Adam in Jail


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Scene Title Adam in Jail
Synopsis Cassidy and Dutch to their best to keep the man down.
Date May 4, 2009>

Overgrown Cemetery

// The vast graveyard stretches for kilometers, with dark damp soil making everything feel cold as you-know-what. Signs of mass graves, loose soil, and the faint smell of rotting flesh are present around the outer edges, ominously surrounding the original relaxed single-grave style in the center. Many of the old graves have been vandalized or exhumed, leaving many empty six foot deep holes scattered around. Some open holes are still curiously empty, while others have been reorganized into piles of bodies, forgotten and unburied, and still more are just as likely to house the living.

The marble sculptures and tombstones of long ago have been reduced to nondescript lumps of rock, but this doesn't stop people from placing new markers for the deceased — yet it seems futile since none of it will stay. The inhabitants will take whatever stone and scrap metal are left here, using them to build makeshift shelters, or simply reorganizing them to whatever chaotic patterns they worship.//

Adam has set up a date and time to meet the agent tracking Mortimer within the cemetary. As he waits, he leans against a masoleum boredly. He starts taking notes of the names on the tombstones of various people, wondering what they were like. "I outlived all of you." he says in a rather droll manner, "There but for the grace of God go I.

Dutch arrives without much fanfare, no big entrance or much of any entrance at all really. He just slips across the graveyard, and quietly works himself over towards Dutch. "Good afternoon."He didnt like meeting CIs, one because it felt like cheating and two because it meant he had to be personable with criminals. Wonderful. "I heard you wanted to talk about some arms trafficking or whatever?"
Adam looks up as Dutch addresses him. He tilts his head a moment and mms, "Oh, yes. Dutch." he smiles amiably, "You're a hard man to get a hold of. I hear you're looking into the activities of a Mortimer, aren't you?"

Dutch narrows his gaze immediately, as he tucks his hands into his jacket pockets. Stealthily easing his hand through a pocket flap, to rest on the pistol holstered within. "I am, I wasnt aware that name was out in the open. Yes though, yes I am very interested in Mortimer."

Adam makes no motion to retaliate when the man apparently goes for his weapon, instead, he says, "Well, I'm not really sure it's Mortimer you really want to investigate." he pauses, "Let's say Mortimer, through no thoughts of his own, is avenging the 36. What might you say to that?"

Dutch slowly rolls his head back a touch, peering over at Adam curiously for a moment before he continues. "Vigilantee justice is never justice, the man's responsible for as many deaths of innocent kids as those he wishes to avenge. An evil man, doing good work is still evil."

Adam arches a brow for a moment at that response. He mms, "How very myopic." he says quietly, "I'm not sure I expected that of you." he's quiet for a few moments before he says, "Can I tell you a story, Dutch? You seem to be a bit of a to the point sort of gentleman, but surely you've got not much better to do for the next few minutes."

"a man is either good or evil, good men do evil and evil men do good. He's arming criminals, so he's an evil man arming other evil men."Which is philosophical as Dutch tends to get, there was more to say but really he wasnt quite articulate enough to say what he was really after. "Sure, I could hear a story."

Adam nods, "A long time ago.." he begins, "There was a group of special, dedicated men and women who came together to create an organization to protect and hide the nature of…well, what came to be known as The Evolved. They had come to see certain ways the government tried to exploit them and the lengths they would go to to hurt them and wanted to make things better.." he pauses, a haunted look coming across his features, "But along the way, things began to change…and they began to work with the very government they were trying to protect special people against. They even threw the man responsible for bringing them together into a dungeon to shut him up as he began to disagree with their new tactics. And over the years, rather than being a benign, protective
organization…they began to.." he pauses, "They would do things like capture other special people…tag them like animals…hide them when they thought it was necessary…kill them when they thought it was. They became so entrenched int heir hubris they began to imagine a world where they ran this government they used to hide from…and so, they did, in little ways." he pauses, "They fostered sentiment against the Evolved, lest their jobs become harder. So much so that thirty six special children killed themselves rather than live in a world where they would be subjected to the treatment this organization fostered.." he trails off, then glances back at Dutch, "And now…they work hand in hand with law enforcement…so that their will might be done."

"Let me guess, Lon Horiuchi was a member. Where do they keep the evolved, Dulce gulch? Going to tell me they use the HAARP array to modify the social standing of the public as a whole?"Dutch dips his gaze, peering at his watch. "I believe there has been a miscommunication, you seem to have gotten the ATF and the DEA. I do assure you, whatever it is your habitually abusing the DEA would likely be very interested but this does nothing for me. Do you understand what the ATF does, I could get you a book describing the differences between arms trafficking and narcotics trafficiking if you'd like?"

To say Dutch isnt pleased, is an understatement. Sure he delt with nutjobs all the time, he was used to being told he was a member of the New World Order or a UN spy or even from the illuminati. Secret evolved gestappo, that was a new one.

Adam nods a bit, "It's hard to take in. Frankly, most conspiracy theories are just that….theories. But I expect you'll have to think about this on your own." he pauses, "Why don't you begin to ask your friends in the law enforcement community about The Company. For most, they won't have heard of it. Others will refer to it as an urban legend…but…eventually you'll start to come across those who tell you that this isn't worth looking into. They'll suggest you concentrate on finding your arms traffickers. Also…they keep their prisoners at their headquarters. Usually fronted as Primatech Paper." he considers, "You could also look into the founders…Daniel Linderman, Arthur Petrelli, Kaito Nakamura…look into it a little, if for nothing else than to laugh about the silly man who wasted your time on Staten Island. But I assure you, Dutch. You'll start to see it when you press along the edges…and then, why don't you give me a call?" he takes out a card with a number written on it and hands it out for Dutch to take or not.

Dutch certainly doesnt take the card. "Your not very good at this, tell Mortimer I'm still looking for him. Since you and he are such good buddies why just tell me where he is, you know so I can go hang with him and we can share a burger and a beer. You dont want to deprive a hard working fed of his chance to hang with his best buddy, do you?"

Adam shakes his head some, "If I knew where Mortimer was, I'd tell you. He's somewhere on Staten Island, but I'm sure you knew that already." he slips his card onto a headstone, "I hope you really look into The Company, Dutch. It's never easy to admit you've been duped, I know, but sometimes a man has to take the blinders off." he nods, "I won't waste any more of your time." and with that, he begins to walk off through the cemetary.

"Stop right there, we're not done talking yet. You and I are going to dig a little deeper, and we're going to do it on my terms. So keep your hands where I can see them, and stop right there."Dutch sweeps his coat open, to rest a hand on his sidearm openly now. His left hand sweeps back, tugging free a pair of flexcuffs. Nobody would be picking those.

NYPD Interrogation room

Adam has been seated in the less than luxurious interrogation chamber at whatever precinct this happens to be. He sits behind the table calmly and appears to just be staring at his reflection in the mirror. He's quiet, hasn't said a word, hasn't even so much as moved.

There is the soft sound of voices behind the door, before there is a click and a uniformed officer let's a rather short, red haired woman into the room. She frowns a bit at the file in her hands flipping a page or two as she moves to the table. "Hello Mr… " She flips to a page and says. "Doe?" She says that with a touch of amusement. "Well, obviously someone either played a cruel joke on you, or…." She she leaves the obviously choice unsaid as she settles into the chair opposite of Monroe. "Anyhow, I am Detective Cassidy O'Shea." She settles the file on the table in front of her as she studies him. "I've been told you might know something about an investigation. So I am here to, of course, to ask you a few simple questions."

Adam looks up as the detective enters into the room, his gaze moving from the mirror. He smiles, looks polite, utterly calm. But what can be felt underneath is a miasma of emotions. And it's more than just annoyance…there's a deep undertow here and it seems so easy to get sucked under, "Hello, Cassidy." he says as if the two were old friends, "I'd be most interested in helping out your investigation any way I can."

Cassidy eyes narrow a bit at the man across from her, but she does smile in return. "We'll see, Mr. Doe." She makes sure to emphasize the name. She opens the file enough to slide a photograph out of, before letting it shut again. She turns the photo to face him and slides it across. It's a simple photo of Mortimer. "I've been told you know this man and…" She watches 'Mr. Doe' tapping the photo with a fingernail as she adds. "And may know where he is located. Do you?"

Adam looks at the photo carefully as if to be very sure he's seen this man. He's quiet for several moments before he sits straight, "Yes, I think that's Mortimer. He's a big muckity muck on Staten Island." he pauses, "I saw him at an ice cream parlor once…it was also on Staten Island…I think we can then deduce, he is on Staten Island."

Cassidy's head nods slowly, her eyes glancing towards the mirrored glass. "Can't be more specific?" She asks curiously. "And once.. would be what? A week ago? A few days?" She leans her elbows on the table and adds. "And even more importantly, what is your relationship with Mortimer?" A brow arches as the question is asked.

Adam tilts his head a moment, "You have a distinctive accent, Cassidy." he says, "Louisiana, yeah?" he pauses as she goes into more specifics. "About a week ago. We struck up a conversation where he told me that one of his men wanted to open an ice cream parlor and asked me if I wanted to have any ice cream."

"Really? An ice cream parlor?" She actually sounds amused with that. "Would this be the first time you met this man? And would you mind telling me the name of the Ice cream place, since there are a few I'm sure there."

"Yes, I am from the south." Detectice O'Shea offers, but not much more. Back to business. "Really? An ice cream parlor?" She actually sounds amused with that. "Would this be the first time you met this man? And would you mind telling me the name of the Ice cream place, since there are a few I'm sure there."

Adam mms, "I'm not sure it had a name. It was abandoned…" he pauses, "I've only met Mortimer once. He's a personable fellow…hates the police though, not sure why."

"Cops are often the most hated for doing their job." Cassidy offers blandly as she slides the photo back her herself and picks it up. She glances at it with a small frown and tucks it in the folder again. "But.. boy, if we are not there when people need us." She gives him a humorless smile. "Before I leave, Mr. Doe is there anything else about Mortimer we should know about?" She spreads her hands a bit and gives him an expectant look. "You'd be surprised what can be helpful."

Adam considers this for a few moments, his finger going to his chin as he slides it along his skin thoughtfully, "Anything else…" he pauses, "Each of his men has a number on his helmet….also, he told me.." he frowns, "I don't want to be gauche…but he told me he likes 'tits'."

Cassidy pauses in lifting the file and pauses at that last part. She looks like she wants to laugh, but of course schools her face quickly. She rises to her feet and clears her throat. "Thank you, Mr Doe. I'll let the investigating officer know that." She moves to the door and it opens for her. "As I'm sure your aware you are being held for standard 24 hours, after that pending your print matching or anything comes up you'll be free to go." She inclines her head politely. "Thank you for your time."

Adam nods, "Oh, of course, glad to be of help, Cassidy."

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