Ames Burgess-Tracy

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Name Ames Abel Burgess-Tracy Aliases
Status Registered Expressive (Class U Unknown) Ability
Gender Female
Birthdate September 3, 2015 Age 5
Height Childsized Build Built Like a Gremlin
Eyes Hazel Hair Strawberry Blonde
Residence Phoenix Heights
Employment Kindergarten at Winslow Crawford Academy for the Gifted
Parents Marthe Burgess (Tiny Mom)
Wright Tracy (Tall Mom)
Elliot Hitchens (Biological Father)
Siblings Could you imagine another child like this?
Marital Status In a partnership with chaos Children
First Scene Last Scene
Profile Three-parent 5-year-old daughter of Wright and Marthe, including Elliot as sperm donor. Both mothers are biological, but Ames was carried by Marthe. She was born after the Second American Civil War and is currently attending kindergarten at Winslow Crawford Academy for the Gifted.
Ames Burgess-Tracy
portrayed by
Carlotta von Falkenhayn
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wright_icon.gif Fun Mom Wright is Ames's very tall mother, who might be shorter than Ames when Ames is done growing up. She's very fun and lets Ames get away with things other parents would get mad about.
marthe_icon.gif Bird Mom Marthe is Ames's shorter mother. She got angry at Elliot and they had to move out of the nice house to go live in an apartment complex instead, which isn't as nice. She's a nurse and uses her nurse voice when Ames does something wrong.
elliot_icon.gif Cool Mom Elliot is Ames's dad and Ames knows this, and her mothers know this, but nobody ever talks about the fact that Elliot is her dad. She misses living with him and hates the apartment complex.
rue4_icon.gif Cool Mom's Girlfriend Rue is as tall as Ames's tall mother and can probably be coerced into sliding money under the door for entry into the apartment.
brynn_icon.gif Art Friend Brynn is very good at art and Ames likes to do art with her. She also is deaf, so Ames gets to sign with her.
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