Alexander Alonzo

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Name Alexander Alonzo Aliases
Status Registered Non-Expressive (Class N Non)
Gender Male
Birthdate August 20th, 1964 Age 56
Height 6' 2" Build Average
Eyes Blue Hair Gray
Residence Washington KC
Employment United States Attorney, Justice Department
Parents Louise Alonzo (mother; deceased)
Josef Alonzo (father; deceased)
Siblings Barret Alonzo (brother; deceased)
Marital Status Jacqueline Armitage-Alonzo (wife; divorced) Children Alexander Alonzo Jr. (son)
First Scene Tribunal Last Scene
Profile Alexander Alonzo is a former FBI agent who was grievously injured in the line of duty investigating Daniel Linderman in 2006. Alonzo recovered from his injuries and retired from field work, remaining with the FBI up through the start of the Second American Civil War. In post-war America, Alonzo resumed his role at the FBI and was appointed as a US Attorney by President Raymond Praeger in 2017.
Alexander Alonzo
portrayed by
Markus Flanagan
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Trivia: Jessica Zimmerman attempted to murder Alexander Alonzo on behalf of Daniel Linderman in 2006, but unbeknownst to both Jessica and Linderman, Agent Alonzo survived.

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