Tetsuyama Asi

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Name Tetsuyama Asi Aliases ON-1
Status Registered Expressive (Class C Mental) Ability Technopathy
Gender Female
Birthdate January 5, 1982 Age 39
Height 5' 3" Build Athletic
Eyes Brown Hair Black
Residence Living part-time at The Bastion
Employment JSDF Mugai-ryu, technology specialist
Mazdak terrorist?, an agent of Wolfhound, and freelance hacker




Marital Status Classified Children None
First Scene East Meets West Last Scene

A disgraced former member of the Mugai-Ryu, Asi Tetsuyama was branded an agent of Mazdak and forced to work in the shadows, but a chance partnership with Wolfhound to take down a common enemy has blossomed into something more, earning her legal employment within the US. Mazdak continues to give her the silent treatment after finally granting her an audience in response to favors performed, but maybe that's for the best. There's always the possibility certain machinations might lead to Asi's name being cleared in Japan— but a certain event has distracted her from these things.

Something bigger has hold of her now. A loss unspeakable drives her. An all-encompassing mystery will not let her rest until it's solved.

Tetsuyama Asi
portrayed by
Haruka Abe

変わってしまったことに paralyze
変えられないことだらけの paradise
覚えていて 僕のことを

教えて 教えて 僕の中に誰がいるの?
The way I've been changed leaves me feeling paralyzed,
Trapped in a 'paradise' full of things I can't change
Please, remember me for me—

And tell me, tell me, please:
Is there (still) someone else there inside me?

- Unravel



Known To Most

  • Asi is an avid mechanical engineer who builds, programs, and tests her own concepts. If she doesn't know how to do it yet, give her time. Or, give her a hand.
  • ON1 is a technopathic hacker for hire, willing to brute force their way through the datasphere for any worthy and well-paying cause.
  • Asi was a founding member of the Mugai-Ryu force, despite not having previously been with the JSDF.
  • Asi was previously wanted by the government of Japan in relation to terrorist activities.

Known To Some

  • ON1 lead a brutal information-dissemination spree against Japanese officials who spoke negatively about the Evolved during the 2006-2008 period. Dirty laundry was not safe.
  • ON1 was finally detained in 2008 and removed from the public datasphere for a time. They resurfaced in late 2009.
  • Asi is a skilled fencer in both kendo and traditional fencing.
  • Asi is credited with the creation of several pieces of equipment used by the JSDF, such as the versatile Sanpo search robot, and the high-tech O-Tetsudai reconnaissance drone.
  • ON1 and Asi are the same person.

Known To Few

  • Asi used to work with cybernetics in a past life, and still has an interest in them.
  • So little information exists on Asi due to self-destruction of her identity while on the run from the Japanese government.
  • Asi has a complicated relationship with her friend and former(?) handler Nagano Genki. He played a critical role in the tracking and eventual capture of ON1.

Known to Fewer

  • Asi's real name is Asami. The name she is known by was developed during her imprisonment, and became her publicly known identity after she reached a bargain to join the JSDF Mugai-Ryu.
  • Asi refers to her sister Kaori as 'Gao-chan', and often buys her lion-motif gifts.

Images and Log Icons

Log Icons Forking Paths
asi_icon.gif asi2_icon.gif asi3_icon.gif asi4_icon.gif asi5_icon.gif ff_asi_icon.gif
In Charge Not in Charge ON1 Searching for Answers Demon On The Hunt Flood


monica_icon.gif Parkour buddy. Relentless. Unbreakable.
eve_icon.gif 易者. Frazzling to be around, but that's just the disruptive field her new form puts off.
luther_icon.gif A serious, grumpy old bear with a strong set of morals, and an even stronger stomach. Oddly obsessed with gachapon.
chess_icon.gif A clone who escaped Praxis' clutches. Second Civil War Veteran. Gets blamed for an abnormal number of events, thanks to her doppelgangers. Witnessed her proving the pen is mightier than any sword.
ff_miles_icon.gif An honorary member of this strange crew? Teleporter, and lifesaver. Reported dead, then reported missing, after being found in a cave in Hokkaido and subsequently lost. (By Genki, no less.)
ff_silas_icon.gif A man from the other side of the looking glass. A friend in another world. And in this one.

Other Items of Interest

Sanpo - Tool available for JSDF use

  • Tiny, versatile roaming droid that searches and catalogues what it finds
  • Can be fed a 'target' to instantly report back having seen
  • Can roam autonomously like a search-and-rescue roomba or be remote-controlled
  • Has a microphone and speaker to allow for communication
  • Designed for searching rubble and ruin for survivors of (natural) disasters

O-Tetsudai - Tool available for JSDF use

  • Sturdier drone, matte black, flies silent
  • Camera can provide a live feed and cycle to a thermal and night-vision mode
  • Used for surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Given a target area, will autonomously scan to create a detailed map of physical properties and heat signatures
  • Has two hydraulic arms that can unfold to move obstacles, or pick up objects
  • Has room for an attachment for a container to store any items/samples picked up
  • Capable of picking up 7 lbs without strain, but carrying items will decrease speed


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