Adam Happened


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Scene Title Adam Happened
Synopsis It started out simply as a recruitment for the Company, and ended in bloodshed and possibly one death.
Date April 26, 2009


Elle hadn't been kidding when she said that Chloe's name might take a while to filter up to the appropriate people. And then back down to even more people. Eventually landing on the communal desk of Minea and Katherine. So to Bronx they went, Minea taking a break from hunting down isotoped individuals, and co-workers, stopping to get a coffee and parked on some steps with katherine, a box of donuts between them. Waiting at the aforementioned meeting spot that Elle had laid out. So far they'd been there a half hour. "So, then, we both decide to spar. He's a hot piece of ass, i'm telling you, but damn, he's got a mean left hook. I walked away with some creaking ribs"

Katherine takes a donut and takes a bite. She chews it, swallows, repeat. She will occasionally stop and chat with Minea, as they wait, she just doesn't seem to be all that into it at the moment. "You know from experience he's a nice piece of ass?" she smirks, her other hand moving to pick up her coffee and chase down donut remnants with the heated liquid. "Or are you just hoping to find out someday?"

Certainly, Chloe was nothing if patient — or maybe just damned stubborn. Or perhaps she simply hadn't gotten anything more interesting to do since her encounter with the sparky zappy girl; perhaps, indeed, it's just some combonation of the three. Either way, she soon slips on nearby and stops — having no idea whom she actually is set to meet in literal terms, she just stands there, looking around at random people to little avail. Hrmhrm!

"As in the shorts he was wearing, divulged that he has a nice ass. He owns Rapture apparently. Or runs it, one of the two. He was at the Gym where I first met you. He practices muay thai" She's already has two chocolate dipped and is going for the sour cream glazed now. "He keeps trying to invite me to come down, but I've turned him down so far. Said maybe some day. Still sorta getting over the last guy" Minea doesn't seem the kind to need getting over guys, but she is. Or well, she's about to dig into the third donut. "Ten o'clock. Dark hair. there's our contact"

"Well, you know I've no interest in that side of the grid," speaking of the male gender. Katherine stands and drops her coffee cup into the nearest trash can and steps down to the sidewalk. "Which one?" she asks. Apparantly she hasn't even taken the opportunity to look at the file, and just is going along with whatever Dahl needs at the moment. She reaches up and brushes some crumbs from around her mouth.

Well, Chloe certainly knows she won't magically discover the identity of.. whoever it is she's waiting for. So she stands. And waits. Which certainly quickly devolves into a tapping of her foot, and a crossing of her arms; even a childish puff-up of her cheek; a squirmy little woman, she's clearly finding it difficult to simply stand still and wait.

"The impatient one. We have to be careful she's a few screws loose in the bucket if you know what I mean" The coffee and donuts put down where she was sitting, Minea rises from her part of the steps. "Puppetry, she can control your body. Goodman apparently is interested in her. Chloe Folioth, 28, unemployed. Bagged and tagged, released and marked for possible recruitment under the guise of helping to give her better control of her ability" All spoken quietly for Katherines ears only until they're closer to the brunette. "Ms. Folioth?"

Katherine already has her badge out and flipped open as Minea calls the woman's name. "Katherine Marks, Special Agent with Homeland Security. This is Special Agent Dahl." She flips her badge closed and tucks it back into her pocket after letting Chloe have a look at it. "Seems we have some questions for you." she glances over at Minea, handing it back over to her. This is her case, so even though Kat outranks her, she allows the newer agent to take the lead.

Adam walks down the streets of the Bronx. He appears, for all intents and purposes, to be sight seeing. He ambles along at a fairly relaxed clip. He makes note of this group or that group, but doesn't seem to keep his attention in one place for very long. There's a half second of a raised eyebrow at the oddly placed trio, since when did fancy women talk to homeless people.

W-w-what! Homeland Security? That certainly sounds FORBODING. Chloe is visibly a bit surprised; she turns her head from side to side a few times, peering at Minea, then Katherine, then back at Minea again — one of her eyes closes, and she continues looking with the other. "Are you friends of that zappy girl?" She questions, curling her fingers in against her palms and swaying just a little bit on her heels — fidgeting, as it were, under the pair of attentive agents.

"Agent Bishop. She said that you would pop up here. That she'd try and talk to some people. It's a pleasure to meet you Ms. Folioth" Minea's tones are calm, trying not to seem patronizing or even confrontational. "We were sent to see if you'd be interested in perhaps getting some help with your ability. Better to control it" Her voice slated to just their immediate trio and anyone who might happen to pass close enough in arms reach to them.

Katherine listens to Minea talk to Chloe and she keeps her mouth shut. She's also very easily distracted at the moment, her eyes drifting off. Anyone who walks by gets a glance, which includes Adam who gets a brief glancing over before Kat decides to look back to Chloe. She could interject, but really — what's the point?

Adam walks by the trio on his ambling. He first hears the last words of a sentence "zappy girl" this doesn't cause him to slow or stop really. But the response to this "agent bishop" causes him to stop midstep. After a moment, he checks his watch and then continues to walk and then turns close by. Close enough to try and study the trio and hopefully overhear a few more pieces of the conversation. He leans against a wall casually, just people watching? He studies the three women surreptiously. Company? Perhaps, they have that sort of look about them. He looks down at the ground as he considers this business and tries to consider the significance of the homeless girl.

Leaning forward slightly, Chloe brings her hands to rest on the fronts of her thighs and tilts her chin up; she peers up at the two for a few moments. "Zappy girl is easier to remember." She states, after the pause — "So, she sent you two to talk to me?" She murmurs a bit more quietly, quirking her head slightly to the side before she leans herself back up straight. Returning to a casual volume, she briefly rubs her lips together before speaking. "Zappy girl said she could talk to some people and they'd meet me, and.. uh.." She murmurs off, her voice growing quieter briefly; she raises her free hand to scritch at the side of her head a bit. She then raises her other hand — which has a bird puppet on it. Her fingers shift inside to make the beak move. "We sort of forgot some of what she said! It was a long time ago." She says, in a higher pitched voice than her normal; her fingers move the beak to match up with the spoken words. Yay puppets!

Oh sweet bloody Jesus. It wasn't some hallucination she was reading. The woman really did use puppets, it wasn't just her ability. "I don't really know what she told you either Ms. Folioth, but we are here to offer you the help with your ability if you want it, and to take you some place where you can get the help you would want, if you want, to be better at what you can do. What you both can do?" Yes, lets classify that puppet at an individual and that she's talking to two separate people. He voice still as before.

Chills suddenly run down Katherine's spine as she glances around. She actually glances at Adam again and then a few others in the area and a tad bit of paranoia settles in on her and she leans in and whispers to Minea. "We should probably take this indoors somewhere. I have a bad feeling about this right now." No real proof or anything, but that 'hunch' settles down into her gut and won't let her shake it off. There are just too many individuals here for her comfort.

OK, this bird (the woman, not the puppet) is flipping nuts. Adam's mouth opens just a minute before he closes it and looks away to not laugh. This is not the type of person he usually recruits, but if Elle wants her and the company wants her, then Adam wants her. And…Adam always gets what he wants. He glances back, only catching half the conversation, but he gets the gist. As the one agent starts to look nervous, he begins considering options.
Chloe sways on her heels a bit, and /beams/. "Oh, Chirpy can't do anything like I can. He's just my moral support. My cheerleader! He has much better ideas than I do. Sometimes." But of course, the puppet is the brains. "Anyway.." She murmurs off, quieting down a bit again. "As long as Chirpy can come too, I want to go with you." Chirpy is, apparently, the name of her puppet — "I couldn't stop the zappy girl, and she works with you guys, so.." She mumbles off, quirking her head to the side again. "Obviously I need help." Might makes right, as it were.

'Chirpy is more than welcome" Minea gives a look around as well, a little less obvious than Kat is, opting ot look out of the corner of her eyes and such. "Cars a block over. Lets all go for a drive so you can see if you it, See if you think we can help you or not" So easy. So far. Just a woman parroting a crazy bird. There's a gesture from Minea discreetly and a nod to Katherine before she starts heading away, hopefully with the other women with her. "So Ms. Folioth, tell me about yourself"

Reaching over to gently touch Chloe's elbow to steer her towards the car, Katherine doesn't wait for a response as she's got a very uneasy feeling. She pipes in. "Maybe we should get her back to the office before we quiz her." Perhaps a bit more experience in the matter, Kat feels herself about to explode, though not literally, of course. She doesn't have that sort of ability. She has just not been on her game the past few weeks and it unnerves her. She blips open the car with her keys as they get closer, provided that Chloe doesn't try and stall for some reason.

Adam finally pushes off the wall and starts to walk in the direction of the trio, though he is facing them. He studies the two agents intently and then 'accidentally' bumps into Chloe, he leans in and whispers to her quickly, "Tell chirpy I heard these two saying they were going to steal him." how much the other two hear is up to them, he continues walking.

At first, Chloe is amiable enough at following, though she seems faintly uncomfortable at being touched and guided — more akin to a fussy little child than someone genuinely disturbed, however. When bumped into, she wobbles a bit — and as she hears the words whispered, she suddenly clutches her puppet against her chest, eyeing the two agents with an accusatory look. She tries to stop in her tracks, testing the waters against Katherine's hand on her elbow; ".. You heard the part where I said Chirpy doesn't have any abilities, right?" She murmurs tensely, her eyebrows furrowing just a little. Paranoia!

While Kat may have a gentle guiding hand on Chloe, Minea watched Adam make his way close. Close enough that as he whispered, the company agent got a good look at him and looked to Kat as Adam passed. Her voice unheard to anyone but Kat. "Monroe, Regeneration" Before she answer Chloe as the woman stops. "You said that Chirpy doesn't have any abilities. Ignore that man, he's someone who's looking to play and he's not very friendly. Deadly in fact" that's not audible to Adam either. She's going to let Kat give a crack at Adam. Though she's ready to help. "Chloe, get in the car, lock the doors. You'll be safe in there. Do you understand? I'm asking you to please do this" Brown eyes meeting CHloes and all the possibly politeness in them.

Okay, Katherine nods to all of Minea's comments. She's going to have to take charge here as the ranking agent she instructs Minea, "Get the girl out of here. I'll meet you back at the office." Of course, that isn't exactly standard SOP for the Company, and if Minea was smart, she'd drive the girl a few blocks away, park and swing back to help Kat. Of course, that's not the instruction given to Minea, who'll have to make the decision for herself. She turns and walks towards the man. "Monroe. Stop right there." she already has has her hand on her tranq, though she probably ought to draw her normal weapon. No telling how long a tranq will affect a regenerator. "Homeland Security." She hasn't yet drawn out that dart gun.

Adam wasn't just randomly walking away. Rather, he was walking towards the cafe where two agents were formerly eating donuts and discussing…I don't know, shoes. As he leans forward to grab a chair, "Alright agent…no need to get testy." he then turns and hurls the chair in the direction of Katherine. He picks up another one and rushes at her right behind the flying one. He also yells, loudly to scare the crowd into panic, "THERE'S A BOMB!"

A moment of indecision! Stay, or go? Flee, or.. well, flee? More specifically, flee to which? She holds Chirpy against her tightly, and then — What! A bomb? That is certainly enough to send Chloe scurrying into the car without thinking, quickly locking the doors and settling on her knees on the seat — she peeks out the window toward Katherine and Minea, no doubt eager to be driven away from the imaginary bomb. Chloe is, after all, not the most horrendously logic-filled person ever. She hears danger she can't do anything about, and it's time to flee!

There's also that rule about working in pairs not alone. Minea's not about to let that happen. With Chloe in the car and instructions that if something happens, take it a few blocks away. Keys included. She's also thumbing her blackberry to speakerphone and plopping it on the hood of the black SUV. "Agent Dalh, Agent Marks. Adam Monroe has been located" THe address rambled off before the man is throwing a chair at Katherine. "Adam Monroe HAS engaged us. Send backup STAT"

With that, the brunette, and more than a few years of military training has two guns out. Ones the tranq, the other is an honest to god handgun. The real gun fired off towards the accelerating man, aiming for hips and thighs before people actually get to the point where they'll hinder her shots. He's a regenerator. He'll regenerate.

Shit. Katherine ducks the first chair that grazes the top of her head, lacerating her which will affect her a bit later. She sees him coming at her with another chair and her attempt to tranq him is forgotten as she puts both hands up to stop the chair from hitting her, as she tries to grab the legs before it can reach her. If he gets to her, she's going for the groin. "I said get her the hell out of here, as she hears Minea on the phone. She gets distracted by the shots echoing towards her, above her.. all she knows is that they're around her.

If the bomb threat didn't wake the crowd up, the gunshots certainly did and the crowd becomes something of a mob. Minea misses his thigh but hits him in the hip, spinning him. The wound is already healing, which would be a bit awe inspiring if this wasn't a fight. At any rate, he takes the momentum of the run and even the spin to slide plainfully along the ground. He grunts, but uses the opportunity to swing the chair as hard he can with all that momentum business at Katherine's knees, then kicks the feet of a fleeing person to fall on him and provide a human shield.

"Work in pairs Marks!" Fuck, he's trying that move. The tranq goes off, barking through the air. Thankfully people are moving AWAY from the scene. No one is stupid enough to go into the altercation, or they're just dropping to the ground with hands over head and praying. More tranqs go off, flying through the air, trying to follow Adams path.

The hit to the legs, trips Katherine and down she goes. She struggles to get to her feet though the cut on her head is starting to trickle blood down her forehead, though she's not quite aware of it just yet. The chairshot to the legs will leave a nice bruise as well when all is said and done. Dahl ignores her instructions, which is probably for the best as Marks get to her feet and moves for her dart gun and starts to fire off a shot, since she sees that he's already down. She can't tell how injured he is but she's not taking any chances. But she stops when she sees he has a nice young lass there in front of him. "Let her go. Now." she barks the order.

Adam doesn't, of course, let her go and the pretty young girl is hit with tranqs from Minea meant for him. He holds the back of her shirt to lift her with an arm around her neck. If he's injured, which he was, he shows no signs of it, "Toss me your guns or I break her neck." he barks and to show he won't allow stalling for time, he squeezes and the nearly comatose woman lets out a terrible squeak.

"Let her GO Monroe" Kat's taken a beating. "There is backup on the way, and they know how to subdue you. So you let go of the woman" Minea's at least got the car between her and Adam. Kat's right there. A mental calculation is leaves her with four more shots in her gun and 2 more tranqs in the other.

Out in the open, no shielded at all by anything, Katherine finally feels the trickle of blood that drips down her nose. She brings her hand up and wipes at it, seeing the red liquid coat her hand. She narrows her eyes, as the red brings that anger towards the front. She immediately draws her weapon, letting the tranq drop to the ground. She walks towards him several steps as her blood drips onto her jacket, soaking through. "Break her neck and I'll shoot you where you stand." Her weapon is held out pointed directly at him. Safety is clicked off.

Out in the open, no shielded at all by anything, Katherine finally feels the trickle of blood that drips down her nose. She brings her hand up and wipes at it, seeing the red liquid coat her hand. She narrows her eyes, as the red brings that anger towards the front. She immediately draws her weapon, letting the tranq drop to the ground. She walks towards him several steps as her blood drips onto her jacket, soaking through. "Break her neck and I'll shoot you where you stand." She stops directly in front of him now. So much for standard operating procedure. Her weapon is held out pointed directly at him. Safety is clicked off.

Adam watches Katherine walk up to him and tilts his head for a moment, "Oh.." he says, "Oh that was just stupid." and he suddenly throws the girl, twirling her and creating a flurry of movement and a distraction. If either Katherine or Minea want to shoot, they risk hitting the girl and Minea also risks shooting Katherine. But Adam is all business and in the flurry, he ducks and grabs Katherine's wrist. He pulls it to throw her off balance and then forces it up against her chest. He looks into her eyes as he forces her to pull the trigger, "Traitor." he says to her as he starts to rush forward towards Minea, holding Katherine in front of him as yet, another shield, "You were a pretty bird, could have worked out different." and each few steps is punctuated by another shot.

"Kat! Back off" But it's too late as suddenly Adam is making his move while Minea can't do anything but watch. He's shooting her with her own gun. Minea's ducking behind the car, Chloe still inside it, locked away safe with the keys. She can't shoot Kat, but Adam has her as a shield. Shit, Shit he was killing the other agent. So down Minea drops, looking for Adams ankles, the masculine legs and the moment he tosses Kat to the side, presuming he does or she can get a clear shot, there's some ankles being blown off.

Well, if the blood from the top of her head, which surely drove her mad, wasn't enough, then the shot to the chest totally ruined her best suit. She flutters her eyes towards the man, before she's draped against him. She whispers into his ear. "Fuck you." She coughs and her body goes limp as she passes out, making him have to hold up her weight now. Yes, dead weight is far worse than live weight, so it's going to have to carry her burden now. She's not dead, but if she doesn't get help, she's no chance in hell.

Why drop a human shield? As Katherine starts to go limp, he hurries his step, his arms holding her up until he slams her against the side of the car. A quick glance shows him the disappearance of Minea and the fact she's not in the car tells him all he needs to know. He presses Katherine hard so she might stand for just the few seconds he needs. He hops onto the car and slides across the hood Miami Vice style and once the hidden agent shoes, he shoots at her. He shoots at her hard.

Same time that bullets bite into Minea's thigh, abdomen, chest - there goes the other ovary - There's bullets flying up at Adam now that he's without him human shield. The gun barks repeatedly, the last of her rounds firing off at Adams upper body hard as well. The tranq gun in her other hand and under the car where it's utterly useless. "Fucking regenerators" The blackberry that was on the hood now clattering to the ground.

Adam slides across the hood, hit squarely in the chest. A normal man would be dead, or at least dying. But it takes seconds, mere seconds and he sits up. He turns to Minea as he sits up and says, "Tell the Company to leave me alone or I'll take it apart, piece by piece." as he hears the sirens getting even closer, he frowns, his attempts to take Chloe stunted. He stands and looks at her through the window, "I'll save you soon, puddin'." and with that, his sucking chest wound already closing, he runs to merge into the crowd.

Pushed up against the car, Katherine has a nice whole in her chest. What internal damages may have occured will be left up to medical professionals, if she's taken out of here before she actually dies. Once Adam leaves her to slide over the car, she slumps back down to the pavement, facing the grown, still down and out. It was a stupid move and she knows it, but it hasn't quite been her month. It remains to be seen if she'll make it to the end of the month.

Adams on the run, Kat's down on one side of the SUV and Minea's on the other, both on the ground. The Brunette has enough sense in her to lower a now empty gun, her own sucking chest wound that is a punctured lung, shot in abdomen and her leg, his words are surely going to be remembered. She moves her arm enough, try and fire off a tranq at Adam as he starts to flee but it goes wild, hitting a electrical pole instead and imbedding in the wood. ALl there's left to do is lay there and try and Breathe, look over under the car towards Kat. Fuck.


Damn it, Damn it, Damn it — why did she have to be on the other side of the world in Brooklyn when she got the call to help? Veronica pulls over and is pulling out her cell phone to call 9-1-1, then after, a call to the Company to demand someone who can heal be sent to the scene ASAP or sooner. She's out of the car while still on the phone, stumbling to where Kat lies on the ground, trying to determine which holes in the other agent's chest are the bleeding the most, and trying to stop the bleeding, futilely, with her trembling hands. The cell phone is dropped as she does so, and she glances at Minea, also bleeding. "Where is he?" she demands, her dark eyes flashing angrily.

God, this is the mother of all clusterfucks, isn't it? Hugh comes barrelling out of the car he's come screeching up in, heading for the fallen Minea. Adam may get away, it's the lives of the other agents he's concerned with, for now.

Once he's gotten a nice view of the agents and their attempts to save their fallen comrades, he pulls his jacket tighter against him in an attempt to hide the blood and heads deeper into the crowd, making his way elsewhere.

"South!" Minea answers Veronica, a floppy gesture to where Adam flee'd. "Monroe. Fuck. Kat. Save Kat" The other agent is far more worse off than she is. "Hugh. In car. Recruit in car. Ms. Folioth. puppetry" And then she needs to stop talking, for now, because it's getting hard to breath.

Katherine is still alive, unconscious and breathing, though her pulse is starting to fade. She lies there face down, unmoving. A small pool of blood is beginning to form under her on the street.

Veronica's not about to leave Kat, much as she wants to chase down Adam and put as many holes in him as she sees in Kat's body. The Company is still on the phone, beside Kat, and she tells the dispatcher that the target is headed South. She carefully turns Katherine over, staunching the blood the best she is able, cradling her head on her lap. "Stay with me… help's on the way…" She strips her own shirt off, to help stop the bleeding, leaving Vee in just a black bra — she doesn't seem to care as she stares down at Katherine. Somewhere in the distance, sirens can be heard.

"She's being tended to," Hugh says, curtly. And god only knows where he comes up with it, but there's a plastic grocery bag in his hand, which he abruptly slaps over the wound, to mute that horrible whistling.


It had just been a normal recruitment. That was all. But it ends with two agents down, a couple more arriving on scene, Tranquilized woman across the street, property mildly destroyed and people who witnessed it all screaming about a bomb.

Adam Monroe Happened.

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