Abigail "Abby" Caliban

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Name Abigail 'Abby' Marie Caliban Aliases Martha Ranier
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Kinetic) Ability

Fire Mimicry

Gender Female
Birthdate January 18th, 1989 Age 29
Height 5'7 Build Lean
Eyes Blue Hair Blonde
Residence Raytech housing, temp. Normally Williamsburg.
Employment SCOUT (Medical leave, 09/08/20)
Parents Dean & Doreen (d.) Beauchamp Siblings None
Marital Status Widowed (Robert Caliban/James Muldoon d.) Children Kasha Deanna Beauchamp, adopted.
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Abigail is an officer in SCOUT, a former nurse practitioner at Elmhurst and is known to be fairly religious. A ten year old daughter, frequent enough trips when possible back to Butte La Rose in Louisiana, she is known to be willing to help any and all who might have need of it, though since her return to New York has found her perhaps a little more reclusive and quiet. She has an aging capuchin money named Tabaqui and is the widow of the war criminal Rober Caliban/James Muldoon.
Abigail "Abby" Caliban
portrayed by

Alona Tal

My body is a cage
That keeps me from dancing with the one I love
But my mind holds the key

You're standing next to me
My mind holds the key

I'm living in an age
That calls darkness light
Though my language is dead
Still the shapes fill my head

My Body Is A Cage - Peter Gabriel



February 2019
When Where What Who
27th Experiencing Living Dead People Again Abigail runs into Elisabeth while in the Market and it takes a few moments to realize dead people are walking around again. Elisabeth
7th 5AM Ten minutes can be an eternity, or not enough time. 5 am is also not her favourite time of the day. muldoon
8th Theatre and Thrillseeking Magnes wants an afternoon off from parenting, Abigail's proving that ten years is a lot of time for change, and things remembered are not necessarily what's still true. Magnes
13th Shot To The Heart Someone comes in with two gunshots, and leaves disappointed. Magnes
23rd A Place In The Sun A reunion between two former healers, in need of healing. Some more than others. Francois
7th A Play in Contrasts Abigail Caliban's life once had divine purpose. Lisa
8th A Complicated Relationship With Faith Following a trail of breadcrumbs, Abigail Caliban finds herself back at a house of god. Pines
18th What's Yet to Come A seeming coincidence leads three people back together after eight years. Colette, Elisabeth
7th Veterans Teo invites one of his oldest friends to a celebration of new technology, and Abby reminds her newly heart-broken friend and herself that the good old days aren't gone. It may not be how it used to be. Not exactly. Teo
27th Relighting the Lantern In the eye of a hurricane, lighthouse keepers restart a doused light to show adventurers that safe harbor still stands. Brynn, Emily, Joe, Lance
6th Blue Blood, Part I A member of the mayor's cabinet arranges for a night of celebration for wealthy benefactors and influencers in the Safe Zone, complete with a Zeitgeist experience. On a joint operation, NYPD SCOUT and Wolfhound crash the party and learn the secret behind the Refrain-like drug. Elisabeth, Erin, Hart, Huruma, Dearing, Ivan, Marie


Name Thoughts
muldoon_icon.gif Despite it all, there was love. Despite it all, there's been forgiveness and a promise that some day she will see him again. Abigail accepts that James Muldoon is Robert Caliban and that the Robert Caliban is James Muldoon. She's never had exceptionally great taste in men. Married life ended for her at the end of a sharply jerked rope and a promise to wait for her/him. That doesn't mean she stops dreaming about him. That she doesn't wake up at 5am to stare at the ceiling and wonder when that day will be. Her only regret was that she didn't convince him to leave with her and live out their lives in some Greek island baking bread and have saved him that way. Song: Know You Know Me - Caroline Spence
kasha_icon.gif Found by Huruma as a weeks old baby, the little girl has grown into a ten year. Having survived the smuggling across the Canadian border and the return to the US where she was summarily and officially adopted by Abby, she's her daughter by choice, even though not by blood. Time will bring forth the evolved ability that they know she has, and the pre-teen has a connection with the lighthouse that keeps her and Abby in their orbit.
cash_icon.gif Cash is her daughter from another timeline, or more appropriately, for a future that now no longer exists. Abby visits the park from time to time to fill in the statue on things that are going on in life and to tend to the flowers that surround her. Though parting and fleeing to Canada put distance between them, she knows what the statue is doing and why.
teo_icon.gif Through the years, Abby has lived on and off with the Italian, an order from helena having bonded the two of them, and a plate in the head. Many a wound wicked away under her hand, and many a night terror or bad dream wicked away under his. Time has seen them go parted ways with only the memory of a promise of an island in a stream in weezyana, but he is, now and forever, family.


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