Advice And Donuts


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Scene Title Advice and Donuts
Synopsis A random meeting turns what could be the start of a (beautiful?) friendship. Or just bonding over donuts.
Date December 1, 2010

Donut Shop

It's just after ten in the morning, and it's cold. Especially for a girl used to the moist heat of New Orleans. Which would be why she's currently bundled up with a coat, hat and gloves. And, looking like a blue and red marshmallow, she's standing inside a bakery, staring down into the display case trying to decide just what sort of breakfast she wants.

Fingers tap lightly on her thigh as she goes from looking at one to another, before she finally grins. "Oh hell, just gimme one of each of the donuts. I'll see what kind I like best'n stick with that. Just no sugar free donuts. That just sounds like a crime against god and nature. Donuts are supposed to be full of sugar and calories or what's the point?"

Enter two police officers. One, a skinny black woman, in her mid-twenties, bundled up a bit in one of those police uniforms that are intended for the cold. The second officer? And somewhat older and more…rotund white male officer, bundled up in a likewise fashion. They stand not too far behind Tess, waiting for her to order and pay. The black officer, Christine Jackson, nudges the other officer lightly. "Sounds like a gal after your heart, huh, Kirkland?" Christine says with a little smirk on her face. "If only you were a decade or two younger." She giggles softly.

"Yeah, yeah. Joke all you want, Jackson. I swear, though, those donuts are the only thing that keep me warm in the winter. Them and coffee." Responds Kirkland. "Just get me to the counter, and I'll do the rest!" And so, once Tess has done her thing, the two police officers approach and the rotund Officer Kirkland starts the order. "Two coffees with cream and sugar, two white sugar coated jelly donuts, two Boston cream donuts, and one with rainbow sprinkles." He turns to Christine. "And what do you want?"

Christine rolls her eyes. "Give me an large coffee and a long john. And he's payin'." She gives her partner in crime fighting a little wink and moves aside to wait for their order, nearly bumping into Tess as she does so. "Oh…I'm sorry! I didn't mean to…I'm sorry." She flashes the woman a smile.

The conversation makes Tess glance back and grin, but then she's handing over her cash and accepting a box of donuts. The near collision makes her bobble the box a little, but she manages to right it and grin at Christine. "No harm done. But I'll totally accept your apology if you accept mine for havin' all sorts of jokes 'bout cops'n donuts in my head," she says in her Cajun drawl, beaming a smile. "I think it's just become automatic with all the jokes that have gone on in the last however many years."

And as if to make the apology a little better, she grabs a napkin, swipes a creme filled from her box, and offers it to Christine's partner.

Christine smiles widely, and shakes her head. Making sure the other woman is steady with her box of donuts, Christine says, "No apology needed on your part. I still make them, even though I'm I cop." She says with a light laugh. "Mostly with my partner here." As Kirkland starts to reach a hand out for the donut that Tess is offering, Christine swats his hand away.

Kirkland scowls lightly at her. "Hey now, is that anyway to treat your partner? I'm the senior cop…type…person here!"

Christine raises an eyebrow at him. "Hey, I don't want you…we've had this talk already. I'm not having it again." She turns back to Tess with an apologetic smile once more. "Sorry. Bickering. Some say it's a sign that we're good partners. But really, he's got enough donuts as it is. Thank you though." As her donut and coffee get handed to her and the small box of donuts and two coffees get handed to Kirkland, Christine smiles. "Now, this is the best part…getting to sit down and relax for a few minutes. And…wait for it…wait for it…" Kirkland makes a resounding announcement to Christine that he's going to go back to the car to do some work on the computer. And off he goes. Christine rolls her eyes. "He does that almost every time. But, he's a good guy. There when you really need him." She smiles. "I'm Officer Jackson, by the by."

"Tess, or Miss Winslow-Zarek, if we're sticking with formality," Tess replies with a grin, watching as Kirkland heads off, then looking back to Christine. "And mind if I join ya? Usually I take the donuts home, but I'm afraid they'd turn into frozen bricks if I tried it right now. It's damn cold out there!"

Christine bows her head slightly. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Winslow-Zarek…Zarek…Zarek…that name sounds familiar. Somehow. There was a case not too long ago to do with a Zarek. Cam Zarek? Kain Zarek? Yeah…Kain Zarek. Probably a slim chance there's a relation though, eh? I mean, in a city as big as New York!" She says thoughtfully. Nodding toward an empty table. "Oh, please do join me. It's such a drab usually, sitting around by myself."

"It was Kain," Tess says, nodding and moving towards the table. She sits down, tugging her gloves off. "There is a relation though. He was my dad. It's why I added the Zarek to the end of my last name. Besides, had to be, 'cause I doubt there's many Zareks with the same sorta accent," she says with a bit of a smile. She's not mourning as much as she was, but it was just a few weeks ago. She's allowed a bit of sadness!

"So your partner's big on the donuts, huh? How many times a day do you make a donut joke?" she asks, working up a grin before she bites into a jelly-filled.

"Oh…I'm so sorry to hear that. It can't've been easy loosing him, then. I know if I lost my dad…" Christine stops there. "Well, dads are special people." And that's all there is to say about that as she heads toward the table as well, sitting down across from Tess. "Where about are you from, anyway? Ya don't quite got a New York accent." She smiles and takes a sip of her coffee. She chuckles at the mention of her partner. "Oh, it's all fun and games. I'd trust him with my life, and he knows it. But…it's hard not to. He's the epitome of all the cop and donut jokes you can think of." Looking around and then leaning in slightly, she says, in a lowered voice, "Sometimes I call him Officer Donut-Belly." She giggles and raises a finger up to her mouth and makes a 'ssshhhh' sound. "But that's between you and me."

Tess laughs and draws an 'x' over her chest. "Your secret's safe with me. And I'm from New Orleans. Lived there all my life until I moved here a couple months ago for dad. Shoulda stayed south for the winter though. My blood's too thin for this New York winter. I've been wearin' coats for a month now. Longer, really. I don't do cold. I'm like a dinosaur or somethin'. Gotta have a warm environment to thrive."

"New Orleans, huh? That's on my list of places I'd like to visit at some point." Christine responds, taking a sip of her coffee. "Oh, you'll get used to the cold after a while. Personally, I've lived in New York all my life. I'm used to the city and it's cold weather. It's all about knowing how to keep warm during the cold." She takes another sip of coffee. "Coffee really helps. So do donuts, honestly. It may be a cop stereotype, but donuts are amazing in this weather."

"You really should. New Orleans is an awesome place. I miss it a lot. Less now'n I did, but I'll go back sometime. Maybe for Mardi Gras. I love Mardi Gras," Tess says, grinning and still munching on her donut. "And coffee, maybe, but I got too much of a sweet tooth. Unless it's loaded with sugar, I don't want it. So I guess I'm one of those who likes the frou-frou drinks. Or hot chocolate. You can't go wrong there."

Christine smiles widely. "Don't Mardi Gras start with Fat Tuesday or somethin'?" She seems happy for knowing that. "This church in the community I grew up in celebrated Fat Tuesday. Lots of pancakes and syrup. Plain old yummy goodness!" She says with a firm nod. "Hey, there's nothin' wrong with the 'frou-frou' drinks, as you call them. I like them lots too! They're delicious!"

"Oh, you have so gotta see my city at Mardi Gras. It's not just about the food! It's the atmosphere! Sure a lotta locals get annoyed with it, since it causes all sorts of traffic problems'n all that, but it's definitely worth goin' to at least once." Tess grins impishly then. "Though not sure you'd end up gettin' any beads."

Christine smiles a little, taking a bite out of her donut. "Sounds like a real party." Taking a sip of her coffee, she tilts her head and furrows her brow in curiosity. "Beads?" She shakes her head. "Sorry, I really don't know all that much about Mardi Gras. Except for that I've heard about it…and that's just about it."

Lips twitch and Tess nods. "Well…see, the best way to get the beads…Is to flash the people with 'em. I mean, sure, you could pick 'em up off the ground or get 'em from someone else, but better chance if you're flashin'," she explains, the twitch growing into a full fledged grin.

Christine coughs a little bit, choking a bit on the coffee she was swallowing. "Oh…flashing people…well…" She coughs again, patting her chest to help clear her throat. "Well, that's certainly festive, I suppose?" She smiles weakly. "I mean, I'm sure it's lots of fun. And maybe after a few drinks…" She takes a deep breath in. "Well, you know. So…how've you found New York? Besides the cold, that is."

That reaction has Tess busting out laughing. "Yeah, that's sorta what I figured you'd say," she says, nodding, keeping her grin. "You don't gotta flash people to enjoy it though. And so far it's been nice. With a few blips. But the city's great for parkour'n photography, and I've met some really awesome people that I love to pieces."

Christine nods ever so slightly. "Yeah…I'm sure there's lots to do." She says as she takes another bite of her donut. "A few blips? I hope not terribly bad blips. I know the city can be a bit rough." She smiles a little. "Parkour? Is that that funky thing with the people on the walls and running up them and stuff?" She took sociology in university. She knows a little bit about social stuff…a little.

"Mmm. Well, got shot, then less'n a week later my dad died. I'd say they were pretty bad blips," Tess says, shrugging. "But the injury's healin' and friends are helpin' me with the other, so I'm movin' past it." And truthfully, she's just too damn optimistic for it to keep her down for long. Then she grins brightly and nods. "It is! Most people don't know what the hell I'm talkin' about. I'm impressed!"

"Well…yeah. Those WOULD be bad blips. Just some words to the wise: Make sure you're inside by curfew. It's more than us cops hating to deal with people out after curfew. It's more than usually the more dangerous people stay out then." Christine says quietly. "And stay out of Central Park after sundown when there's few people there. Stay out of the Bronx. That area has always been dangerous." There's no mention that she actually lives there herself. "And really…there's areas of Manhatten, Queens, and the rest of New York that you should avoid…but you probably don't want me smothering you with stuff of what you should and shouldn't do."

"Oh, I'm inside by curfew. But all those places? Really? I'd heard avoid Staten Island, but the rest of those places?" Tess shakes her head. "Hadn't heard that. I think where I live is pretty safe though. Upper West Side? I mean, the building's got security." She looks sheepish. "First time I went to see my dad they wouldn't let me in, even."

Christine nods. "Best to avoid Staten Island completely. I mean Manhattan and Queens? There's only specific areas. And Central Park only after dark…hey, that rhymes!" She grins. "Just wanna make sure that the new gal to town doesn't have any other bad things happen to her, ya know?" Digging through the inside pockets of her coat, she pulls out a card and pushes it across the table to Tess. "If you ever have any concerns or need anything, don't be afraid to call me. Night or day. Before curfew or after. I'll be happy to help." She points to her badge. "To serve and protect." She says with a little smile.

The card is picked up, and Tess looks over it for a moment before she grins and slides the card away. "Hey, I'm all for avoidin' bad things. I've had my quota of bad things for one lifetime." Oh, how little does she understand New York. "And I'll definitely keep your number handy. Hopefully I won't be needin' anything, but better safe than sorry!" She tugs her phone out and wrinkles her nose. "And I've gotta run. Got an interview and I gotta ditch the donuts at home and jump in the shower. But hey, I'm sure I'll run into you again. We all need donuts!"

Christine nods a little. "Well, avoiding bad things is a good attitude. Unfortunately, it's my job to chase the bad stuff. But it's the life I chose." She takes a long sip of coffee and smiles. "Well, good luck with your interview! Maybe we'll run into each other here again. Be safe!" She gives the other woman a little wave.

Tess laughs as she rises to her feet. "Officer, you won't find anyone in this city with a better attitude'n me. I'm a total glass half full'n carpe diem sorta girl. But I'll keep an eye out for you and Officer…What was it, Donut-Belly? Anyway, take it easy!" And with a bright grin she grabs her donuts and slips on out.

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