Adel Lane

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Name Adel Lane Aliases Adel Raven Darrow-Deigo
Adel Starkey
Status Registered Expressive (Class A Kinetic) Ability Personal Gravity Manipulation
Gender Female
Birthdate Offically: 9/9/1989
Actually: 9/9/2019
Age 28
Height 5'6" Build Slender
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Employment Wolfhound: Second Lieutenant, paratrooper and pilot trainee
Parents Elaine Darrow (biomom)
Magnes Varlane (biodad)
Sable Diego (mom2)
Robyn Quinn (mom3)
Ygraine FitzRoy (mom4)
Colette Demsky (mom5)
Siblings Howard Phillips (pseudo-brother)
Jolene Chevaliar (pseudo-sister)
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile A child from an aborted future, all grown up and now working for Wolfhound.
Adel Lane
portrayed by

Nina Dobrev



Known To Most

  • Adel Lane is a member of Wolfhound. Recently promoted to Second Lieutenant of Wendigo Strike Team, which specializes in recon.
  • Since th end of the Civil War she has taken Paratrooping classes and was quite good at it. She loves to jump out of planes.

Known To Some

  • She used to be Evolved. Somehow she is not now, and she tests that way.
  • She used to be the drummer for Made Muse and Robyn Quinn's solo venture. She doesn't seem to play music that much now, though. And whatever happened to Mad Muse?

Known To Few

  • She's written one song and has yet to record it.
  • She's from a future timeline that didn't come to be. She had a rather large family, most of whom are still alive in this timeline. Most those who were with the Ferry at the time know about this.

Lighthouse Cant: This is a future sign language that the Lighthouse Kids of Wasteland future had developed. While she's not as good at it as Cash, she knew enough to teach the current Lighthouse Kids what their future counterparts would have taught her. It's all hand signals, gestures, using one or both hands, but it covers a complete alphabet and many symbol-based words. All the hand symbols have different meanings than traditional ASL, though there is some overlap in gestures. They just mean something else entirely.

Combat skills: Adel has been trained in the use of handguns, rifles, and grenades. She knows how to maintain them, and how to dismantle and put back together most medium firearms. She also knows how to punch, kick and use a knife. Her melee abilities are geared toward litheness and speed, more than strength.

Robots: Her knowledge of robots mostly includes how to take them down. What their soft spots tend to be. This extends mostly to the types of robots built in her future, but it can translate to the knowledge that she can use if a robot seems to follow similar characteristics to the ones that she had come in contact with in the Wasteland.

Piloting: One of the first things she really wanted to learn how to do for Wolfhound was to pilot. She wanted to fly again, for starters, so she took lessons in how to pilot, including how to pilot the stolen X-52 ROOK.

Physics: As part of her ability training in the future, Adel had to learn a lot about physics. Specifically gravity and inertia. This came in handy when she wanted to learn how to be a pilot.

Paratrooper: In part, because she really wanted to fly again, Adel focused on parachuting into operations when necessary. She knows how to pack and use a parachute and is good at maneuvering to land where she wishes to land.

Music: Her mothers taught her how to play instruments. She's not a great singer or songwriter, but she knows how to play drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards, and she's pretty good at all of them.

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