April Silver

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Name April Silver Aliases April Bradley
Status Unregistered Expressive Ability Forcefield Generation
Gender Female
Birthdate January 18, 1985 Age 43 (+10 for time travel)
Height 5' 7" Build Athletic
Eyes Green Hair Dk brown
Residence Snoqualmie, WA
Employment none
Parents Siblings none
Marital Status relationship with James Silver Children none
First Scene Into the Dead Zone, Part IV Last Scene
Profile April Silver is an escapee from the Moab Federal Penitentiary — just not in this timeline. A former Company agent, she traveled back ten years from the Bright Future of 2019, seeking to change her past. After leaving NYC in 2011, she was recruited into the Guardians; early in 2012, as the Second Civil War consumed the nation, she stepped up to lead them through tumultuous times. April remains in that role to this day, although neither she nor the Guardians as a whole have been much in evidence on the national stage.
April Silver
portrayed by
Jennifer Connelly


Physical Marks

  • "Tattoo" of two parallel black lines on left side of neck, behind shoulder
  • Nickel-sized, ring-shaped scar on right side of neck, below jaw; distinctive to former Moab inmates

IC Appearances

Volume I: The Way Back
04/19/18 Into the Dead Zone, Part IV pending
04/27/18 3000 Miles April, Benji, Calvin
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