Alvin Mott

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Name Gregory Alvin Mott Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Telepathic Stealth
Gender Male
Birthdate October 1st, 1975 Age 45
Height 5'10" Build 160 lbs
Eyes Green Hair Brown
Residence Cresting Wave Apartments
Employment Yamagato Industries
Parents Debbie Mott (Deceased)
Frederick Mott (Deceased)
Siblings None known
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene A Crowd of Twisted Things Last Scene
Profile Alvin works for Yamagato Industries as a Security Specialist. In the past though he's done a lot. He was a cleaner for the mob in New York when he was younger, then plied his trade around Europe and Asia for a time before he went to work for Yamagato. While working for Yamagato he did a stint with the Company at the request of Kaito Nakamura. However, since being reassigned after the bombing at Yamagato Industries in 2018 he has been a ghost. Where he has been and what he has been up to is unknown.
Alvin Mott
portrayed by

Jimmi Simpson



Known To Most

  • Alvin works for Yamagato Industries as a Security Specialist.
  • He's worked for Yamagato since 2005. Before that he was an "independant contractor".

Known To Some

  • He was orphaned when he was a teenager by a car crash. It left him with retrograde amnesia and he's unable to remember his parents or his life before the crash.
  • After the bomb in 2006 Kaito Nakamura approached Alvin about working with the Company. He worked as a Company agent until shortly after the fall of Fort Hero when Kimiko Nakamura called him back to Japan.
  • He has a lot of connections in businesses and industries outside of Yamagato. (Criminal connections.)

Known To Few

  • He started his career as a cleaner for the mob right here in New York. Afterwards he worked around Europe and Asia both doing various jobs that required a man with his particular set of skills.
  • He's an evolved with the ability to vanish in plain sight. Unless you're a telepath.


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03/19 Afternoon A Crowd of Twisted Things Lunch time turns becomes a trip down memory lane. Various
03/23 Evening Tabula Rasa Various


  • Stealth: This is undoubtedly Alvin's most valuable skill. He knows how to go unnoticed. From his style of dress, to the way he carries himself he knows how to be completely unremarkable. He is also very skilled at more traditional stealth. Sneaking around, remaining quiet and hidden.
  • Deception: Alvin is a skilled and practiced liar. This has been honed over a life time, and he has banished any facial tics or vocal hints that might give away his lies. This includes adopting genuine sounding tones of voice for any given situation. He can sound remorseful, surprised, happy or angry at any given time. Of course that's no defense against a telepath, but he has the poker face. His poker game is strong.
  • Contacts and Resources: While not a skill persay, this is a group of contacts and resources he can call on to help him with minor things. Forged documents, hacking computer systems, finding information, obtaining weapons and hardware are all things that fall within the purview of these contacts he has.
  • Quick Learner: Alvin picks things up quickly. He's had to. After the amnesia he suffered as a child it left him at a disadvantage to other children and this disadvantage lasted into his adult hood before he leveled the playing field. He picks up new tricks and skills quickly, and will practice them compulsively until he can do them by rote.
  • Linguistics: Alvin is fluent in two different languages and conversationally competent in several more beyond that. English and Japanese are his fluent languages, and he's conversationally competent in French, Cantonese, Mandarin and he knows some Spanish though he's not at a conversational level of Spanish.
  • Firearms: Alvin's skill with firearms extends to pistols and rifles and not the automatic variety. With a pistol such as a 9 mil or a .45 he is a crack shot, having honed his skill with those weapons over a life time. His skill with a rifle varies. If given the proper time and setup he is an extremely accurate shooter. But if it's faster paced he is only a little better than average. IE he can snipe, but he's not going to win any marksman awards in the middle of a fire fight.
  • Hand to Hand: Alvin's training in hand to hand fighting was much more informal for the majority of his life. He was taught some fast and dirty moves when he worked with the mafia back in New York, but he didn't have any more formal training until he was recruited into the Company. After it's fall he continued his hand to hand training, seeking formal training in both Jujutsu and Kenpo Karate.
  • Cleaner: Alvin knows how to clean up after himself. This is a skill he picked up piece by piece over the years. He knows what household chemicals can be used to destroy forensic evidence. He knows how to properly dispose of a body. He knows how to leave as little evidence as possible behind at the scene of the crime.
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