Amadeus Deckard

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Name Amadeus Deckard Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Housecat Telepathy
Gender Male
Birthdate June 16 1986 Age 31
Height 6'0 Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Brown
Residence Rising Phoenix Dojo
Employment Amateur Martial Artist
Parents Lucy Valentine (Pronounced Valenteen), Flint Deckard Siblings Jordan Baxter
Marital Status Single Children Naaahhh.
First Scene Deadbeat Last Scene
Profile Amadeus is a scoundrel and general petty criminal, but these days he's also an aspiring amateur martial artist, who wants to use his Jeet Kune Do expertise to go pro. The dojo that he trains with is in a ridiculously deep debt to Wenzhuo Zhao, who for years has been showing up, beating Amadeus' ass, and raising the debt. He's not totally sure what Zhao's motivation is, but he's pretty sure that it has something to do with their apparent mutual feline telepathy. Basically his life is a clusterfuck like any Deckard's and sometimes he drinks and gambles or sleeps in front of some woman's door a lot.
Amadeus Deckard
portrayed by

Alex Gaskarth

From Walking Disaster To Kung Fu Master. — Kung Fu Hustle Tagline



Amadeus has a wide variety of criminal skills from hundreds of criminal schemes and jobs dating back to his teenage years. He can hotwire a cat, steal cable, pick pockets, pick locks, grow pot, knows general pimping etiquette though has never been a full blown pimp. His criminal skills don't usually exceed petty crime, though these are the ones he's particularly experienced with. He's also good at mugging and generally stealing things, but he finds mugging too risky.


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