong routine and snickering as she does. “Don’t worry, Hails. This place can be a backup for the three of them.”

Siblings? What now? Brynn looks confused. Aunt Lynette and Mister Mateo had kids?? What?? I'm gonna get the COM rider on my registration, she blurts out. Even though no one probably sees it, what with so much going on. Maybe she's glad for that, if it happens that way. Cuz it's…. A step. Brynn's not great with some of the changes that have been wrought by living in the city!

"Yeah, something… like this." Emily echoes her agreement with Hailey, looking around the reclaimed townhome. Everything else she lets roll off her, or rolls with it at the moment. Lance's question about the kids would do for the rest of them. Brynn, on the other hand…

Really? Emily signs to her. That's awesome.

At Lance and Brynn’s excitement and confusion over siblings, Silvia scratches at the back of her neck awkwardly. “Yeah, well, it’s really complicated. They’re little… four and six. I don’t know that I could begin to really explain everything that’s gone on because it hurts my head just thinking about it. But they’re sweet, it just has me feeling a little…” She trails off, not finishing the thought.

Instead, Silvia focuses on the mention of Joe. “Oh man, Joe as a cop? I imagine he’d be good at protecting everyone as long as he doesn’t just always charge in. He’d be great with some training. If he just knew when to charge in, he’d be solid.”

“Not yet,” Hailey quickly adds to Silvia, “we’re going to hit the academy together. Someone needs to keep an eye on the man.” Someone has read a few too many Watchmen comics, thanks Magnes. Educational priorities. Slipping away from Brynn, she reaches for her coat on the rack and a scarf to tie around her neck. It’s March and the weather turns on a dime, just like in every other inhabitable city in the country.

“When I become a cop, I’m going to have a crime board… just like those Law and Order shows.” Buttoning up her coat, she flings the scarf over her shoulder and gives her brother a satisfied smile. “Like the scarf? Gene knitted it for me, Hufflepuff colors.”

“I’m not saying that Joe won’t be an awesome cop, ‘cause he will, I’m just shocked ‘cause once I talked to a federal agent and he checked my dresser for bugs for two weeks,” Lance claims, which may or may not be true. Given the people involved, it very well could.

Then he’s staring at Hailey. “Sis, you don’t even like having television because the Man could be watching you through it.” That one’s probably not true.

He throws his hands up, “Dopplegangers! Silvia, run, we’re in the middle of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers!” He doesn’t say it in any tone that suggests he’s serious, which is good, because most of the teens have seen weirder.

Brynn? Yeah, she's just over —-> here, watching the weirdness happen in fascination. She knows part of what Lance just said because he's facing her and she knows the tales of woe that come from Joe's mild form of paranoia. She just shakes her head at him, smiling at the ridiculousness of all of her siblings jumping up to join local and federal peacekeeping payrolls.

I was really glad to hear Aunt Lynette and Mister Mateo were okay, Silvia. I was worried about how you were when we first thought they were gone, she signs with a look of regret. There had been nothing any of them could do to help — Silvia had been with Lynette's dad and out of reach, so far as she knows.

Serious or no, the proclamation of doppelgangers is one that Geneva takes extremely seriously. She cannot help but give Lance a sideways stinkeye even as she appears slightly chuffed, despite herself, at Hailey's promotion of her handiwork. "Hey, anything's possible nowadays," she tells him without even a hint of irony in her voice. "We have technopaths, telepaths— being watched by someone through a television set wouldn't even be the third weirdest thing to happen to me this year." Fourth, maybe.

A faint, soul-tired laugh peals away from Emily at the mention of body-snatching doppelgangers, keeping Geneva in the corner of her eye. Her unenthused chuckle ends with a heavy "enh" and an equally heavy blink, adjusting her body to make sure she's still in Brynn's line of sight as she starts signing again.

"Yeah," she suggests with obviously-spoofed enthusiasm, "Let's run. Outside, and see if we can find any houses in half as good a shape as this one is?"

Emily sounds a little more serious, and a little more hopeful by the end of her comment. Hailey was heading in the right direction at least, getting her coat on!

Doppelgangers? Too close to home for Silvia. There were enough stories of different versions of people swirling in her head that she felt a little dizzy from it. Mentally, that is. Physically, she just kept on going in spite of things, as she always did. She looks towards Brynn and offers a small smile. “I appreciate the concern. I’ll be alright… I’ve been through worse.”

She suddenly laughs at the suggestion of running and she peeks back towards the outside. “Are we breaking into places or…” She offers the question. Mostly because she’s not quite sure what shenanigans they’re planning on getting up to. It’s a good distraction either way.

“Naaaahhhhh,” Hailey answers Silvia with a grin. “It’s not breaking in when no one owns it or lives in it. We’re looking for a place to fix up… like this one.” Shifting her gaze to Gene, she shrugs her shoulders as if asking a silent question. Clearing her throat, she closes the door again without passing through and motions up the stairs.

“This lovely property has four floors, two of which haven’t been started on reconstruction… but the foundation is sound.” She stomps on the floor, to show the durability of the wood under them. “And it’s yours when Gene and I move out… if you want it.”

That joke went rather flatter than Lance anticipated, probably because nobody’s told him about time-dopplegangers yet! He looks around, eyebrows raised a little. “Tough room,” he mutters, hands dropping down to his sides and shoulders thumping back against a wall in a lean.

“We’re getting a place big enough for everyone,” he notes, heading off the obvious question of where Hailey and Gene are going. At least he assumes that’s what they mean!

We might have found one, Brynn signs to Lance, her cheeks flushed with pleasure still at Emily's congrats. She does point out to Lance, Given Magnes's reappearance from somewhere over the rainbow, I'm not sure it's so much a joke. She grins a little bit — she herself doesn't know anything about time-doppelgangers per se, but … Magnes came back from some other world. Whey wouldn't others?

Any normal person would never think such things. But such is the life of the Lighthouse.

Though it is likely Hailey already knows what the answer would be, Geneva acknowledges the tacit question with a little flash of a thumbs-up from waist level. "Yeah, shit Em, you can just take over this place in the near future if you want— save you the trouble of looking," she says in Emily's direction, though her gaze wanders towards their current home as well during Hailey's advertisement of it.

It’s a solid place, really.

And then for the first time today, Gene finally remembers that oh yeah, signing would probably be a nice thing to do. Sorry about that Brynn! Yeah. It's not a joke, man. Shit's too real.

"Wait—" Emily pauses when Hailey closes the door again, not understanding at first. Her brow furrows, watching her begin her pitch for the home. The tension in her forehead lapses as she asks, "You're serious?"

She blinks, attempting to process that one. Her attention shifts hard to Lance next, the thought that the two would be moving out of this place a surprise. Finally, she lifts a hand to rub the back of her neck. "I mean…" she admits lamely. "Yeah. Hell. Yeah, that's an option. A really good one."

Shaking her head, she suggests, "Just in case, maybe we should still look around, though? I don't want to impose, or anything." And she doesn't know how long it'll take for the whole living arrangement to get settled between the rest of the kids. They'd been talking about a new place for months now.

“I mean, I’m sure I could use a place to hang out in. My parents are eventually going to hope I go off and make a life on my own. I just don’t think they’re quite ready for that… pretty sure they want the free babysitting benefits.” Silvia chuckles lightly, but looks serious after a moment. “Where are you going to find a place big enough to house… well, everyone?” It’s directed at Lance since he’s the one claiming they’ll have a bigger place. “Not that I’m doubting you, but…”

"There's loads of old fixer uppers, like this one," Hailey's chipper reply to Silvia is just the beginning as she takes Emily by the shoulders and guides her to all the places she's never been, which is anywhere that's not the front of the house. "The main floor is reinforced for security, note the bars on all the windows and the locking screen door at the front. I made those myself."

In the living room, all of the guests can see that it's set up like a large menagerie. A carpeted cat tree is built as a main wall feature, giving the half dozen or so felines a place to roost away from the dogs. At the top, near the ceiling, is everyone's favorite Idiot. The dogs are all settled on raggedy pillows or old woollen blankets near the fire, at most the guests receive the thump of a tail. Oddly enough, there's also a roost built into another wall, filled with tropical birds and a coop of chickens.

At the sight of the roost, Lance gives his sister a look. Really?

“No chickens in my room,” he says firmly then, arms folding over his chest, “I’m drawing a line there for when we get our own place. No chickens in my room. End of discussion.”

Brynn laughs her nearly silent giggles. Lance's reaction is not unexpected. But she also signs to her brother, Joe and I found… a place. He …. It kinda looks like Ghostbusters. Their other brother has almost talked her into this! When they found the building, he had been insane with happiness.

"I wouldn't mind looking around for more places," says Geneva as she elevates one shoulder in a mindless shrug, trailing after the tour with her own arms crossed. "Sounds kind of fun. Just saying, you aren't going to find an abandoned hole that comes pre-equipped like this one, so I'd take it even if you find somewhere else too." Cue: Hailey demonstrating the safety features of their home.

To Brynn: "Well go on then, tell us more about this new place you and Joe found. Other than the chicken coop in Lance's room."

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