Scene Title Adventuretime
Synopsis Eve gets ready for a roadtrip and gets a visitor.
Date January 1, 2018

Cats Cradle

The ticking of the clock hanging on the north wall of the flat style apartment echoes down the halls, the sun just beginning to rise but it would seem like the occupant of this place hasn't really slept at all.

Humming to the music adds to the ticking like the countdown to an explosion… or a party.

All my friends know the Low Rider

The Low Rider is a little higher

The wild haired, wide eyed face of Eve Mas burst through a pile of clothes laying in the middle of the living room, a lacy pink bra hangs on Spike, the drone. The dog like figure as still and silent as ever. "Ahhhhhh, no not the one." Looking at the dress she has dove into the clothes to find. The sparkly purple number that just wouldn't do, it was too flashy. Obviously. Bobbing her head along a few strands getting caught in her mouth causing the woman to frown and try to cough them out, she tosses the dress over her shoulder and continues her rummaging while muttering to herself. Eventually throwing the two dresses into a duffel and moving over to pick the bag up and shimmy down the stairs with a freshly lit joint in her mouth. The material of the dresses, one black and one deep red drag on the floor in her wake.

The scuffed boots that are her favorite are stepped in to be laced later. The seer takes a look over her mess of an apartment and a lone purple envelope that sits on the countertop.

Down through the bar and stage area of Cat's Cradle before she pops out into the side alley in a slide and into the garage tossing the duffel in the trunk of the car, her black and red mustang Roxanne. She looks over the shelf in front of her, the fluorescent light buzzing over. "Quiet you I'm picking out toyyyssss." Her pale hand sliding over the barrel of a shotgun, Eve nods excitedly as she stuffs it into the duffel bag. Her Desert Eagles are placed into the bag with a kiss to each of the handles.

"But the ducks!" Shaking her hands in the air, she crouches and pulls out a brown box of ducks with little white strings of tails. Fuses. "One.. two.. three.." Before she shrugs and puts the whole box in the front seat of her car.

There's a snicker that wafts in from the corner of the garage. Disembodied and echoey.

Low Rider drives a little slower

Low Rider is a real goer


Whipping around Eve's eyes widen as she sees nothing. Doe brown eyes squint in the direction of corner before a light grin plays across her wine colored lips. "Is it one of you? My sistersssss? Are you hiding?" she says as she whips around again hoping to catch Leather or Old Eve laughing behind her but alas nothing. A confused expression lays itself on the oracle's face and she tilts her head. "Sister..?"

"You wishhhh Pumpkin Pie." The voice is tiny, almost like it's ran through an Alvin and the Chipmunks filter.

"Oh oh! Who!" The tall, pale woman leaps to her feet and spins around the room at a dizzying level. "Hello hello! Who did I speak with?" "Your…" Eve leans forward expectantly, "Mother!!" Followed by a violent shriek of laughter. Though Eve doesn't find that very funny. "Listen here you invisible-"

Low Rider knows every street, yeah

Low Rider is the one to meet, yeah

There's a tap at her shoulder and she looks over to spot.. something. Something tiny, dark green skin.. purple hair.. wings. "Are you Tinkerbell's Sister?" "Heck no! She's boring with a capital B!" The tiny sprite snickers and flies up close to Eve's nose who looks stunned, with ink black eyes. "Oh wow. Hello pretty little thing."

"I'm Beatrix! Come onnn you don't remember!

Eve's eyebrows tick up, "Are you the one that almost got me thrown into.. ahhhhh the Holiday Inn Incident." They both finish at the same time. With a snort and clap of her hands Eve continues to pack, grabbing another pair of guns and a few grenades, whistling as Beatrix buzzes around the room. "West! You know the way! See the twins will ya? I miss that Jessica. She was a killer." Beatrix says with a frown.

Low Rider don't use no gas, now

Low Rider don't drive too fast

"You never met her!" Slamming the truck down after removing the bag and placing it on the front seat, easy access. The next thing she grabs happens to be her old beat up messenger bag with a gleaming.. cannisiter shaped object and other odd trinkets.

"Ya but I'm all in your head so I know all you know duh silly." The singsong voice makes Eve snicker and she nods her along after slapping her forehead, oh duh of course. Sliding into the driver's seat of the car and turning the engine over, it purrs with Eve and her fairy companion purring along with it. "That's nice, ahhhh." Flailing arms out of the windows of the car as she puffs on her joint. "So you hit Kansas and the beyond, do you need to be stocked up? That much? Did you leaveeee a note for Gilly?" The sprite buzzes up in Eve's face and the pale woman swats the tiny woman who flies into the back seat with a thud. "Quiet. Of course I did. And one doesn't just travel the dangerous land that is Amurica without plenty of toys to distract the kiddies." "I don't think kiddies are supposed to play with those kinda ducks."

Take a little trip, take a little trip

Take a little trip and see

The sly smile that crosses her face is what Eve wears as she rides out of Cat's Cradle. The sun sitting just over the ruined buildings as the black and red speed demon whips through the streets. "Wheeeee adventure time!"

The note left for Gillian read: Don't wait up for dinner alligator.

"Adventure time mmmmmm."

Take a little trip, take a little trip

Take a little trip and see

"Oh. I should make a phone call." The phone screen lights up as Eve's finger hovers over the contact information for: Agent Red Robyn AKA Quinnie.


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