Amanvir "Aman" Binepal

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Name Amanvir "Aman" Binepal Aliases
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Teleportation
Ability Absorption
Gender Male
Birthdate Unknown Age 33
Height 6'0" Build Athletic
Eyes Light Brown Hair Black
Residence Northern Roosevelt Island
Employment Hustler, part-time worker at Pigeon Courier Services
Parents Unknown Siblings Unknown
Marital Status Unknown Children None
First Scene Paved With Good Intentions, Part I Last Scene

What he has to offer, he offers for a price. And on the days when nobody nibbles … he has a side-hustle for that.

Following a sidejob gone awry, Aman afterward drowned in tangled circumstances, and opted to leave New York for his own safety. When someone he cared about came looking for him months later, though, he decided he had enough of a lungful of air to try diving back in again.

He's always looking for side-work, especially if it holds even the vaguest pretense of helping others.

Amanvir "Aman" Binepal
portrayed by

Arjun Gupta
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