Alys West

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Name Alyssa Margret West Aliases
Status Unregistered Non-Expressive
Gender Female
Birthdate February 2nd, 1988 Age 32
Height 5'4" Build Lithe
Eyes Brown Hair Brown (Natural) / Blonde (Dyed)
Residence Staten Island, Ruins of New York
Employment "Self-Employed"
Parents Eric West (deceased)
Kayla West (deceased)
Siblings None
Marital Status Single Children None
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Alys West is a jack of all trades criminal who specialises in theft, B&Es, and the resale of stolen goods. She isn't fond of other people, but suffers them out of necessity - a business is nothing without clients, after all.
Alys West
portrayed by

Beatrice Martin


Road To Perdition

Kill Me Later

Sun Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat
Out Partial Partial Out Out Partial Partial
I tend to work nights and long shifts four days a week, and also run tabletop games. I'm typically only logged on if I'm available, so if you need me send me an @mail on Robyn. I personally tend to prefer "live" scenes, but am more than willing to do do scenes via GDocs too!

Available = Present and available for NPC duties and RP.
Partial = Days at work I can do some sceneing, but will be slow or absent for chunks at a time. My work hours are 1pm to Midnight EST (Wed, Thus, and Sun) and 10am to 8pm (Mon). May also include days when I run tabletop sessions, during which I am largely unavailable.
Out = Unavailable all day.

The Crew

Relationships coming soon

True Confessions

A lifetime of crime breeds a lifetime of new ways to commit it.

+ Chameleon - One thing she learned when she was living on the streets was how to blend in, and look like she belonged in any one place at any given time. She's learned to use this to avoid suspicion of crime, as well as to put her in a better place to commit whatever act she's looking to perpetrate.She has a collection of outfits and other materials that make this easier in the modern day as well, making meetings and deals within the Safe Zone that much easier.

+ How To Run A "Business" - Her father had always tried to impart knowledge of money and business to Alys when she was young, and they she never cared, all those lessons sunk in. Now she puts this knowledge to use as she keeps track of what she has to sell, how much, how much it's worth, and other key parts of running a business - even one as ad hoc and illegal as hers.

+ Negotiation - Alys is a bit of a smooth talkers, having had to talk her way out of trouble, and into positions where she can commit the various acts she favours. Her ability to disconnect from other people means she has no compunctions about telling people exactly what they want to hear at any given time, and she often uses this to her advantage.

+ Weapons Use - Though she has no formal training, Alys has picked up how to use some weapons on a basic level - mostly knives and handguns. She also keeps herself in good physical shape at all times.

+ Nooks and Crannies - Alys tends to think outside the box, and knows how to get into or around places in both normal and unusual means. She's good at remembering the layouts of places, down to the obscure corners and unattended rooms they might contain.

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